The following is a manual transcription of the wanted poster issued by the Federal Bureau

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The following is a manual transcription of the wanted poster issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation April 4, 1988. Any errors are inadvertant. ================================================================= INTERSTATE FLIGHT - ATTEMPTED CAPITAL MURDER Entered NCIC I.O. 5061 4-4-88 WANTED BY THE FBI JOHN PAUL ALESHE FBI No. 735 538 W5 Aliases : John Aleshe, John N. Aleshe, John P. Aleshe, John Aleshi, John Paul Aleshi, John Alushi NCIC: 16PIO8121008XX090411 Description: Date of birth : May 27,1958 Place of birth : Las Vegas, Nevada Height : 5'11 to 6' Weight : 190 to 230 pounds Build : Medium Hair : Black (balding) Scars and Marks : Left index finger amputated Occupation : Computer Software Expert Social Security Numbers used : 530-40-0957,446-68-9568, 449-68-3142 Eyes : Brown Complexion : Light Race : White Nationality : American Remarks : He has been involved in numerous schemes to defraud computer companies of computer software and hardware. He may have lost weight and may be using a toupee to cover his baldness. CAUTION : Aleshe is being sought in connection with the attempted capital murder of a police officer. In addition, he is wanted by local Texas authorities for possession of controlled substances. Theft of property, and theft of computer software. And in Colorado for unlawful issuance of bad checks. Consider armed and extremely dangerous. A federal warrant was issued on December 1, 1986 at Dallas, Texas, charging Aleshe with Unlawful Interstate Flight to Avoid Prosecution for the crime of Attempted Capital Murder. (Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1073) IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION CONCERNING THIS PERSON, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL FBI OFFICE. Identification Order 5061 April 4, 1988 Signed Director Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington, D.C. 20535


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