- LaRouche statement on Panama invasion - It is now 7 o'clock Eastern Standard Time. I hav

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- LaRouche statement on Panama invasion - It is now 7 o'clock Eastern Standard Time. I have just review over the past half-hour, the announcement of the U.S. invasion, which is virtually a de facto war launched against the 2 million population base of Panama by the U.S. government under George Bush. This is a day of infamy. It will go down in history as such. It means a political backfire around the world, throughout the hemisphere, which will lead in all probability to Mr. George Bush's resignation from office under threat of impeachment, before completing the term to which he is presently elected. This is an action in the spirit of Tiananmen Square. It is an action in the spirit of the shooting down--according to the British press--of 2,500 Romanians, by point-blank helicopter gunship and tank fire two days ago. It reflects the Scowcroft-Eagleburger mission to establish solidarity with the government of the Tiananmen Square butchers, most recently. It is an act of incalculable folly, demonstrating a U.S. government which seems to have completely lost its nerve and its sense. This is the kinder, gentler America, which had been promised. It must be added that this event comes on the same day that British leading press speaking for the Anglo-Saxon world, confess that the Great Depression of 1989-1992 has begun. The United States is going into a depression, at the same time that the government of the Soviet Union has officially scrapped--from top to bottom--the policy known as perestroika. That policy, perestroika, and Mr. Bush's promise, implicitly or otherwise, that there would be no depression under George Bush, means that the two planks of the Bush administration's policy and authority have been destroyed. At the same moment that the {entire} program--Mr. Bush's program, to which he has been committed since the time of his election--has been scrapped by history, the U.S. government launches an insane act of desperation, sending soldiers to turn themselves into body-bags in Panama. Has this government learned {nothing} from the experience of the past 25 years? Well, such things happen, and it did happen, didn't it? That means that, naturally, all the hyenas and vultures, and so forth of the Democratic Party will now mobilize themselves to tear, from limb to limb, the political flesh of the Bush administration. The chances of getting a Republican elected in 1990, are pretty slim in most parts of the country; in some local regions, or state level, they might survive, especially those Republicans who are not associated with this kind of, what's seen as the Trilateral or pro-Trilateral faction of the Republican Party, but seen as the normal, old-fashioned Republicans. They might survive. But otherwise, the Bush Republican is in deep trouble in 1990. That means that we in the Democratic Party, and those who are inclined to support the Democratic Party, must stop the silliness, and prepare to assume the responsibilities of elected political leadership, at a time when the problems are, first of all, a Great Depression, and when the problems are murderous acts by desperate governments such as those in Tiananmen Square, in Ceausescu's Romania, and in what appears to be a Ceausescu-ruled United States. Let's go back to policies of scientific and technologicial progress, and a commitment to provide the kind of opportunities and security for every individual in this country, and to the degree possible, around the world, of which we can be proud before the imagined eyes of our grandchildren to come. - LaRouche on War on Drugs - Well, where's the U.S. War on Drugs stand? We have Communist China, which exports, according to best estimates, 800 tons a year of opium, morphine, and heroin to the world market--that's about two-thirds of all the opium and heroin and so forth put on the world market--is put forth and shipped by the Communist government of China, the one that George Bush just made a new agreement with. The other thing to bear in mind is the biggest drug-pusher in the Middle East, the guy who has been running international terrorism {and} the drug traffic in the Middle East from his quarters since 1967, is President Hafez al-Assad of Syria. Also a guy, which the United States government has been protecting as a "good guy" ever since Henry Kissinger took that view some years back. So how serious is the United States about drug pushing? How serious is the War on Drugs? Well, I've been a leader on the War on Drugs, I've advised governments. My advice has generally been upheld by many of the experts in the field. Things I have proposed have worked. Things I've said would not work, have not worked. And I know most of the intelligence on this sort of thing, at least in a general way, as someone in my position could. Well, I tell you, the United States never started to fight a War on Drugs. What it did do is, knowing that about 70% of the Americans would like to lynch the drug-pushers, the United States does cause a certain number of arrests and raids to be made periodically to decorate the news media, and convince you good folk out there that something is being done about the drug traffic. But in point of fact, not a dent is made in the amount of drugs coming into the streets all the time. The estimate is that, internationally, the drug traffic is about $600 billion a year. Two-thirds of this is associated with the United States itself. Where's the money go? Most of it goes through, one way or another, is laundered through U.S. banks, or U.S. brokerage houses or similar financial firms, and has been the basis for much of the buyout of farms, corporations and so forth over the recent years, especially since 1982. So, if Colombia's fighting a War on Drugs, maybe the United States should begin. But instead of beginning, it went down and tried to shoot down Manuel Noriega, whose files from the U.S. government admit he is the best anti-drug fighter in Central America, and the United States put into power, at the point of a bayonet, in Panama City, a puppet government which represents the drug-pushers of Panama. Such are our times. - LaRouche on Ghosts - On the dramatic side of the news of Wednesday, Dec. 20, just shortly before dawn, a ghost appeared in the bedroom of the drowsy President George Bush. Bush awakened, looked up startled, rubbed his eyes, and realized the apparition was something. He saw the face of Rudolf Hess, a smiling Rudolf Hess--most unusual sight. And the ghost of Rudolf Hess said to George Bush, ``Welcome to the Club.'' - LaRouche on Global Warming - This is Virginia congressional candidate Lyndon LaRouche speaking. I just had an interesting report that a Washington, D.C. conference on global warming was cancelled because of {cold weather!} So, much for these unconcerned scientists and ecologists and so forth, and their scientific accuracy! Have fun, it's a good day!


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