December 22, 1989: Simultaneous with George Bush's press conference broadcast on CNN a few

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December 22, 1989: Simultaneous with George Bush's press conference broadcast on CNN a few minutes ago, was the arrival of the first four flag-draped coffins of Navy SEALS from the combat in Panama. The characteristic of the press conference itself, was the President engaged in an outpouring of word-spin hypocrisy beyond belief. Everything was semantics, double-talk, no substance at all. The only substance was things such as "we'll stay there as long as necessary, etc., etc., and evasions all the way through. The questions were aspersive, bordered upon the outright critical. The mood in the press corps was most unpleasant. The president seemed to be trying to hold his composure but was obviously suffering the slings and arrows which were being thrown at him from whatever mirror he was viewing the world in. It's horrible. It's worse than the McNamara press conference during the pre Tet offensive period back in the 1960s on the subject of Vietnam. The dishonesty, the obviousness of the hypocrisy, the extreme hypocrisy, is beyond belief. I almost felt like crying for the United States that a president could behave in such a manner. Totally immoral. I had images of Hitler on the invasion of Poland. Awful. And I think undoubtedly this is an ugly time for the United States, but I think more and more of the American people and rapidly grasp what this is, this Dick Thornburgh doctrine, which will bring us to the brink of all kinds of conflicts and could even bring us to the brink of general war. The president's hypocrisy is such that the United States would probably have very little chance of making it through the years ahead unless we knew that within the institutions and within the American people there are very effective checks and balances for coping with the spun-out-of-control presidency which is apparently the state of affairs right at this moment. There's no more substance worth reporting. The substance is in the circumstance, and not in anything the president said. It's what he didn't say, what he refused to address, what he avoided--the fact that he invaded Panama, that the intent was to kill Noriega to avoid the embarrassment of bringing him to trial where he could speak. The point was to exterminate him such that they splattered the area around the command post with artillery fire, heavy weapons fire, effectively like what the SS units in Warsaw did in going after the Warsaw Ghetto, perhaps not in intent, but when you put heavy explosive fire into a mass of crowded wooden slum dwellings at night when people are sleeping, there's only one thing you can say. When you invade a country, when you shoot down its people, and say we're just chasing a fugitive, when that man's the prime minister of the country, who's leading forces in the Defense Forces and the Dignity Battalions in very carefully planned evasion coordination tacts, when the United States then begins to move into house to house combat in a city of 1 million people, Panama City, it makes you sick to your stomach. This is war against the people of Panama. Nothing more, nothing less. When we hear our leaders such as Bush speak, saying the only problem is Noriega, I remember in 1938 of the first broadcast I heard of the voice of Adolf Hitler prior to the concession and later occupation of Czechoslovakia, when Hitler said his object was not Czechoslovakia, but only Edward Benes, the president of Czechoslovakia. I remember those words vividly--it is only Benes, not Czechoslovakia. And I heard my president, I suppose he's my president, George Bush, say it's not Panama, it's only Manuel Noriega, the prime minister of the country. This is war. As I said in a bit of wit yesterday, one can imagine President Bush aroused before dawn by an apparition in his bedroom. After rubbing his eyes and realizing that it wasn't going away, the president looked at the apparition, which bored the face of Rudolf Hess, and which said, ``President George Bush, I come to welcome you to the club." EIR Press Release For Immediate Distribution Random Killings in Poor and Black Ghettos Dec. 21 (EIRNS)--Numerous eyewitnesses have confirmed that U.S. troops deployed to Panama have been systematically destroying the low-income of the Panamanian capital, where most residents are either black or mulattos. While U.S. spokesmen refuse to discuss widespread accounts of a large civilian death toll, Mexican and Argentine television newscasts put the number of civilians killed by invading U.S. forces at over two thousand. The extent of the slaughter has also been confirmed by eyewitness reports. Most Panamanian civilian deaths have occurred in El Chorrillo district, where the Panamanian Defense Forces general headquarters were. U.S. troops pounded the entire area with heavy artillery, mortars and rockets fired from helicopter gunships. The ensuing fires promptly swept through the old wooden houses of the entire neighborhood; those residents not killed were left homeless. The same kind of random destruction occurred in San Miguelito, another area of the city densely populated mostly by blacks and mulattos. U.S. troops have covered the area with rocket fire, strafed it from helicopter gunships, and bombarded it continuously with heavy artillery. Eyewitnesses report that the helicopters shoot randomly at any group of people, whether they are soldiers, members of the civilian Dignity Battalions, or innocent non-combatants. "It's a wild slaughter," said one American eyewitness. Shortly after noon today, Mexican television reported that U.S. troops have entered San Miguelito and have razed entire city blocks to rubble "because there was a sniper." Dec. 21 (EIRNS)--GENERAL NORIEGA ADDRESSED THE PANAMANIAN NATION. On Wednesday evening, a 53-second message by Gen. Noriega was transmitted to the Panamanian people. It was also broadcast on Mexico's Channels 4 and 2. "To the Panamanian people. This is General Manuel Antonio Noriega speaking to you. We are in our combat trenches. Regards, and we are going to maintain the resistance. Congratulations to the Dignity Battalions, congratulations to my comrades-in-arms and the Defense Forces ... congratulations to the entirety of the Panamanian people. WE MUST RESIST AND ADVANCE. Our slogan, and we ask ... countries to assist us materially, with everything: men, dignity, forces. WE ASK THE WORLD FOR THIS HELP. TODAY, PANAMA NEEDS IT. OUR SLOGAN IS TO WIN OR DIE. NOT ONE STEP BACKWARD, AND FORWARD LIKE VICTORS." WIESBADEN, Dec. 21 (EIRNS) -- "LEADERS OF PANAMANIAN POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS AND GROUPS HAVE ANNOUNCED THEY ARE GOING UNDERGROUND, to form a united resistance movement that will organize guerrilla warfare in Panama," reported at 4:15 PM Central European Time today. BUENOS AIRES, Dec. 21 -- COL. MOHAMED ALI SEINELDIN issued the following statement yesterday on the United States invasion of Panama. The statement was reported in its entirety on Argentine television and in the written media. Among other things, the statement represents a strong warning to president Carlos Menem, who has yet to say a word publicly on the U.S. assault on Panama, and who has otherwise given the green light to anti-nationalist army factions to take punitive action against officers who have protested military policy. The statement reads as follows: ``With the deepest spiritual grief, I share the just indignation and the suffering of the Defense Forces and the people of our sister republic of Panama, martyred by aggression against the principle of National Sovereignty, which provided the foundation for all American states, including that of the aggressor power. As an Argentine officer, I have served on a long-term professional mission in Panama, contributing to the consolidation of its Armed Forces in compliance with the highest goals of Argentine foreign policy. Just as in 1982, the Republic of Panama was in solidarity with the cause of the Malvinas, today, our chivalry obliges us to declare publicly: 1.-The principle of Self-Determination of the Peoples has been broken. 2.-Proper solidarity between two American States has been broken through direct intervention in the internal affairs of a nation, in violation of International and American Law. 3.-A dangerous precedent has been created which affects Hemispheric Security. 4.-Serious doubts have been engendered as to whether [the United States] sincerely intends to comply with the Torrijos-Carter Treaty which provides for the return of full sovereignty over the canal to Panama. 5.-Actions like this these hamper the peace efforts in Central America. 6.-Violations of this kind also rekindle the kind of dialectical contradictions which Marxism thrives on, and re-introduce them to countries such as ours, which seek to overcome them by asserting the principle of the supremacy of the Nation. Commanders, Officers and Soldiers of the Argentine Army; Argentine and American Compatriots: -Panama's Cause is the Malvinas' Cause. -Yesterday, it was Hungary and Suez. -In 1982, Afganistan and Malvinas. -Today, it is Romania and Panama. Let us gird our spirit and enlighten our intelligence, faced with today's events and what the future brings, reflecting on what the Liberator General Jose San Martin said of the Anglo-French blockade of our land: "What I cannot conceive is that there be Americans who, due to contemptible partisan feelings, join with the foreigners to humiliate their Fatherland; not even the tomb will erase such a felony.'' Dec. 21 (EIRNS)--THE PUPPET GOVERNMENT OF PANAMA APPEARED AT THE LEGISLATIVE PALACE THIS AFTERNOON. Guillermo Endara and his small entourage were escorted there by dozens of U.S. troops, who stood guard all around the building and mixed themselves throughout an audience of 200 opposition supporters. They were wearing civilian clothes, on the request of Endara, in a vain attempt to minimize the impression that he is a tool of the United States. Endara announced a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew and pleaded for Panamanian Defense Force officers to declare loyalty to his government. Not one has done so. While he was speaking, shots echoed through the streets outside. The Panamanians in the vecinity were busy looting stores of the food and other items they would not otherwise be able to get. Whereever they were in the city, U.S. troops ignored the looters, according to witnesses and the official "press pool" reports. With 95% of the food stores empty, hunger is a serious possibility. Waves of women and children refugees are now flowing into U.S. base areas, seeking food and shelter. In another part of the city, provisional president Francisco Rodriguez and his cabinet continued to make governmental decisions.


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