Matrika #2 @7314 Sat Mar 10 14:51:19 1990 Here are some interesting NEWSLETTER I've found

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Matrika #2 @7314 Sat Mar 10 14:51:19 1990 Here are some interesting NEWSLETTER I've found in my travels - som of them  are offered on a donation basis only. THE SHAMAN PAPERS - c/o Wade Greyfox 907 Iroguois Ct. Harrisburg PA 17109 Donation requested, books of stamps welcomed Also looking for INTELLIGENT  articles, poems, etc on Shamanism and Wicca PAGANUS - donation - / P.O box 11465 Richmond VA 23230 attn MIcheal W. THE above periodical is guarenteed to make you THINK about important, seldom  addressed issues in WICCA. THe one before it is edited by a Creek Indian who  is also a practising priest of Wicca. HALLOWS (journal of the Grail Quest tradition of wicca) - $6.00 a year P.O. Box 1108 Glen Allen VA 23060 The Grail Quest tradition seems to be based on the Arthurian legends and calls  themselves a EUCHARISTIC Pagan tradition. THE ANCIENT ARTS c/o Castle Rising P.O. BOx 3127 Morganstown W.V. 26505 Subscription - $13. per year. THese are the folks who are connected to "ThE  Witching Well" if I understand right. I don't know much about them yet. BUt  I've heard good things about them. KEEPERS OF THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES - a journal of TRADITIONALIST Wicca  (nationwide, but coming out of the Baltimore MD/Washington D.C. area - they  also list Morven- of Harvest - as an Alexandrian H.P. in the New England Area)  P.O. Box 2513 Kensington MD. 20891 Subs are $5.00 a year and they reserve  the right to only give them to groups and people in sympathy with  TRADITIONALIST WIcca values. It IS a very good newsletter though. StarNet P.O. Box 5337 Winston-Salem N.C. 27113 - Donation - A network for  southern Pagans REQUIRES STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY DUE TO BEING IN THE BIBLE  -BELT, but is open to all. Also has a newsletter that is run on a donation  basis and is looking for INTELLIGENT articles on Pagan subjects as well as  artwork. The editors are really terrific people and do a great job of running  the Newsletter. (which is just putting out it's second edition) SO - GUESS WHAT FOLKS?- WE FOUND US SOME PAGANS DOWN HERE!!!!! Oh, whether you are in our area or not; all of these people would love to here  from you and be happy to have your subscription. BY THE WAY, to my friends in New England, I found a great way to handle it  when they talk about YANKEES here - I tell them I'm a RED SOX fan and none too  fond of the YANKEES myself, it always gets a good laugh and gets over a  difficult period. WHO SAYS THERE ARE NO PAGANS DOWN SOUTH HERE? You just have to dig a little  harder to find them.


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