SEXUAL McCARTHYISM by J. Brad Hicks I'd like to thank the witness in advance for appearing

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SEXUAL McCARTHYISM by J. Brad Hicks I'd like to thank the witness in advance for appearing before this Commit- tee. I'm sure that you are aware of the seriousness of the matter we are investigating and that you'll cooperate fully, both for your own good and for the good of your Country. Now are you, or is anyone that you know, involved in the production or distribution of erotic or pornographic materials? Have you ever committed an act of adultery or sodomy? Would you like to reconsider that answer? Have you at any time been aroused by obscene or perverted ma- terials? Isn't it true that you have fantasized about rape, violence, casual sexual encounters, or adultery while viewing or listening to erotic materials? I would like to remind you that a record is being made of your statements. Are you now, or have you ever been involved in the defense of the so-called "rights" of prostitutes, rapists, homosexuals, child molesters, or other sexual criminals? This will be easier for you and for all of us if you co- operate more fully. Do you know of anyone who now advocates, or has ever advocated, a "sexual revolution"? All we want is the answers to a few simple questions. The American people have a right to know! Do you believe in the Bible? Have you ever looked on a woman with lust in your heart? Have you at any time in your life ever used strong pornography, alcohol, or drugs to arouse another person, or to weaken their resistance to your advances? Have you at any time engaged in erotic or perverted acts while someone else could see, or allowed others to do so? Tell me, do you consider yourself a good American? Isn't it true that you have spoken and written criticisms of this committee and its lawfully-appointed mission? Have you ever contracted or communicated a sexually transmitted disease or parasite? Has anyone ever approached you about selling erotic materials, or attempting to persuade others to purchase pornography? Could you please speak more loudly? Would you please tell us who, among your acquaintances, is a homosexual, bisexual, or lesbian? Please refrain from making speeches and just answer the questions! Have you ever taken photographs, movies, or videotapes of members of your family while they were nude, or engaged in sexual activity? I warn you that we may have to find you in contempt of the Senate. Isn't it true that you have criticised duly appointed law enforcement officials for the performance of their duty? Please remember that you are under oath. Could you state, for the record, your position on the subject of feminism? Have you, or has anyone you know ever degraded a woman by paying to watch her dance while nude or topless? Have you at any time in your life ever used obscene or pornographic materials to persuade someone to commit unnatural acts? Are you aware of the penalties for perjury? Do you ever touch your genitals in public, or allow others to see them? Have you, or has anyone you know ever campaigned or or spoken against stronger and stricter enforcement of obscenity laws? Are you attempting to make light of these hearings? Contempt of the Senate is punishable by up to 25 years in jail! Are you now, or have you ever been addicted to sex? I'm afraid that answer isn't responsive. Has anyone ever asked you to produce, appear in, distribute, or view, or procure a porno- graphic movie or videotape? Would you please amplify on that answer? Isn't it true that you and others you know have conspired to use the First Amendment to shield obscene, perverted, or erotic materials? Have you ever spoken with or been seen in the company of a prostitute? Can you explain to the American public your apparent reluctance about speaking to this committee? Is there anything that you aren't telling us? Certainly an honest, decent citizen would have nothing to hide.


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