Date: Tue 22 Mar 88 12:51:12 From: L.a. Hussey (on 1:161/93) I was born on 31 July (Lammas

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Date: Tue 22 Mar 88 12:51:12 From: L.a. Hussey (on 1:161/93) I was born on 31 July (Lammas Eve Day), 1961, went to a Catholic high school for safety and a better education (Berkeley High was and is the pits), got my BA in music from UCBerkeley, and am currently a published author of fantasy fiction and am doing business as "Homebrewed Cassettes" (music composed, recorded, mastered, reproduced, etc etc etc, by me -- almost 200 copies of "Pantheon" sold to date since its release in November). I got into the Craft in a sort of Y-shaped way, two paths leading to one. First was a general interest in spirituality, where I looked around over a span of a decade or so, educating myself about many religions; thought I'd become a Catholic, but was annoyed that the priest got to have all the "fun"; joined the Nichiren Shoshu Sokkagakkai and eventually got pissed at them because they had told me my fiance (a 10-year NSA member) wouldn't die of cancer if he said a million daimoku -- he said 1.5 million daimoku and died anyway -- and because they seemed more concerned with a sort of fascistic "we'll have world peace if everybody belongs to NSA" than individual spiritual growth. So 1982-83 found me in a sort of religious limbo. Meanwhile, I'd gotten involved with a group called the Institute for Celtic Studies, and started playing folk music and doing re-creations of British masquing customs like the Mari Lwyd and Padstow Mayday 'Oss. As an adjunct to the folk music end of things, I was taking dulcimer lessons with Holly Tannen (maybe you heard her on Prairie Home Companion), and going to her workshops on seasonal songs. At about the end of my time with NSA and just before Greg died, I began to realise, "Hey, for some of these people, this isn't just a re- creation, this is real!" You should know, by the way, that among the people involved in the Celtic Institute was Sharon Devlin, who was interviewed in DRAWING DOWN THE MOON. Let's face it, when I pick 'em, I pick 'em good. So early in 1983, the two paths merged; I was at a concert of Holly's, and a guy was handing out fliers for an upcoming Vernal Equinox Sabbat. That was my first Sabbat, and I've been 100% Witch since. I'd finally found the spirituality that I could make a part of my daily life, not just something to do on Sundays or even morning and evening, but always. A way to which I could really dedicate myself. I got initiated in NROOGD (also described in DDtM) in April 1984. Since then, I've run a quite successful Wiccan Curriculum (18 months at once a month), received 2nd degree NROOGD in April 1987, and am forming a new coven out of the study group this Sunday at Vernal Equinox. I live in Berkeley, two blocks from the hospital where I was born (lived in Berk. all my life -- how's that for provicincial?), am blissfully married to a Jewish pagan (who is a programmer these many years and is convinced that programming and magic are not that different), and am working on another tape and three books -- one about a maritime shamanistic culture like on the Pacific Northwest coast, one set in contemporary Berkeley starring Coyote (likely to be on the short side, since it's for the Young Adult market), and one based on the 18-month Wiccan class (BY THE WAY: ANYBODY HAVE SUGGESTIONS ABOUT WHERE TO TRY AND SELL THIS LAST?). My interests are: poetry, shamanism, early music, Medieval Welsh, Hebrew, Old Norse, Gaelic, French and Old French, anthropology and folklore, mythology, singing & playing instruments (15 at last count, tho not all at once...:-), reggae, "space" music, folk & ethnic music, Tony MacAlpine & Yngwie Malmsteen, Jethro Tull & Steeleye Span, scrimshaw, embroidery, knitting, leatherwork, calligraphy, font design, computer art, fantasy literature & "soft" sf, scrying, runes & tarot, cooking, beer, and whatever comes up tomorrow that looks interesting. Coyote is the cosmic dilettante, as I said, and Coyote is among my patron deities (along with Brigid and Lleu/Lugh). Good enough for now? B*B Leigh Ann --- * Origin: ThelemaNet - Hail Eris! * (415) 548-0163 (Opus 1:161/93)


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