Date: Fri 18 Mar 88 13:51:48 From: Judy Harrow (on 1:107/293) Born in 1945, right here in

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Date: Fri 18 Mar 88 13:51:48 From: Judy Harrow (on 1:107/293) Born in 1945, right here in NYC. First exposure to the forest and all that lives there was about 1953 in summer camp. First participation in politics, 1960, picketing my local Woolworth's in support of the newborn Sit-In movement. College 1062-1966, Political Science major. Very active in politics through about 1972, moving as I felt appropriate between fairly radical civil rights and anti-war activities and resaonably standard local Democratic Party stuff. Was vice president of the local Democratic club and served on the slate selection committee for my Congressional District for George McGovern. Pollwatcher in Mississippi, 1970 for Charles Evers. In 1972, became inactive in politics and got involved in an open marriage situation. At that time, there were no support systems for families like ours and no qualified counselors who weren't working from the assumption that our lifestyle itself was the problem. Graduate school in Counseling 1975-1979, M.S. with honors. Was New York Area Coordinator for Family Synergy for a number of years in there, not sure exactly which years. Family Synergy was a mutual self-help organization for people in open and group marriages. Looking at interpersonal relationships got me into looking within the person as well - a logical progression through the Human Potential movement into a focus on spirituality. And the old love of the forest determined my form of expression. Began reading about neo-Paganism somewhere around 1974 or 1975. Attended my first ritual, Samhain 1976. Initiated September, 1977. Started my coven as a study group, Midsummer, 1980. Third degree, November 1980. Initiated my working partner, February, 1981. Have served on the national Board of Directors of COG all but one of the last 5-6 years. National First Officer of COG, 1984 (or was that 1985?). Also did a weekly radio feature on progressive religious activities for about 2 years (1985-1987 or so). What I want for the future is to get back into working with sound - it's more whole-brained than just working with words, *and* to increase the amount of writing I'm doing. I'm 43 now, and beginning to think about leaving some kind of legacy. The best I've given the Craft so far is people. 1/3 of the national board of COG right now are of Protean lineage. boastfully / Judy --- * Origin: OPUS DEII = BaphoNet-by-the-Sea (718) 499-9277 (Opus 1:107/293)


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