Date: Fri 18 Mar 88 11:27:48 From: Josh Gordon (on 1:161/93) This is fun! I've had a +quot

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Date: Fri 18 Mar 88 11:27:48 From: Josh Gordon (on 1:161/93) This is fun! I've had a "biography" area on my board for a long time now. It's a good way to get to know folk. I was born on May 21, 1954, at 10:30 pm (EDT, folks!) at French Hospital in Manhattan. [That puts me just barely into Gemini, incidentally; some people claim that my weirdness is partially due to my cuspal life. If you check, you'll find I've got a Capricorn moon and ascendant.] Full name, by the way, is Joshua Phineas Gordon. [Phineas is the 'anglicized' form of my great- grandfather's Hebrew name Pinechas (usually comes out Pincus). "Gordon" is completely phony; the family name was Khrabalavsky in the old country. Two brothers, one 3 yrs older (Peter), one 6.5 yrs younger (Alexx). Big brother is a composer with a couple LPs out on CBS Masterworks (titled "Innocent" and "Brooklyn"). Little brother is a rock guitarist working out of LA, currently making his living as a warehouse manager. Dad (Ed) is a playwright and ex-radio-correspondant; Mom is a psychologist with a practice and lots of consulting. Parents and little brother live in LA; Peter's in Brooklyn. Moved to Alexandria, VA at the tender age of 3 months; moved to Munich, Germany in 1963; moved to Tarzana, CA in 1968; graduated Taft High School in '71; two strange years at U.C. Berkeley (first year chem major, second year music major; both spring terms were just too pretty to be a student); a year of strangeness in L.A.; two more years at Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood (B.A., Maths, 1976); grad school in Eugene, Oregon (M.A., Computer Science, '78); and "in industry" since then (companies: IMSAI, TIme and Space Processing, Cordis Dow Corp, Kaiser Medical Methods Research (lasted all of 6 weeks--you don't tell Berkeley boys to scab!), Friends Amis, Virtual Microsystems, and since May of '85, self-employed as Foxglove Associates with my friend and business partner.) Side trips: Played trumpet with the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo for a couple of years. Managed a small bookstore in Tarzana for a year or so. Student body president (or equivalent) at Immaculate Heart. Ran a coffehouse on campus at IHC called "Djam Karet", a term I found in a Harlan Ellison story--it's Indonesian, and means something like "the hour that stretches". Addicted to sciffy for most of my life (first one I remember is Andre Norton's "Daybreak..." or whatever--I was 10 or so, doing volunteer work stacking books in the local library.) Comic collector, though not so much recently-- concentrating more in original art these days. First glimpse of Magick other than the usual hippie tarot stuff: my best friend (in high school, and now) is a guy named Robin (a wizard musician, best baroque bassoonist in the universe). On his bedroom shelf in Tarzna were a bunch of old books belonging to his grandfather. Among the books were a complete set of the Equinox, a first-edition 777, Book 4, and several signed and numbered Frater Achad books. Seems that Robin's grandpa was a travelling salesman and an Achad student. The books were very used, and we looked at them with some interest. However, at the time I was a pretty strong rationalist, an avowed atheist; and it wasn't much more than strange and interesting. I did get into astrological charts and such; they pleased my mathematical mind. And I got into the habit of scrawling the Tree of Life on all my possessions. Several years later, a friend turned me on to Robert Anton Wilson. A little after that, Piers Anthony started his Cluster trilogy. The Crowley references in the works of both authors piqued my curiosity again, so I bought a copy of "The Book of Thoth" and got a Thoth deck. The "Naples arrangement" discussion in "Thoth" opened my eyes to the Qabalistic structure. I then picked up the Book of Lies and discovered my guiding poem: "Doubt. Doubt thyself....Doubt all. Doubt thou doubtest all." This poem, by Crowley, somehow made me feel free to immerse myself in the study of Crowley, because I knew he was telling me to keep open my channels of scientific skepticism. My education in the concepts of Thelema and my acceptance of the Law of Thelema as the ideal state of Man followed in the next couple of years. One day at Shambhala (a local bookstore), I noticed a flyer with an OTO address; I sent them a letter, expressing interest and asking what I should do if I wanted to learn more. I got a response suggesting I read some stuff and maybe attend a class. I went to one of the Tarot classes, decided I liked the people, and took my Minerval initiaiton with the OTO in March of 1981. Since that time, I've had interesting and varied experiences within and without the Order. I was instrumental in the discovery and return to the Order of the manuscript of the Book of the Law, which, as far as I'm concerned, suffices as my life's work for the Order (if I do nothing else, that was enough). In the last couple of years, I've realized that OTO is not sufficient for me; I've also needs on the "earthy" side, as well as the intellectual side, so I've been working Wiccan as well. In fact, I've dedicated myself to the Great Work of tearing down the walls between Craft and Craft, between Ceremonial Magick and Wicca. I see no need for the strong distinction some people insist on making, and I live my life as an example that no such distinction is necessary. --- * Origin: ThelemaNet - Hail Eris! * (415) 548-0163 (Opus 1:161/93)


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