Date: Sat 26 Mar 88 00:13:04 From: John Shklov (on 1:12/14) For some reason I have been bo

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Date: Sat 26 Mar 88 00:13:04 From: John Shklov (on 1:12/14) For some reason I have been both fascinated and aghast at the prospect of putting my bio up for all to see...there is something quite safe about being an unknown, when I resist an action so very strongly I usually force myself to do's some information about this "ugly bag of mostly water" (to quote Gene Rodenberry)..... Born September 11, 1942 at Newfoundland ,Canada....moved to B.C. at an early age lived until 11 years old in that westernmost province until I moved to Hawaii.....Jewish father, gentile mother , which always made me feel most keenly like an interloper no matter which group I associated with at the time. In reality, I consider that "interloper" feeling one of my greatest strengths. I was exposed at an early age to Christianity by my maternal grandfather who was the best friend of my youth. Nevertheless,I could never swallow the concept of "surrender" so central to Christian thinking, and I still cannot buy into any organized religion that postulates surrender to the supreme being as a basic precept. Quite obviously, anyone who resists authority as strongly as I do gets a bloody bashing from time to time and I have had my share. I studied art, humanities, and science and mathematics at the University of Hawaii...acquired an undergraduate degree in art (drawing and painting) and a masters degree in Education....I worked for a few years in historical interpretation (museum planning) and later worked as a communicator for various government agencies both federal and state. Made films and videos and did publication design on a free lance basis for a few years...moved to the "country"--Kauai about 8 years ago and I have taught school (all grades) here since I moved to this beautiful place. Since coming over here I have done serious and "successful" (purchased) artwork also until a few years back when I discovered computers. Most of my creative energies in the past two years have gone into my computer activities. Although I avoided the Vietman war (enlisted in USCGR two days before my draft notice hit the mailbox) I eventually got to see southeast asia as a contract employee for the Feds (hill tribe literacy projects in the Golden triangle) and did videotapes of Korean factories for A.I.D. long before Hyndai was on the scene. I practiced "magick" for years before I had any idea what I was doing. I made up my own rituals and visualizations based on what I wanted to do with the events of my life or my need for survival....studied various world religions and incorporated attractive aspects in my own personal thinking. I am still repelled by the organizational "glue" man uses to hold together even the most transcendental of thought. Even gentle Buddhism gets corrupted by the human need to establish some kind of heirarchial pecking order. When I discovered the magic echo it was a great feeling to find that there was an electronic community that I could participate in as an individual amongst a group of individuals. Please don't label me...I'm not a witch or a neopagan or a xtian....closest description is an interloper, a temporary and loosely organized collection of molecules in an endless chaotic sea of molecules.............. --- * Origin: Kauai2 - Aloha (Opus 1:12/14)


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