.op WHAT IS D.A.W.N.? The Denver Area Wiccan Network is a group of pagans and friends from

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.op WHAT IS D.A.W.N.? The Denver Area Wiccan Network is a group of pagans and friends from a wide variety of Craft traditions. DAWN sponsors parties, group rituals, a student/teacher network, and other activities as inspired or impelled. WHY DO I WANT TO JOIN DAWN? * You want to be part of an active, growing community of Wiccans who can work together to make some changes in their world; * You want to meet people and make new friends who share your basic values--people you can be yourself with, no need to keep your cover; * You want an ongoing opportunity to exchange views and information with people from groups or traditions other than your own; * You want to be in on the creation of a Denver pagan extended family which will make all the above possible; * You like hugs, and you enjoy being warmly welcomed. DO I HAVE TO "GO PUBLIC" TO BE A MEMBER? No. Only the Board Chair and Secretary are expected to be "public," and the identities of all other members are fiercely protected. HOW DO I JOIN? Dues are $13 per coven, $5 per solitary, payable twice yearly in May and November. These cover the cost of mailings and the setup costs for parties and rituals, as well as other costs authorized by the Board and/or Steering Committee. DO I HAVE TO JOIN DAWN TO PARTICIPATE? No. All parties are open to pagans and friends. To find out about them and other DAWN functions, write us at the P.O. Box listed below (postage is appreciated) or call Bob Key on his answering machine. Another way to find out more about DAWN is to show up at one of our Steering Committee meetings. They are held at 6:30 pm, the second Sunday of each month, at the Glendale Community Center (999 S. Clermont). THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN DAWN! D.A.W.N. Bob Key P.O. Box 11202 (303) 758-2115 Englewood, Colorado 80151


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