Date: Mon 21 Mar 88 11:09:44 From: Gwydion Windwalker (on 1:124/214) Well, since this seem

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Date: Mon 21 Mar 88 11:09:44 From: Gwydion Windwalker (on 1:124/214) Well, since this seems to be the right time and place for such things, I now shall bore you with my bio: Born 6/2/52 in Los Angeles, California. Adopted, age 2 days, and transported by parents to the booming metropolis of Coolidge, Arizona (pop. 4000). Spent better part of formative years becomming interested in music and the arts, since none was available to me in that burgeoning boom town. When 16 was invited by AmerInd friend to attend 'religious' ceremonies in northern Arizona, and spent an entire week in a Hopi lodge with him learning the ways of the ancients...this was my introduction to things metaphysical. Attended Central Arizona College, a junior college, on a music scholorship, which I had changed to a drama scholorship upon the goading of the drama prof...gained knack for performing there, and helped to found a tri-county Repertory Theatre company of which I sat on the board of directors for two years. Enlisted in U.S. Navy in 1972, while under the influence of illegal substances, and my father, a rather poitically strong individual at the time, convinced the recruiter (his hunting buddy) that I was 'nuts', and persuaded him to tear up my enlistment forms...(whew!) Moved to Dallas, Texas in the summer of 1972 and enrolled at North Texas State University, where I majored in theater with a minor in drug abuse. Withdrew after determining that I could do better professionally back in Los Angeles. Moved to LA in Fall 1972 and auditioned for a spot at Actor's Studio West; rejected. Enrolled at Lee Straserg Institute and studied with 'the master' for a period of 2 years there, and was granted a second audition at Actor's Studio...passed with flying colors! I often wondered if studying with LS had anything to do with that. Worked at AS for two years, and was hired by LS to be his 'houseboy' and driver while he was in California. Did small acting roles and made a few commercials. It was at this time I met another young and struggling actor who invited me to go with him to a 'meeting'. After he assured me that he wasn't a Krishna, I agreed to attend a local meeting of NSA...or Nichiren Soshu Soka Gakkai of America...and was so terribly impressed that I became a member. BTW, that other struggling actor would later go on to become 'The Man From Atlantis' and reach superstardom as Bobby Ewing... Was persuaded to go into the production business by a producer friend of mine, and formed Triad Film Productions in 1975. Became associated with American Biograph Pictures that year, and produced several commercials for various national companies. Began production on first theatrical picture that same year. The powers of creative imagination had really interested me by this time, and my metaphysical studies continued in earnest. Became involved with a ladyfriend from the Actors Studio days who told me in secret that she was 'a witch'! Being a good little Bhuddist, I discounted this as ca-ca, until she invited me to my first ritual. In 1977 I met Brigid...and was smitten! Rather, I should say, she conned my partner's wife into getting me over to her house...and the rest, as they say, is history. Shortly after we married, Triad Films got the drubbing of its young life, and after realizing that we had been cleaned out by our partnership's attorney, we... there were three of us now...packed up and came back to Dallas. We've lived in the Dallas area since 1978 and have 2 wonderful kiddos...whom some of you have met. As far as Craft has been concerned...I have been studying with various folk and never have been formally initiated. Was associated with a local Isian group for a time. Long windedness is one of my long-suits and I thank you for your patience and co-operation. Just thought that y'all might enjoy... GW --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: *Chrysalis* Multi-User (214) 519-0728 Dallas, Tx (124/214)


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