Date: Sat 26 Mar 88 22:19:38 From: Farrell Mcgovern (on 1:163/5) Hello. Since it seems to

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Date: Sat 26 Mar 88 22:19:38 From: Farrell Mcgovern (on 1:163/5) Hello. Since it seems to be a new fad ("When we was Fad" H. Harrison) to put in your autobiography, esp. after Brad's terrific entry, I will give you mine for whatever egoboo or backround information it will give to me or you. ***** I was born on Feb. 19, 1963 at around 1 pm here in Ottawa. My family spent the next 6 months here in Ottawa before moving to New York City to live my Grandmother in the Bronx. After living there for a while, my Dad got a job in Pennsylvania up near Kingston. We lived in a small town called Trucksville. We lived on the side of a mountain, and the animals used to come into the back yard at night and I used to watch them, esp the deer in awe. We lived there till 1967 when we moved back to Canada and lived in Mntreal for a short time, then moved back to Ottawa. My first real pagan type experience came when I started to go out with a girl from the local Science Fiction club. At the time she called herself a satanist (She wasn't really, but that was what she was calling herself) and she recommended that I read something by a guy named Crowley. Reading a couple of things by, and about him, his ideas seemed to jive really well with the other stuff I was reading (David Gerrold's works, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark) and I really enjoyed it. In 1979 I attended the September Star Trek con in NY^2. I met a girl there who changed my life forever. Her name was Heidi Heyman, and she was Jewish. Now my Parents religion was obvious, one was Irish, and the other was Italian, therefore, they were Roman Catholic. We fell in love via phone and letter, and things were going great till Christmas came around and I called her up and asked what she would like for Christmas...and found out that Jews don't celebrate Christmas. This really jarred my world. Until then I had assumed that everyone was Christian, just different flavours thereof, and lapsed Christians. The fact that there were other religions just wasn't important to me till then. This caused me to do a lot a research into religion. About the same time I had discovered that one area I was lacking information in Physics was the area of Quantum Physics. So I read the Dancing Lu Wi Masters, and a number of books and articles on the subject. I then ran across a trilogy of books that had the same name as a famous though experient by Irwin Shreodenger. Of course, that was the Schroedenger's Cat Trilog by Robert Anton Wilson. Now remember, this was going on in Grade 10...I read that it was a sequel to another Trilogy, Illuminatus!. Along the way, in the same section as the Crowley stuff I had been reading, I found a book called Drawing Down The Moon. In it I read about people who thought the same way I did, and that Discordians were REAL! Within a year I had found a copy of the Principia Discordia, and started to do Erisian things, and having a lot of fun. One of the funnyest things that happened started at a Lunacon about 5 years back. I had a copy of the Principia with me, and Heidi asked to borrow it. Somewhere along the line either she or I lost it, and I simply assumed that it had found an appropriate home. If only I had know how right I was. A year later I attended I-CON at SUNY @Stony Brook. Heidi was going there, so I decided to go down, see Heidi, and attend a con. About half way though the con, I was walking donw the corridor in the Lecture Center and I say a bunch of people sitting around, reading a Principia. So I wandered over and stood infront of them, waiting to catch there attention. The person who was holding the book noticed me, looked at my name tag, and turned white. It turned out that they had found my Principia at Lunacon, decided that they really liked it, and had formed a Cabal! I told them to keep it. This incident conviced me that there prbabley was a Goddess, and that her name was ERIS, and that she was benevalent. So by the time I had reached grade 11, I was a full fledged Erisian. Up here we still have the Lord's Prayer read in the morning, and everyone must stand for it. I decided that there was no way I was going to show any respect for a relgion that had killed over a million people who had believed in things that I believed in. This lead to a trip down to the vice principle's office. I told him what and why I was not standing for the Lord's Prayer, and he said that I should stand for it anyways. So he said that I should stand out in the hall for the Prayer. I told him no, since the only reason that people are sent out into the hall is because they are doing something wrong, and I wasn't doing anything wrong. So things went on for a number of weeks. Then I was called down to the VP's office again, we had the same discussion, except he took the stance that it was a discipline problem, and I maintained that it was a Religous problem. It was that day that it started. It was a campain of terror. People would trip me, or elbow me in the stomach in the crowds in the halls. If I was carrying my books under my arms, someone behind me would flip them out from under my arm and they would scatter all over the hall. Earlier in the year I had swapped lockers with a person so that I could get two side-by-side. I never told the school that I had done so, even though you were supposed to report any locker changes to the school as well as the combination to the lock. This person started to get threatening notes addressed to me in his locker. All of my friends knew where my locker was, the only people who would think that this other person's locker was mine were people who had access to the school records. It all cumulated on a dark night after I had been at school playing D & D late. I was walking home from school, since I only lived about a mile from school, listening to a Walk-thing playing Black Noise by Toronto group called FM. There was a lot of snow that year which caused the snow banks on either side of the road to be about 4 1/2 feet high in some places. The only breaks in the snow banks were the occasional driveways on either side of the road. I didn't pay any attention to the car that was driving slowly behind me. I was too into the music to pay attention. About three quarters of the way home there is a curve in the road, and no driveways for about 50 yards. I was in the middle of that streach when a voice, very feminine said "Look behind you." in a quiet, but urgent voice. So I did. This car was just comming around the curve, moving faster than it should...and the first thought that came into my head was that it was going to try and run me down. So mustering all the speed that had made me a star half back the previous year playing minor league Football, I ran for the closest driveway. I was just barley able to get into it when I turned and saw the car take out part of the snow bank at the corner of the driveway. I stood there a moment in total shock. I might have been killed my some maniac, probably drunk, driving around. I was very glad that I had FM to listen to, since I can totally loose myself in their music. With the soothing sounds of "One O'Clock Tomorrow" blasting out of the headphones, I began the final streach home. Suddenly, those headlights were comming at me again from the opposite direction. IT WASN'T SOME DRUNK, SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO KILL ME! I ducked back into the lane avoiding them again, but with a much wider margin. I pulled off my headphones and waited till I could hear the car no more. I must have waited about 5 minutes before I embarked again on the final streach home, which I ran. We called the police when I got home, but since I didn't get a good look at the car or the liscence plate, there wasn't much they could do. Anyways, the only conclusion that I got out of this was that there really was a Goddess, and she was looking after me. The timing of the look out behind you over the loud music was perfectly timed. If it had been a second earlier, I woundn't have seen the car, and if it had been a second later, I wouldn't have made the driveway in time. That night I dedicated myself to my goddess and became an Erisian priest. Hail Eris, All Hail Discordia! Farrell James McGovern II P.S. And a small quote to end this a little less siriusly: "There is No Goddess but ERIS, and Murphy is Her Consort" -Sian Reid --- * Origin: Solsbury Hill:WEIRD SCIENCE is an Erisian fable... (Opus 1:163/5)


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