#67 5 16 Jul 86 21:47:04 Subj: Discordian Zen I recently received the following from a fri

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#67 5 16 Jul 86 21:47:04 From: Bo Orloff To: All Subj: Discordian Zen I recently received the following from a friend: ABOUT DISCORDIAN ZEN Many kinds of Zen exist. Each variety centers around a particular practice/ rite. Soto Zen centers on zazen. Rinzai Zen on koan introspection. Fuke Zen centers on playing a particular kind of music on the shakuhachi (a bamboo flute). Elemental Zen centers on tea ceremony. Discordian Zen centers on the Rite of Not Knowing as its basic manifestation [see below]. Performing the Rite of Not Knowing we enter into the realms of don't know mind. Letting go of our time and opinions, doing what appears, we become more flexible, less attached. Discordian Zen represents a new Zen manifes- tation. While the Rite of Not nowing represents Discordian Zen's primary practice (open to anyone), there exist additional practices/manifestations. These include: 1- The Zen Precepts 2- A new manner of speaking 3- A new mainfestation of time 4- Reweaving the web of life Discordian Zen has no temples, no location, no tax exempt status. It only seeks to manifest, transmit and expand the life-giving Chaos that consti- tutes our original nature, our original enlightenment. If you want to know more about Discordian Zen please write to: Tundra Wind PO Box 429 Monte Rio, CA 95462 THE BASIC PRACTICE OF DISCORDIAN ZEN The Rite of Not Knowing 1- Materials 3x5" file cards (lined or unlined) Pen Envelope Stamps 2- On each file cars (as many as you choose to use) write simple action(s)/ activity(ies) (I prefer one activity/action to a card, but you can have more if you like). For eexample: Walk around the block 3 times. Eat a hot dog bun. Do 50 jumping jacks. Listen to 5 different radio stations simultaneously for 5 minutes. 3- Mail the cards in to me, Tundra Wind, Box 429, Monte Rio,CA 95462. 4- I shuffle all the cards I receive together and then, through random means, decide how many cards to send back to you. 5- I mail cards to you. You perform the actions/activities on the cards EXCEPT for those activities you wish to veto. This principle of the veto ensures that you don't have to do anything that violates your health and/or welfare. 6- After you finish, mail the cards back to me (add new ones if you wish) and I then put them back in the stack to re-include them in the next round. The original constantly present and relentlessly emerging condition means nothing other than the life giving Chaos. Through this Rite one enters the original ungraspable, undefinable condition. The Chaotic vibrations of freedom and compassion flourish. Miraculously, one discovers that one loses nothing when one gives everything away. Feel free to give the Rite of Not Knowing to any you feel will have an interest in it. --- * Origin: ThelemaNet of Berkeley,CA (415)548-0163 (161/93)


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