Date: Mon 21 Dec 87 17:47:34 To: Doug Mosher Subj: Condoms +gt; There are more arguments a

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Date: Mon 21 Dec 87 17:47:34 From: Chucker P (on 104/40) To: Doug Mosher Subj: Condoms > There are more arguments about how safe condoms are. My private opinion > is that there is some unsafety relating to breakage, leakage, and > occasional mistakes or omissions (which I also believe explains their > less than perfect contraception record). According to Clark Taylor, PhD: The main reason for condom failure is incorrect usage. They seldom leak or break from faulty manufacture. TIPS: (1) Keep a convenient supply in a cool dry place for "every time" use. (2) Don't test rubbers by stretching or inflating them. (3) Use them EVERY TIME you have sex. (I personally doubt the need for condoms with oral sex). (4) Open the package carefully. Tearing it can damage the condom, especially if you have long or jagged nails. (5) Gently press air out of the receptacle tip before putting it on: AIR BUBBLES CAUSE CONDOMS TO BREAK! Plain ended types require that you leave about 1/2 inch free at the tip to catch the sperm. A DAB OF LUBRICANT INSIDE THE TIP will solve the air problem and greatly increase sensation... the condom slips on your cock like a foreskin does! (6) Unroll the condom so that it covers the entire ERECT penis. If uncircumcised pull back the foreskin before covering the head with the condom. Fitting the erect penis ensures the best fit but if it is soft be sure to roll the entire condom down to the base as it gets hard. Eliminate any air bubbles. (7) Use plenty of water soluble lubricant on the outside of the condom and on the anus (or vagina) before entry. Cavities that are too small or too dry can pull condoms off and tear them as well. Oil based lubes like Crisco and Vaseline cause the latex to deteriorate very quickly and gum things up. (8) Hold onto the base of the rubber and your penis when you need to so it won't slip off. If you are getting soft or your partner is very tight the condom may tend to slip. Holding onto the base will solve the problem. (9) After shooting, hold onto the base to avoid spilling sperm or losing the rubber inside your partner. Pull out gently. (Both are good form). (10) Throw it away - use only once! --- * Origin: The Aerie, Denver, CO, (303)-623-7865 (Opus 1:104/40)


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