Continuation of Rowan Moonstone's Clipping List 1989 1-89 - +quot;Satanism: Where are the

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Continuation of Rowan Moonstone's Clipping List 1989 1-89 - "Satanism: Where are the Folklorists?", by Phillips Stevens, Jr. New York Folklore (Vol.XV,nos.1-2), positive (GO) 12 pp. 1-89 - "A Rumor-Panic About a Dangerous Satanic Cult in Western New York", by Jeffrey S. Victor, New York Folklore (Vol XV, nos. 1-2), positive (GO) 14 pp. 1-89 - "Chemistry of Voodoo", by Mark Kemp, Discover Magazine, positive (VV) 3 pp. 1-89 - "Cult Expert to Speak at Pax Christi", Courier (Winona, MN), neutral (CRF) 1-2-89 - "Dabbling in the Occult:Teen Vandals on the Rise", by Joe Jackson, Virginia Pilot (Norfolk, VA), negative, 4 pp. 1-3-89 - "Letter to the Editor, "Satanic Groups Abuse Pentagram", by Archie Whitehall, Virginia Pilot (Norfolk, VA), positive 1-3-89 - "Satanism Limited, Pima Detective says,", by Dan Huff, (Tucson) Arizona Daily Star neutral to positive, 3 pp. (PW) 1-4-89 - "Satanism A Growing concern", Jackson Herald (Jefferson, GA), front page, negative (CRF) 2 pp. 1-7-89 - "Psychologist to present occult seminar Sunday", by Robin Schill, Texarkana Gazette, negative (CRF) 1-8-89 - "No Killing", (photo only), positive (BF) 1-8-89 - "Police Investigating Satanic Activities", by James Flinchum, (Cheyenne) Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, negative 1-10-89 - "Organization Against Cults",by Meg Murray, Omaha World-Herald, neutral (FF) 1-15-89 - "Salvation army Violated Religious Rights By Firing Witch Judge Rules", Rocky Mountain News, positive 1-15-89 - "Reports of Satanism put police here on guard", by anne Bothwell, Milwaukee Journal, negative 2 pp. 1-15-89 - "Symposium on Satanism", (front page), Missouri City (TN) Mirror, negative (CRF) 1-16-89 - "Allegations of Satanism Shock Town", by Carol Morello, Philadelphia Inquirer, negative 2 pp. 1-16-89 - "Reports of Satanism, murder plot shake Texas towns", by Bruce Nichols, Austin American-Statesman, negative (BW) 1-16-89 - "Satanic seminar set Saturday", Borger (TX) News-Herald, neutral to negative (FF) 1-18-89 - "School has talk on occult, Satanism", Whitehall (OH) News, negative (CRF) 1-19-89 - "Sheriffs Assoc. Seminar", Mid-York Weekly (Syracuse Market Area), negative (CRF) 1-19-89 - "Satanism: Myth or Reality?", Hubbard City (TX) News, negative (CRF) 1-19-89 - "Claims Prove False, Authorities say satanic allegations untrue, costly", by Debby Woodin, Joplin (MO) Globe News, positive (CRF) 1-20-89 - "Occult Lecture", Crescent News (Defiance, OH), negative (CRF) 1-20-89 - "Religious Leaders Seminar on Cult Phenomenon", Jewish Floridian (Miami), negative (CRF) 1-24-89 - "Austin Satanism Limited to Minor Criminal Actions", by John Harris, Austin American Statesman, positive (CRF) 1-25-89 - "Watch your children, Speakers Warn", by Dan Hester, (front page), Humble Echo (Channelview, TX), negative (CRF) 1-25-89 - "Couple Goes After Devil Worshippers", by Caroline McDonald, (Conway, S.C.) Field & Herald, neutral (FF) 1-25-89 - "An Evil Message on the Wall", by Tone E. Windsor, Seaford (DE) Leader, negative (FF) 1-28-89 - "Hats off to principal for doing what's right", letters to the editor by Lisa Land Libman, Champaign (IL) News Gazette, positive (CRF) 1-31-89 - "Satanism has a long history", by Bear Mills, Pampa (TX) News, negative, 4 pp. (FF) 3rd part of a six-part series. Other parts missing 2-89 - "The Great Oregon Witch Hunt", by Stephanie Fox, Fate Magazine, negative, 5 pp. 2-1-89- "Teen Satanism Reportedly Rife", by Carole A. McKelvey Rocky Mountain News, negative (BF) 2-3-89 - "Satanism: What Parents Should Know", by Scott Ellis, Pigeon Forge (TN) Weekly Star, negative (CRF) 2-5-89 - "Dangers of Occult Confront Teenagers", by Connie Mulqueen, (Lawrenceville,GA) Gwinnett Daily News, negative 3 pp. 2-5-89 - "Practice of Satanism growing in region", by Kevin Riordan, Camden (NJ) Courier-Post, neutral to negative 2 pp. (FF) 2-6-89 - "Satanism & cults courses for police", Albany (NY) Eagle, negative (CRF) 2-6-89 - "Rise in Satanism Among Teens Alarms Authorities", by Jeff South, Dallas Times Herald, neutral 2 pp. 2-6-89 - "Cult Victims' calls for help increase", by Virginia Hahn, Daily Pasadena (TX) Citizen (front page) neutral (CRF) 2-6-89 - "Clearinghouse Issues Warning Signs", by Ellen Futterman, St. Louis Post Dispatch, neutral, (FF) 2-8-89 - "Crowd Hears About Satanic Cults", Anahuac (TX) Progress, negative (CRF) 2-9-89 - "Self-styled Satanists thought to be active in Cloud County", by Laura Hamod, Concordia (KS) Blade-Empire, negative 2 pp. (FF) * 2nd in a series of undetermined length, other parts missing. 2-12-89 - "In Harm's Way", by Bill Ruehlmann, the Norfolk VA-Pilot, negative 3 pp. 2-12-89 - "Grave sites Desecrated by Vandals", by Barbara McLintock", negative (KC) 2-12-89 - "How to combat Satan", Waterloo Courier/Cedar Rapids (IA) Record, negative (CRF) 2-13-89 - "In Hrm's Way", by Bill Ruehlmann, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, Ledger-Star, neutral to negative, 3 pp. (FF) 2-16-89 - "Mississippi Brothers Accused in Plot To Kill Judge With Voodoo Curse", (AP) Daily Oklahoman, negative 2-17-89 - "Store to Halt Anti-Catholic Book Sales", by John Perry, Daily Oklahoman, positive 2-18-89 - "Experts say Valley fertile area for cults", by Lawn Griffiths, Tempe (AZ) Daily News Tribune, negative (FF) 2-19-89 - "We Thought Cults Were Gone", Seattle Times, negative (CRF) 2-19-89 - "A Conspiracy of Evil?", by Carey Quan Gelernter, Seattle Times, positive 4 pp. 2-19-89 - "Tracing Satan Through the Ages", by Carey Quan Gelernter, Seattle Times, neutral (historical) 2-20-89 - "Searching for Evidence", by Carey Quan Gelernter, Seattle Times, positive 2 pp. 2-21-89 - "Skeptics Cite Various Reasons for Cult Stories", by Carey Quan Gelernter, Seattle Times, positive 3 pp. 2-21-89 - "Modern-day witch walks a fine line", by Cynthia R. Benjamins, Prince George's Journal, Lanham, MD, positive (BF) 2-21-89 - "Witchcraft Labeled 'largely innocuous'", by Cynthia Benjamins, Prince George's Journal, positive (BF) 2-21-89 - "Satanism and Juveniles: Serious Threat of a Fad?", by Carey Quan Gelernter, Seattle Times, positive 2 pp. 2-21-89 - "Tales From the Dark Side", by Martha Szalo, (Peoria) Journal Star, negative 2-22-89 - "Assistant DA Wants to talk to cult expert", Humble Echo, (Channelview TX) (front page), positive (CRF) 2-22-89 - "Cult Expert Shares Insights on Topic", by Gaylon Vickers, Upper Arlington News (Columbus, OH), neutral (CRF) 2-22-89 - "Expert:Cult involvement like drug abuse", by Gaylon Vickers, Upper Arlington News (Columbus, OH), neutral (CRF) 2-22-89 - "Wagoner authorities investigating origin of devil worship literature", by Liz McMahan, Muskogee (OK) Phoenix & Times Democrat, neutral to negative, (FF) 2-23-89 - "Groups main goal to aid youths, fight Satanism", by Randy Hall, neutral to negative, (FF) 2-25-89 - "Denver Witch Community shuns association with Satanism", by Carole A. McKelvey, Rocky Mountain News, positive (BF) 2-25-89 - "Boca Resident Specializes in Fighting Satan Worship", by Margie Kacoha, Boca Raton News, negative (CRF) 2-25-89 - "DA Seeking 'sacrifice' information", by Virginia Hahn, Daily Pasadena (TX) Citizen, positive (CRF) 2-26-89 - "Satanic Cults Growing in Preserves", by John Husar, Chicago Tribune, negative (VOICES ) 2-28-89 - "Police officers featured speakers at Pierre seminar investigating Satanism and cults", Capital Journal (Pierre, SD), neutral (CRF) 3-89 - "Evil in the Land", by Jeff Lilley, Moody Monthly, negative, 3 pp. (CARIS) 3-2-89 - "Cults: Subject of March 9 conference, Warwick (RI) Beacon, neutral CRF 3-2-89 - "Satanism cultism conference slated at Butler", Woonsocket (RI) Call, neutral, (FF) 3-3-89 - "CAJE sponsors program on issues of New Age Movement, Intermountain Jewish News, Denver CO, neutral CRF 3-3-89 - "Questions Raised About Bob Larson Campaign", by Lynn Cryderman, Christianity Today, positive, 2 pp. 3-5-89 - "Expert warns of satanic crimes", by Bette Pearce, Ironton (OH) Tribune, neutral (FF) 3-6-89 - "Tale of child's ritual slaying vexes lawmen", by Bill Disessa, Houston Chronicle, positive (CRF) 3-8-89 - "Expert offers theory on why body burned", by John Green, Lawton (OK) Constitution, negative (CRF) 3-9-89 - "Kemp recruited into occult life witness testifies", by John Green, Lawton (OK) Constitution, negative (CRF) 3-9-89 - "Reader Upset with Coverage of Satan", letter to the editor by H. Brauch, Westmont Dupage Progress (Downers Grove, IL), negative (CRF) 3-9-89 - "Harsher Penalties sought for ritualized child abuse", by Mark Lewis, San Antonio Light, neutral (BW) 3-12-89 - "Satanism in Gloucester County?" by Jim Six, Woodbury (NJ) Goulcester County Times, neutral 3 pp. (FF) 3-13-89 - "Salvation of society lies in Christianity, not Witchcraft", Letter to the editor by Geri Masters, Prince George's Journal, negative (BF) 3-13-89 - "'Hidden' Lyrics May Be In Ear of the Beholder", by C. Eugene Emery,Jr. Providence Journal, positive 3-15-89 - "Occult scare is a boy circulating pamphlets", by Cindy Pfaff, Bucyrus (OH) Telegraph-Forum, neutral to negative (FF) 3-16-89 - "Official Denies Cult Linked to Boy's Death", by Lee Coleman, Schenectady Gazette, positive (CRF) 3-17-89 - "Occultist religions should be outlawed", letter to the editor by Lawrence K. Marsh, Prince George's Journal, negative (BF) 3-17-89 - "Satanic Crimes increasing, says expert", by Kevin Freking, Texarkana Gazette, negative (CRF) 3-18-89 - "Dabbling in occult", by Jeanie Gelsomino, Princeton (IL) County Republican neutral to negative (FF) * part 2 of a series; rest of series missing. 3-21-89 - "Goddess predates God by thousands of years", letter to the editor by Kathleen Stine, Prince George's Journal, positive (BF) 3-23-89 - "Area Police attend Sheriff's Association Seminar on Satanism", Horseheads (NY) Chemung Valley Reporter, neutral, (FF) 3-23-89 - "Satanic recruiters operate in our schools, expert says", by R. L. Kemp, Ennis (TX) Press, neutral to negative, (FF) 3-27-89 - "Parents Can Block Lure of Satanism, Police Here Told", by John Shearer, Chattanooga News-Free Press, negative (FF) 4-89 - "The Dark Side of the Anasazi", Discover Magazine, neutral (VV) 4-89 - "Die Mother Father Brother", by Esther Davidowitz, Redbook, neutral to positive 7 4-89 - "Seminar on Cults", Baltimore Chronicle, neutral (CRF) 4-1-89 - "Cult Awareness", photo and caption, Indiana Gazette, neutral 4-4-89 - "Cult Awareness Conference", by Marion LaMartina, Racine (WI) Daily, neutral (CRF) 4-6-89 - "Experts say tales are bunk", by Rex Springston, Richmond News Leader, positive (KC) 2 pp. 4-6-89 - "Cults Seminar", Baltimore Weekly, neutral (CRF) 4-6-89 - "Winfrey guest accuses Jews of ritual child sacrifices", San Jose Mercury News, neutral (VV) 4-7-89 - "Psychologist to talk about cult experiences", Northern California Jewish Bulletin, neutral (CRF) 4-7-89 - "Survivors are convinced they witnessed ritual torture and sacrifice", by Rex Springston, Richmond News Leader, positive (KC) 4-7-89 - "Local believers short on evidence", by Rex Springston, Richmond News Leader, positive (KC) 2 pp. 4-8-89 - "Seminar on cults begins Sunday night", Argus-Courier, Petaluma, CA, neutral (CRF) 4-8-89 - "worship of Satan leaving its 'marks' on Berrien County", by Jill Rauh, St. Joseph (MI) Herald Palladium, negative to neutral, 3 pp. (FF) 4-9-89 - "Shrink says most crazy people are.. Possessed by the devil", by Susan Jimison, Weekly World News, negative 4-11-89 - "Mass Grave Found in Mexico", (AP) negative (WBBBS) 4-11-89 - "American Found in Mass Grave", (AP) negative (WBBBS) 4-11-89 - "Drug Cult Sacrificed 12", (AP) negative (WBBBS) 4-11-89 - "Satanic princess on run after blowing lid off devil-cult killing", by Joe Cassidy, negative (FF) 4-12-89 - "12 Dead, Satanic Rite Blamed", (AP) (WBBBS) 4-12-89 - "Satanism Blamed in 12 Deaths at Border", by Shelley Emling, Corpus Christi Caller Times, negative (IOC) 3 pp. 4-12-89 - "UT Student, 11 others found slain", by David Hanners, Dallas Morning News, neutral, 2 pp. 4-12-89 - "Mass Grave Discovered at Border", (AP) Daily Oklahoman, neutral 4-12-89 - "'Occult' probe stymied by lack of a 'witness'", by David Krapf, Tomball (TX) Sun, positive (FF) 4-13-89 - "Adult Meeting Set on Satanic Cults", Dundee N.Y. Observer, neutral (CRF) 4-13-89 - "Suspected Cult Leader Sought in U.S., Mexico", Dallas morning News, negative 4-13-89 - "Clements Questions Mattox appearance", by Wayne Slater, Dallas Morning News. 4-13-89 - "Kilroys Blame Drugs for Son's Death", by Bruce Nichols, Dallas Morning News, neutral 4-13-89 - "Tourists Abandon Matamoros", by Bruce Nichols and Anna Macias", Dallas Morning News, neutral 4-13-89 - "Matamoros Massacre", Editorial, Dallas Morning News, (emphasis on drug abuse NOT occult activity), positive 4-13-89 - "Mexico Police Seek More Bodies, Ringleader in Satanic Murders (front page), Daily Oklahoman, negative, 2 pp. 4-13-89 - "Cult Leader Sought In U.S., Mexico", by Lee Hancock, (lead story), Dallas Morning News, negative 4-13-89 - "Cult Godfather Hunted", by Julie Morris, USA Today, negative 4-13-89 - "Cult Members Confess to Slayings", by Shelley Emling, Corpus Christi Caller Times, negative (IOC) 4-13-89 - "Raising a New Age Child", by Ellen Creager, San Jose Mercury News, neutral (VV) 2 pp. 4-13-89 - "Sumter Devil-Worship Target of Workshop" Lake Panasoffkee (FL) Sumter Journal, neutral (FF) 4-14-89 - "Mexican Police Order Cult Suspect to Dig Up Grave", (AP) Daily Oklahoman, negative 4-14-89 - "The Smoking Gun? Law officials finding link between the occult, drug violence", by Shelley Emling, Corpus Christi Caller Times, negative (IOC) 3 pp. 4-14-89 - "We Don't Understand Those Things, if she did them", Father Says", by Armando Villafranca, Corpus Christi Caller Times, negative (IOC) 2 pp. 4-14-89 - "Remains of 13th Victim Discovered", by Eloy O. Aguilar, Corpus Christi Caller Times, negative (IOC) 3 pp. 4-14-89 - "Mexicans Descend on Matamoros in Search of Missing Relatives", by Joel Williams, Dallas Morning News, negative 4-14-89 - "1100 Gather at Anti-Satan Meetings", by Patricia Salisbury, New Federalist, negative (GO) 4-14-89 - "Cult Killings", by Peter Eisner, New York Newsday, negative (KC) 3 pp. 4-14-89 - "Devil cultist forced to dig up 13th body", by Tina Barneburg, San Antonio Express-News, negative (BW) 2 pp. 4-14-89 - "Two-day seminar on Satanism begins today", San Antonio Express- News, neutral (BW) 4-14-89 - "Satanists defy cult concepts, experts say", by Cecile Holmes White, Houston Chronicle, neutral to negative, (FF) 4-15-89 - "Desperate Families Look for Relatives", (AP) Daily Oklahoman, negative 4-16-89 -"Cult of Death", by Jacque Crouse, Insight, neutral (BW) 2 pp. 4-16-89 - "Satanic cult puts black mark on local witches", by Thomas Edwards, positive, (BW) 4-16-89 - "At first, Kilroy's disappearance looked like spring break scrape", by Tina Barneburg, San Antonio Sunday Express-News, negative (BW) 4-16-89 - "New site eyed in occult probe", (AP) San Antonio Sunday Express- News, negative (BW) 4-16-89 - "Number 13 is lucky, especially for females", Rocky Mountain News Sunday Magazine, neutral (VV) 4-16-89 - "Sacrifices put fear of the devil in Americans", by Mark Hosenball Washington, London (ENGLAND) Sunday Times negative (FF) 4-18-89 - "Man Arrested in Ritual Deaths", (AP) negative (WBBBS) 4-18-89 - "Cult 'Witch' Ordered Killed?", (AP) negative (WBBBS) 4-18-89 - "Cult Victims Drug Pushers?", (AP) negative (WBBBS) 4-18-89 - "11 Indicted in Cult Slayings", (AP) negative (WBBBS) 4-18-89 - "Cults dangers, lure explained to county PTAs", by Nancy K. Urban, Beaver (PA) Times, negative (CRF) 2 pp. 4-18-89 - "Blue Knights & the Black Art", by Marjorie Hyer, Washington Post, negative (AM) 3 pp. 4-19-89 - "Satan Seminar", by Bob Knight, New York Times, negative (AM) 4-19-89 - "Witches protest 'high priestess' link", (AP) San Antonio Light, positive (BW) 4-19-89 - "Police look for help from DARE", Emmett (ID) Messenger Index (front page) neutral, (FF) 4-20-89 - "Calhan home vandalized Satanic symbol painted on living room wall", by Monty Gaddy, Ranchland News (Peyton, CO), negative 4-20-89 - "Satanism: Does Ozaukee County have devil worshippers?", by Karen Gladstone, (Cedarburg, WI) News-Graphic Pilot, neutral 2 pp. (FF) 4-21-89 - "Jesus set good example for responding", by Terry Cadwell, Roseburg (OR) News-Review, neutral (FF) 4-23-89 - "Fear controls Satan worshippers", by Dr. Val Farmer, Rapid City (SD) Journal, negative, (FF) 4-23-89 - "Clergy divided on devil's influence", by Mark O'Leary, Aurora (IL) Beacon-News, neutral, (FF) 4-24-89 - "Cult of the Red-Haired Devil", by Richard Woodbury, Time, negative 4-24-89 - "Ritual Murder in Mexico", by Frank Gibney Jr., Newsweek, negative 4-24-89 - "'It seems to make sense', one teen on Satan's Bible", by Mark O'Leary, Aurora (IL) Beacon-News neutral to negative 3 pp. (FF) 4-25-89 - "Witch Gets Religious Rights", Rocky Mountain News, positive (BF) 4-25-89 - "Evil Satanists breed babies to sacrifice in grisly rites", by Robert Boyd, National Examiner, negative (FF) 4-26-89 - "AF Witch gets OK to note 8 holidays", (AP) Denver Post, positive (VV) 4-25-89 - "Missing teen is a runaway, not cult victim, police now say", by Bruce Golding, Yonkers (NY) Herald Statesman 4-26-89 - "Rural Life", by Dr. Val Farmer, Heron Lake (NM) Tri-County News negative (FF) 4-27-89 - "'Buddy' Martin: the Cape's Cult Cop", by Dan Hamilton, (Yarmouth Port, MA) Register, neutral (FF) 3 pp. 4-27-89 - "Occult Practices Workshop Planned Saturday", (Harlingen,TX) Valley Morning Star, neutral, (FF) 4-28-89 - "Group Does Fight Satanism" Letter to the Editor, Calhoun County Concerned Citizens, (Port Lavaca,TX) Wave, negative,(FF) * reply to a previous letter. Do they have original letter??? 4-30-89 - "Groups offer help, education about Satanism", by Melanie Smith, (Decatur,AL) Daily, negative 3 pp. (FF) 4-30-89 - "Satanic Activity said to be on the increase", by Nancy Pieters, negative 4 pp. (FF) 5-5-89 - "Satanism starts in home Exodus group tells crowd" by Charlyn Finn, (Port Lavaca,TX) Wave, negative, 2 pp. (FF) 5-7-89 - "Mexico Ritual Slayings Underscore Need for "Cult Cops", (AP) Daily Oklahoman, neutral 5-7-89 - "Satanic Sleuth Up to Elbows in Odd Beat", (AP) Daily Oklahoman, positive 5-7-89 - "Jews Protest Sacrifice Tale on Oprah Show", N.Y. Times News Service, Chicago Tribune, positive (VOICES) 5-8-89 - "Cultist Ordered His OWn Killing", (AP) Daily Oklahoman, negative 5-11-89 - "Huge Crowd told Satanism a major threat", by Lee Provost, Kankakee (IL) Daily Journal, neutral (FF) 5-21-89 - "Stalking Satanists", by Richard Stewart, Corpus Christi Times, negative (IOC) 5-21-89 - "Florida hospital treats teen-agers caught up in satanism", by Ellen McGarrahan, Vallejo(CA) Times Herals neutral to negative, (FF) 6-3-89 - "Former spiritualist spreads message of anti-satanism", by Bee Staff Reports, Modesto (CA) Bee, negative (FF) 6-5-89 - "Witch says prejudice victimizing daughter", by Raymond McCaffrey, Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, positive 6-16-89 - "New ministry sponsors satan expose", by Roselle Goza, Ridgecrest (CA) Daily Independent, negative (FF) 6-19-89 - "Schools brand peace symbol satanic", (AP) Austin American- Statesman, negative (BW) 6-13-89 - "What Do You Think?", by Rabun L. Brantley, Sylvania (GA) Telephone, negative, (FF) 6-20-89 - "Schools ban peace symbol", (AP) Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, negative 6-30-89 - "Texan charged in poisoning of ancient tree", Denver Post, negative 6-30-89 - "Treaty Oak case called witch hunt", by Sylvia Martinez, Austin - American Statesman, strange, (BW) 6-30-89 - "Wiccans defend faith, rejecting links to child's disappearance", by Lisa Mule, Fort Worth Star Telegram, positive (RW) 7-5-89 - "Cat Killings at prison investigated", (Knight Ridder Newspapers) negative 7-12-89 - Letter to the editor, "Lay Minister is concerned", by Eric R. Filmer, Savannah (GA) Morning News, negative (FF) 7-18-89 - "Callers cast doubt on alleged abduction", by Sylvia Martinez, Austin (TX) American-Statesman, neutral to positive, (FF) 7-21-89 - "Signs of satanism: Guide for parents", by Michelle Melton, St. Charles (MO) Journal, negative (FF) 7-21-89 - "Police See Growing Satanism-Crime Link", by Derek Smith, Savannah Evening Press, neutral (FF) 7-22-89 - "media, police blamed for satanism hype", by Dee Anne Finken, Bakersfield Californian, neutral to positive, (FF) 7-23-89 - "Treasure Valley teens may be joining occult", AP, Lewiston (ID) Tribune, negative (FF) 7-23-89 - "Animal rights, religious freedom at odds in Santeria priest's fight", by John Fernandez, West Palm Beach (FL) Post, neutral to negative, (FF) 7-26-89 - "Three Area Doctors Study Rise of Satanic Cults in Crescent", by Billy Vaughn, McDonough (GA) Henry Herald, neutral (FF) 7-27-89 - "The Satanic Roots of Rock 'n Roll", by Donald Phau, New Federalist, negative (GO) 4 pp. 7-27-89 - "Some blame their woes on evil forces", by Tom Brisson, Bakersfield (CA) Californian, neutral, (FF) 7-27-89 - "Former witch says she saw over 100 human sacrifices", by Tammy Twyman, Cumberland (MD) Times-News negative (FF) *part of a series, installments unknown. Have last part of series. Need middle. 7-27-89 - "Deputy blasts credibility of Satanic cult information",no author given, Shelton (WA) County Journal, neutral to positive, (FF) 2.pp 7-27-89 - "Teen-age loners drawn to satanism" no author given, Stroudsburg (PA) Record, neutral, (FF) 7-27-89 - "5 arrested in Satanist kidnapping", by Robert H. Orenstein and Sean Connolly, Allentown (PA) Morning Call, (front page) neutral, (FF) 2 pp. 7-27-89 - "Kiwanians Learn About Satanism", by Jj Johnson, Perry (GA) Times, negative, (FF) 7-29-89 - "Cult expert describes levels of involvment with satanism", by Chuck Biedka, Cumberland (MD) Times-News, neutral to negative, (FF) 2 pp. * last part of a series. Have 7-27-89. Missing middle 7-30-89 - "Santeria practitioners to go to court over law banning animal sacrifice", San Jose Mercury News, positive, (VV) 7-30-89 - "Court to take up lawsuit by church on animal ritual", by Luisa Yanez, Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Sun-Sentinel, neutral (FF) 7-31-89 - "Wiccan Replies" by Karl R. Wolff, Jr. Letters to the Editor, Air Force Times, positive * original article missing 8-89 - "The Three Faces of Satan", by Chas. S. Clifton, Gnosis Magazine, positive (VV) 10 pp. 8-89 - "Why troubled teenagers might turn to satanism", by David K. Curran, The American School-Board Journal, positive (FF) 4 pp. 8-1-89 - "Police say teens make up satanic cults practicing here", by Stephen M. Greenlee, neutral to negative, (FF) 3.pp 8-3-89 - "Teens enticed by thrill of cults", by Brenda Ritter, Fort Bend (TX) Advocate, neutral to negative (FF) 8-4-98 - "Scandal Over Satanism Hits Nebraska GOP Figure", by Suzanne Rose, New Federalist, negative (GO) 8-4-89 - "Ritual abuse meeting draws crowd of 300", by Suzi Brakken, Ukiah(CA) Daily Journal, ( front page) negative (FF) 2.pp 8-4-89 - "Expert backs Santeris bid for religious animal sacrifices", by Luisa Yanez, Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Sun-Sentinel, neutral to positive, (FF) 8-4-89 - "Santeris Suit", no author given, Orlando (FL) Sentinel, neutral, (FF) 8-5-89 - "Satanism is not the biggest evil", by Tom Schaefer, Wichita (KS) Eagle-Beacon, neutral to positive, (FF) 8-6-89 - "Voodoo, Mystic art sales out of this world, Devotees find art objects uplifting, not creepy", by Marina Pisano, San Antonio Express News, neutral (FF) 3.pp 8-6-89 - Letters to the editor, Cumberland (MD) Times-News "Dislikes Times-News series on occult", by Robert Meyer, pos. "Says heavy metal music not all bad", by Laura Parkinson, pos. "Terms former witch a fundraiser's dream", by Jack Finnigan, pos. 8-6-89 - "Satanic abuse revealed", by Susannah Pugh, Springfield (MA) Sunday Republican, negative (FF) 8-7-89 - "Psychologist: Media distort satanic cults", no author given, Stroudsburg (PA) Pocono Record 8-9-89 - "Police Assess Occult", by Carolyne Zinko, Peninsula (CA) Times, neutral (VV) 8-10-89 - "Teen lock in set at Nemaha Valley, no author given, Centralia (KS) Journal Leader, neutral, (FF) 8-10-89 - "Manson murders: did you know..." by Ed Green Jr. Athens (GA) Observer, neutral (FF) 8-11-89 - "A Look Behind The Satanic Game Dungeons & Dragons", by A. Chaitkin and E. Corpus, New Federalist, negative (GO) 2 pp. 8-11-89 - "Satanic Underground Can Protect Child Abusers", special to New Federalist, New Federalist, negative (GO) 8-12-89 - "Demon's visit changed teen's life", by Colleen LaMay, Hattiesburg(MS) American, negative (FF) 8-12-89 - "Chickopee's ghostbusters warn of occult", by Sandra Dias, Holyoke (MA) Transcrpit-Telegram, neutral, (FF) 8-13-89 -"Speaking out: What do you think of a court ruling that legitimizes witchcraft?" various authors, Wilkesbarre (PA) Times Leader, negative to positive. 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