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************************************* * * * T H E C H A I N L E T T E R * * * * F R O M H E L L * * * * By * * Richard Alan Hubbard * * * ************************************* Dear Friend: Let's be blunt, this letter is a CURSE. But don't take it personally. This is a form letter. Certainly you've heard of people in the past who claimed they were persecuted by witches; who did self-destructive things against all logic; who, in the midst of their prosperity, had the most horrible and abominable events happen to them. Chance may have had a hand in their misfortunes, but the most likely cause was a letter like the one you're reading now. Sally Foreman, a former medical student at St. George college, never completed her medical degree after the U.S. invaded Greneda. During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Abdul Mohamed was injured in a rocket attack and lost both arms. Jose Mendez y Echevarria of Mexico City disappeared in a recent earthquake. Every single one of them received this letter. Benito Mussolini was executed by his own people. He, too, received this letter. So, what's the point? Why destroy guiltless people? Well, keep in mind everyone is a sinner and everyone therefore deserves punishment. The reason is misery loves company. Let's try to explain explain this: Long ago, so long ago it may be centuries in the past, Mr. Featherstonehaugh of Aberdeen, Scotland was publicly excoriated and cursed by an elderly woman living at one of his properties. Time has obscured both the reason for the curse and the fate of the old tenant, but Mr. Featherstonehaugh stepped on a nail and contracted gangrene. He was desperate. Hoping to send the curse away, he sent the first letters of malediction to numerous people. And it worked! He recovered completely, after his left foot was amputated. Martin Borman received this letter in 1945 and promptly sent copies to the entire Axis leadership. Today, he lives in obscurity in Argentina. It is true, you can dilute the poison by sharing it with a multitude of people. The more who receive this letter, the better the results! Nuclear engineer J. J. Bryan sent 250 letters and only lost his hair after the accident at Three Mile Island. Horace Benfield had a stroke in his lorrie and caused a three car pileup the same day he received this letter. The amazing Mr. Benfield mailed 3,400 handwritten letters from his hospital bed, despite his injuries, paralysis and great pain. Lapsing into a coma, he actually died peacefully. Sending this letter to close friends can give even greater protection from impending evil. Eighty years of peace and freedom was lived by Hideki Masukawa after he sent this letter to his wife, daughter, and mistress. They served jail terms for prostitution. But, beware! Mrs. Friedreksen of Norway mailed 25 letters just to get 18 of them back again-- upon which she spontaneously burst into flame. This letter is certainly not for your well-being, but is only for the benefit of the sender. In light of this, many of the souls posting the curse may feel great guilt. So, if you found any money enclosed in the envelope with this letter, please spend it. It's just part of the dispatchers' curse to vainly disperse their wealth. The money is also cursed, however, and won't give you any pleasure. Or, go ahead and send it on--it may have immeasurable value for you when it's eventually spent. Don't hold your breath, though. Break the chain if you dare, but it's your funeral. Your only hope, and make no mistake, is to "share the wealth" by sending this letter elsewhere, immediately, to as many victims as you can conceive. Skepticism and delay will only be disastrous. Remember, Richard Nixon received this letter in 1972, scoffed at curses and superstition, and didn't mail a single thing.


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