Date: Wed 16 Mar 88 08:39:04 From: Bo Orloff (on 1:161/93.0) I reluctantly turned 30 at th

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Date: Wed 16 Mar 88 08:39:04 From: Bo Orloff (on 1:161/93.0) I reluctantly turned 30 at the end of last year. Missed being eligible for the Vietnam era draft by a couple of years, but am old enough to have participated in a goodly number of anti-war demonstrations. I was raised agnostic by atheist parents, never attended any kind of church or temple. Discovered spirituality as a part of my teenage rebellion against my parents liberal, rationalistic world view. Read and studied a little bit of everything in the areas of mysticism/magick. Founded my own church (Redisorganized Reform Zoroastrianism) in High School. Attempted to reconcile revolutionary anarchist politics (a la The Yippies) with New Aeon religious thinking (a la a fairly cursory reading of some Crowley and assorted other stuff). Following High School (and my family's relocation from suburban NJ to sunny Berserkeley) I was a semi-professional student on & off for about 7 years. Lived in Vermont, NYC, Santa Cruz & then back to Berkeley for the last 6 years. Had an assortment of very odd jobs. Been involved in a number of political movements over the years. I was profoundly influenced by The Illuminatus Trilogy when I first read it in '76 (at which time I was living in Vermont, going to college and tripping a bit more often than was good for me). Have continued my informal studies of matters Magickal over the years. Never had any formal training in Magick or belonged to any Magickal or religious groups not of my own creation. I still consider myself to be a) A Reform Zoroastrian b) an Anarchist c) a Discordian d) A Neo-Pagan Godess-Worshipper e) an atheistic agnostic. Currently, I am part owner/manager of a pottery shop in Berkeley. Struggling with the usual petty capitalistic concerns of the small shop owner while attempting to maintain some perspective on larger issues. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading, music (jazz, rock, blues, reggae), bbsing and other assorted computerized diversions, baseball (Let's Go A's!), poetry, armchair politics, and mild outdoor pursuits. Like you, I hold no formal initiations from any Magickal groups (but I was the Patriarch of the Reform Zoroastrians until we redisorganized the church along non-hierarchical lines). As I said above, I consider myself a Neo-Pagan (but not a Witch). I am proud of being an intellectual and cultural dilettante in an era of over-specialization (the only thing seperating the dilettante from the Renaissance man is practice!) 23/Bo --- * Origin: ThelemaNet - Hail Eris! * (415) 548-0163 (Opus 1:161/93)


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