Date: Mon 21 Mar 88 00:08:02 From: Ammond Shadowcraft (on 1:128/23) Here is my bio. Ammond

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Date: Mon 21 Mar 88 00:08:02 From: Ammond Shadowcraft (on 1:128/23) Here is my bio. Ammond Shadowcraft, born in Memphis, Tennessee, under another name, in another time, approx. 6 Oct 1955. My birth certificate has no time of birth listed so I'm outta' luck as to where my moon was. B^) Probably in the sky somewhere... I never knew my father. I know only his first name. My mother and I lived on welfare and perhaps social security till I was 11. At that time she chose to check outta' normal reality and I was shipped of to a foster home. The family I lived with for a year and a half were devout Church of Christ believers. Before my mother died I was tripping around between Episcopal and Lutheran Churches. In the foster home, in a Church of Christ congregation I was baptized (dunked, not dripped). I gave my life to God and perhaps Jesus too. What do you know at 12 anyway? I was eventually adopted by second cousins in Tucker, Ga., right outside of Atlanta. My new mother was a spiritist, dabbling in reincarnation, magic, and a little voodoo that trickled through her black house servants. I began going to a Methodist Church in Tucker, mainly as a social thing. We had a series of presentations, from sources outside of the Methodist Church, of various different beliefs and churches. I decided that I'd do one on reincarnation. My best friend was a devout Christian and during the lesson convinced me that reincarnation was a no-no as far as the Bible is concerned. That night I became a Christian again. Eventually through my best friend I got involved with a Charismatic house church in Atlanta and various staunch Southern Baptist churches in the area. Further I got involved with Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christ and the not so dedicated Young Life organization. I went to various conferences and witnessed to many people. Dummy me joined the Navy in 1973, the year I graduated from H.S. I had no where else to go. I was pretty much a staunch witness for my previous Lord through '73-'75. Three major familial catastrophes changed my outlook on life. In '75, my 75 year old great aunt was raped and beaten in her own home in Atlanta. The guilty party was caught but the damage could not be undone. In 1977 my mother by adoption was shot and killed by a pimp on Peachtree St. in Atlanta. In 1979 my wife of 18 months divorced me. I guess I was a real son-of-a- bitch. I still had my nocompromise way of relating to life. Annette couldn't handle the hardnose so she left. I don't blame her one bit. Needless to say life got my attention through life in general. As you can tell I tend to be a cynic. Got good reason too. Through all this I dropped my Christian beliefs to find something that worked, something that explained why bad things happen, something that explained why I had questions that I wasn't supposed to ask. I generally asked my questions and was told that I shouldn't be asking those questions, especially of God. I stopped being a Christian and started searching, thinking thoughts of my own and finding answers to questions that I had asked. My answers to my questions. I wanted to check out Astral projection again. AP had scared the sh$t out of me many years back and I gave up on it thinking that demons were chasing me through the astral plane. Through a process taking about 10 years, I faced my fears, my shadow. I thought I'd certainly die from the effort to not relinquish control to these chattering demons, swirling about my head as I was physically paralyzed, frozen in half sleep, totally at the chattering demons mercy. For some reason (synchronicity?) I began with the Seth Material, which took me through many heavy hours of de-programming. I began having OOBE's again without the fear. I guess this is because I understood it a little better. Through this I remembered that my mother by adoption was involved in witchcraft but wouldn't tell me anything about what she was involved with. I think it was more voodooish than Wicca. From there I read Drawing Down the Moon. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was very interested in what I was reading about. You mean witches are real?? You mean there are people that think like I do?? They are neo-Pagans?? YEAH! I looked around and came into contact with a very beautiful Wiccan couple in Denver who gave me various ideas and encouragement. Eventually I found an open eclectic group in Colorado Springs. In 1987, in a waterfall outside of Manitou Springs I was initiated in the Religion and Craft by washing away all my previous Christian baptisms. It was a very beautiful, outdoors, nude, in a semi-public setting, type of initiation. This was October 6th, my birthday, a full moon and a partial eclipse. Nice touch Ammond. B^) Today I see myself as a mixture of Taoist, Zen, agnostic, somewhat atheists, neo-Pagan, sometimes Discordian Witch. A Free Thinker is what I really like to call myself. Today I'm involved with the Tax Protest Movement, which I think is somewhat suicidal. I'm involved with doing my own court actions, legal research and in general causing whatever problems I can for the bureaucracy. Just two weeks ago I had Federal Judge Carrigan in Denver threaten to throw me in jail for my religious association with the Church of World Peace. I came to the realization then that the system was sick. I knew that before but didn't have to confront it directly. Today, magically speaking, I'm trying to find a magical system that works for me. The old synchronicity is working and I've come into contact with people who can help me. I think I might try to develop a system that bridges Wicca and ceremonial magic. Spectrum wise I'm gray. I work for a major computer company and love computers. On the personal side I'm looking for a witchey woman to keep me in balance and somewhat distracted from my usual fare of life. --- * Origin: SMARTNet - WOC'n faster HST (They made me say it!) (Opus 1:128/23)


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