Many questions have been asked at various times about the dissapearance of the Midwest Ech

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Many questions have been asked at various times about the dissapearance of the Midwest Echo Star (282/1) and its sysop. The net coordinator has today released the official information packet FRAUD.ARC, available for freq from most net 282 systems (including at least 282/341, 282/8, 282/7, and 282/3). Here is the README file that the net coordinator included in the packet. We have been asked to provide this information the widest possible distribution; offering this extract to everybody who polls me seems the most appropriate level of action for me. The packet is 158236 bytes long. -- David Dyer-Bennet, sysop, 282/341 ============================== Begin README.1ST ============================== This file was released on August 14, 1988 for the express purpose of providing the BBS community a means of protecting it's self from the recurrent fraudulent actions of a rogue SysOp. It's a pretty sordid tale. We the authors of the file feel that finding and apprehending the person described in these documents is of strong importance in keeping the BBS community a self policing arena rather than a government mandated community. We therefore solicit the BBSing community to give this file the widest possible distribution. The files contained in this archive include : PCINFO.DOC A description of the BBS and it's SysOp John Aleshe/Richard POSTER.DOC A transcription of the FBI wanted Poster CASCADE.DOC The personal account of an aggrieved business in the Twin Cities Area NET282.DOC The account of the FIDONET coordinator in the Twin Cities area. ALESHE.ARC An archive containing VGA GIF format images of the wanted person. The file ALESHE.ARC contains: ALESHE1.GIF VGA Image File ALESHE2.ARC " " " ALESHE3.ARC " " " ALESHE4.ARC " " " VGAGIF.EXE A program that will display the images VGAGIF.DOC A Document file explaining VGAGIF


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