Date: Thu, 08 Apr 93 07:15:40 EST Subject: Waco protests To: Bob Leone +lt;leone@gandalf.s

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Date: Thu, 08 Apr 93 07:15:40 EST From: Donald Silberger Subject: Waco protests To: Bob Leone I am enormously heartened by your report of favorable media coverage in Texas concerning the protests against the BATF assault on the Branch Davidians at Mount Carmel. That travesty of brute governmental force struck me in the gut from Day One, and recalled to me my reaction to the Vietnam conflict already in the mid-1960's. (It is obvious that a little country in which those favoring majority rule as opposed to oligarchy does not need foreign troops to man weaponry in favor of the majority rule faction. If the United States government had been honest about its aims in Vietnam then its claimed objectives would have been gained merely as a consequence of promiscuously air-dropping arms and ammo on the Vietnamese countryside. All of the palaver to the contrary was just hype and smoke.) Your communique states (or quotes somebody as saying) that Waco is BATF's Vietnam. I certainly do hope so. But let us review the actual reaction sequence of the American public to Vietnam. I believe that sequence is being reproduced with respect to Waco if your reporting is not overly optimistic. Initial reaction: Nobody seems to know about Vietnam (Waco) events or to care. When the media first mentions the events then the public reflexly favors official policy and begins to caricature as villains the people our government is attacking. Secondary reaction: A small group shouts unheard against the atrocious character and basis of the government's attack. At the same time the media begins to question the "efficiency" with which the attacking government agency is "doing its job". On one extreme there is an unheard outcry against the entire idea of the attack. On the other extreme there are the people who advocate bombing into rubble and death those whose "disrespect" for the purportedly legitimate authority of the government induces them to resist its armed force. Tertiary reaction: The voices of moral outrage begin to be heard. The supporters of the government become very hostile towards "those traitors" who fail to "back our boys" in a tough spot. (If I read your report correctly, Bob, then at least in Texas we are witnessing the beginning of this Tertiary stage. I should tell you, however, that here in New York I have heard or read absolutely none of this public outcry against BATF and FBI actions. I very much want to believe that it is beginning to happen in our country, but I do not want to beguile myself with wish fulfillment fantasies. What you report the news media in Texas as saying; this is exactly what I have been praying for. Am I being induced by you to visualize the Virgin Mary in cloud formations?) Quartary reaction: This is what I am writing you to discuss. The Quartary reaction, or final outcome, of the present Waco conflict is uncertain. Its most likely outcome is an increase in governmental oppression, proportional to the degree that the government feels its authority to be threatened. If this gloomy scenario is destined to dominate the situation then there will be increased gun control, diminished respect for the remaining civil rights, blacklists of Waco-Whacko-lovers, accumulating FBI and NSA files, and a great deal of desperately hypocritical and blind media piousity directed against we who would want to disturb the "public order". That's the beginning of the gloomy picture. If the economy continues to falter then we might wind up in a bloodbath of concentration camps et al which rivals what was seen in Europe earlier this century. But, played right, the gloomy picture might be pushed aside by a somewhat rosier one, which I now outline: If we, who have begun our protest against Waco, play our game correctly then some of the basic issues will be addressed, like: Why a SEALED warrant? Fear of destruction of "evidence"? Presumably the BATF is not moving against Koresh because the Fundamentalists dislike his presumption as the Second Coming(?). Is it because Koresh gets to screw a larger number of young and pretty girls than most of the rest of us, and therefore has to be put in his place? Does somebody have any real evidence that Koresh and his crew are practicing psychological intimidation and coercion more than is normal for people selling a product or an ideology in our society. (Surely, trying to convince people that Hell awaits them if they don't surrender to Christ is already a very weighty sort of psychological intimidation, and our society puts up with it... as indeed I believe our society SHOULD put up with it, however repugnant and unhealthy it might appear to the more secular among our citizenry.) No. So scratch "brainwashing". Brainwashing is obviously not against any reasonable law. Ah, the nitty gritty, then: The Branch Davidians were filing off some metal pieces in their semiautomatic firearms, thus converting them into automatic firearms. Somehow it has gotten to be illegal in this country to file or to take a hacksaw to one's own metal property. THIS is the issue that must be set forth in salient and simple detail. That is: How did it get to be legitimate for the government to dictate by force of arms what shapes of metal a person is allowed to possess? Is it because in 1929 some Chicago business people (i.e., mobsters) were competing over turf in a war which was created by an artificially inflated market for ethyl alcohol during the nation's earlier efforts at Prohibition?! Is THAT why you and I and all of you folks out there are not permitted to own a machinegun, not even one of your own fabrication?! It needs to be pointed out lucidly that THIS is where any sort of Prohibition and Gun Control gets one: into outright Fascism as amply manifested in Waco. Peeled down to the bone, the skeleton of the matter is simple. When people are induced to stare at that simplicity then they can have only one reaction to it... if they feel they are supported by sufficient numbers of their fellow citizens to ensure them a modicum of safety. We need a libertarian society of the sort that this nation was founded upon, and Waco is the sticking point: We must get this sort of nation back again now, or we may lose the chance forever. One last remark. "Liberals", "Conservatives", "Leftists", "Rightists"? Not every word has a well defined referent, not even when it is used repeatedly and by everybody. Until recently I would have classified myself as a "Leftist Liberal". My values have not changed, but my perception of language has changed. How many Americans like me are there lost in the crowd, voting for whom they are told is "Liberal" or for whom they are told is "Conservative", and never catching an inkling even of what it would MEAN to speak clearly about political values? I submit that there are millions of such people, with values inherently like mine, but lacking (as I did until a couple of years ago) any political organization embodying and focussing those values which they already hold almost without daring to articulate them. In this light, Waco is an enormous opportunity, as Vietnam was an opportunity, to focus the decent impulses of people into the promise of united action. It is claimed that the United States was sickened by Vietnam. I claim the opposite: that it was largely cured by Vietnam of its disease of chauvanistic kneejerk "patriotism" manifested, in its most extreme form, in the goose step that crossed Europe in the late 1930's and early 1940's. The Gulf War was deliberately engineered to recreate that goosestepping mentality which the "American defeat" in Vietnam had begun to undermine. We must capitalize on Waco! We must use Waco as the lens to point out to the American people all of the excesses, the looting, and the violence attributable largely to the Drug War and to the bureaucrats and thugs who want to build their empires on our backs, speciously justified by that Drug War... by the late-Twentieth-Century Prohibitionism which has exactly the same consequences as the early-Twentieth-Century Prohibition had. If you believe that other people with whom you are in communication might be interested in reading and sharing the ideas I have expressed here, then please broadcast what I have written you on any networks and/or "bulletin boards" that you choose. My hand has already been shown. I might as well play it out. God knows: There may be many who will agree with me. 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