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------------------------------------------------------------------------- | LIBERTARIAN PARTY Libertarian Party | | Defenders of Liberty NEWS P.O. Box 64832 | | ---- Dallas, TX 75206 | | metro 214-558-1776 | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- For immediate release. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Monday 19 April 1993 Michael Lee, Dallas County LP: 214-644-7802 h 214-518-3807 w STATEMENT ON THE CATASTROPHE IN WACO ==================================== Our worst fears have come to pass. Federal law enforcement blundering has led to the deaths of 86 persons at Mount Carmel and the destruction of nearly all evidence of what took place in the two assaults. This tragedy was entirely unnecessary. A fire was an obvious possibility, and until recently pumper trucks had been kept within a short distance of the buildings. Their absence today resulted in a response time of 45 minutes. Did the Federal agents want the buildings destroyed? April 19, 1993 will go down in Texas history alongside the fall of the Alamo and the massacre at Goliad --- a warning to us all of the depths of savagery and repression of which unrestrained governments are capable. The actions of Federal agencies during the assault and throughout the sub- sequent standoff have been utterly at variance with a Western tradition of concern for individual human rights reaching back to the Magna Charta. It is supremely ironic that while the world commemorates the 50th anni- versary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has acted in ignorance of the harshest lessons of the twentieth century. We again urge President Clinton to ask the Congress to de-fund and abolish the BATF. [END] ============================================== Another file from The Soapbox BBS "Your Infotainment Specialist" An all text BBS specializing in e-zines and other unique text files. (919) 387-1152 - Up to 16.8 kbs - 8N1 Fidonet 1:151/142 - FREQ FILES for file list ===============================================


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