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>From: crphilli@hound.dazixca.ingr.com (Ron Phillips) Subject: WACO questions Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1993 15:28:17 GMT Folks, It's time to start building some precise questions to send to our federal elected officials and to investigative reporters in our local TV, radio and newprint media. Ideally, these questions could be asked at any investigation into the BATF's and FBI's participation at the WACO fiasco in hopes of being resolved and, hopefully, wake up the local news media that they are not getting the entire truth from the BATF and FBI. My list is up to 8 that are really nagging at my gut. The list will probably grow. 1. What were the contents of the original warrant, now sealed, that the BATF obtained? 2. Prior to the initial assault on the complex, did a single BATF agent and accompanying witness (without a contingent of assault and news media personnel) attempt to knock on the door of the Branch Davidian's complex and serve the warrant in a manner prescribed by law? 3. The FBI spokesman states that paper evidence indicates that David Koresh and members of the Branch Davidians possessed over $200,000 in firearms and ammunition. Did David Koresh and the members of the Branch Davidians have a valid Federal Firearms License, were they actively participating in the legal business of selling/buying firearms and ammunition, and were any of the weapons they had illegally possessed? 4. After the original assault on the compound tragically failed, a BATF spokeswoman stated "We were outgunned!". Yet, TV newscasts of video tape filmed at the time of the incident show BATF agents armed with MP-5 and AR-15/M16 rifles. Although unclear on the video tape because of obstruction from full view by agent's bodies, they also may have had AK-47 and SKS rifles. What type(s) of firearms did the BATF agents have? 5. Agents at the scene claim to have seen members of the Branch Davidians setting fire to the complex. Branch Davidian members claim the fire was started when an armored vehicle punched through the wall and knocked over a lantern which was setting on a table. Video tape of the incident does show an armored vehicle punching a hole in the wall and the fire erupted almost immediately from the same general location. Was the source of the fire the same room where the armored vehicle penetrated? 6. FBI Director Sessions stated that the massive fireball shown on the video tape was caused by the Branch Davidian's ammunition and/or powder cache exploding. Yet, the fireball seems to be more characteristic of the type created when compressed gas and/or fuel explodes. Was any evidence found which would indicate the Branch Davidians had an ammunition and/or powder cache? If so, and if David Koresh and members of the Branch Davidians were engaged in the legal business of selling/buying firearms, was the amount determined to be excessively greater than one would expect for someone engaged in such a business? 7. It is rumored that one FBI agent was extremely upset about critical news media coverage and intentionally used an armored vehicle to crush a reporters car which had been left at the compound. Is there any factual basis rumor and, if so, what charges will be brought against the FBI agent who performed the act? 8. FBI Director Sessions states that, during the final assault on the complex, "over 80 shots were fired at the vehicles." On the video tape of the incident, you can hear the drone of the armored vehicles engines. Yet, there is no sound of the sharp reports that should be heard if shots were fired. Also, there are no indications of smoke and/or muzzle flashes which should be evident if the Branch Davidians had fired on the armored vehicles. Finally, the video tape does not show any indication of paint splatter, sparks or other characteristic spray of material which would be evident if the Branch Davidians had fired upon the vehicles. Do any of the armored vehicles which were brought in to pump tear gas into the compound show evidence of fresh damage from being hit by gun shot? 9. On April 21, FBI spokesmen state that at least 3 bodies discovered in the complex had bullet wounds to the head indicating they had been murdered or had committed suicide. On April 22, the county coroner claims he knows nothing about any bodies found with bullet wounds to the head. Were any of the victims bodies found within the burned out complex have bullet wounds to the head? -- ************************************************************** * Ron Phillips crphilli@hound.dazixca.ingr.com * * Senior Customer Engineer * * Intergraph Electronics * * 381 East Evelyn Avenue VOICE: (415) 691-6473 * * Mountain View, CA 94041 FAX: (415) 691-0350 * ************************************************************** ============================================== Another file from The Soapbox BBS "Your Infotainment Specialist" An all text BBS specializing in e-zines and other unique text files. (919) 387-1152 - Up to 16.8 kbs - 8N1 Fidonet 1:151/142 - FREQ FILES for file list ===============================================


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