Also, Lynn Ashby's column in the (Houston) Post this AM (8 April) says: [all typos mine, r

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Also, Lynn Ashby's column in the (Houston) Post this AM (8 April) says: [all typos mine, reprinted withut permission, etc.] WHO'S TO BLAME FOR THE STANDOFF? What if David Koresh hasn't broken any laws? That's not idle speculation but a serious possibility. And if you were one of the army of lawyers trying to defend Koresh, you might have nore to work with than one might suspect. True, Koresh is loony. Actually, he's stark raving nad. And a bunch of federal agents have been shot down on his doorstep. However... In Texas, it is not against the law to be crazy. The state can put you away for your own good, but usually doesn't because if every crazed person in Texas was locked up we would have to put a fence around the Panhandle. What's more, it would end the Texas Legislature as we know it today. It is not against the law to impersonate Jesus. Tom Landry got away with it for years. Koresh and his followers practiced a strange religion. That is not against the law. Indeed, it is protected by law. In Texas, polygamy is illegal, but Koresh did not marry all those women, He just slept with them. In Texas, (see "crazy/Panhandle/ Legislature" above). He looks like a pretty creepy guy, with long hair and an unshaven face. That must turn on some women, but it is not against the law. Having sex with children is illegal in Texas. But since all those people love Koresh to the point that they seem to be willing to die for him, getting them to stand up in court and accuse him is highly unlikely. Cats, yes, guns no In Texas, you can own guns -- all the guns you want. Towns can limit the number of cats you own, but not the number of firearms. It is known that Koresh visited gun shows and that he bought things with cash, thus it might be hard to prove who bought what and where. So unless he broke federal laws by changing his guns to make themm illegal, he's still home free. In Texas you can defend your life and your property. If I come to your door and try to kick it in, you can blow me away and there is not a jury in Texas that would convict you. Given that, what should you do when 150 armed men try to kick in your door? What would John Wayne do? Open fire, of course. Now we get down to the nitty gritty. What actually happened at the door? We shall no doubt get two distinct versions. Did the ATF agents say, "We're from the government and we're here to help."? That, alone is provoking to most Tesans. Did the ATF identify themselves or did they just attack? They have a long and inglorious reputation for heavy-handed tactics. They have screwed up the Branch Davidian situation so badly that the FBI has had to move in and take over. But not even in Texas can you blow away cops. If the ATF agents suitably identified themselves and did not fire the first shots, then Koresh is in deep doo-doo. But who fired first? Can you prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Koresh himself, not his followers, actually fired the first shot, or any others? Who's the Victim? By all accounts Koresh and his followers didn't bother anyone else. They didn't preach violence. Indeed, looking at the TV shots of that frail little old man in orange pajamas, shackled and chained and shuffling along between two burly armed deputies, you have to wonder who's the victim. The federal government will be totaling up the dollar cost and it will be in the millions. In addition, many state troopers are running up overtime. They will be taking compensatory time off over the next 13 months. So look for more wrecks on our highways. And, of course, we have dead and wounded people on both sides. Death, destruction, costs, mental anguish and more have been caused by the standoff at Mount Carmel. But a semi-sober lawyer could make any jury wonder who caused it. ============================================== Another file from The Soapbox BBS "Your Infotainment Specialist" An all text BBS specializing in e-zines and other unique text files. (919) 387-1152 - Up to 16.8 kbs - 8N1 Fidonet 1:151/142 - FREQ FILES for file list ===============================================


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