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From!!!olivea!!amd!netcomsv!!jamesd Sat Oct 23 14:31:14 1993 Newsgroups: alt.politics.libertarian,talk.politics.theory,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.guns,,alt.conspiracy,alt.activism Path:!!!olivea!!amd!netcomsv!!jamesd From: (James A. Donald) Subject: Collected BATF files on the attack at Waco, Texas. Message-ID: Followup-To: alt.politics.libertarian Organization: The liberty trust X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL8] Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1993 16:16:06 GMT Lines: 105 Xref: alt.politics.libertarian:15361 talk.politics.theory:19683 talk.politics.misc:67243 talk.politics.guns:74486 alt.conspiracy:35364 alt.activism:53425 Stacey Powers recently updated his files on the BATF attack. Available by ftp as: or from the Soapbox BBS (919-387-1152). > From: Stacy Powers > I've updated my collection of text files on the > BATF attack of the Branch Davidians with soem of > the information that has recently come out concerning > the FBI's report and various responses to it. > Below is the index file from the collection. > Stacy Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------------ INDEX file Soapbox File Collection #0001 The BATF attack on the Branch Davidians Last Updated: October 17, 1993 This is a collection of text files, gathered from various sources, regarding the BATF attack on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Also note that some of the text files are copyrighted stories from newspapers. I'm not a legal expert, but the duplication and use of these articles may be subject to fair use laws in your area. Certainly it is my intention that the Soapbox File collections (of which this is the first) should be used for non-commercial purposes. So I don't think any of the copyright holders will mind. SBOX0001.ZIP All files listed below 911TAPE.TXT Transcripts from 911 calls during raid ARSENAL.TXT Inventory of Davidians' 'Arsenal' AZ930822.TXT "Looking Beyond the Smoke" BATFCHEK.TXT Story in LaCruces Bulletin BATFCOVE.TXT BATF overriding FOIA BATFDRUG.TXT BATF Being used for drug war raids BATFMIST.TXT BATF Mistakes BRINK.TXT William Sessions Bows Out of Brinkley Appearance CC.TXT Op-Ed from Conroe Courier CLINTON1.TXT Clinton's Statement on the BATF Attack DESPOT.TXT Gun Control = Despotism DM930306.TXT LP of Dallas County Statement FBICOVER.TXT Indications of FBI Cover-Up FLAMERPT.TXT Linda Thompson responds to FBI's report FW930318.TXT Statement of Senior Editor of Waco Tribune-Herald GHETTO.TXT Comparison to the Warsaw Uprising HC930302.TXT Houston Chronicle - 'Storm Trooper' Tactics HC930303.TXT Houston Chronicle - Rationale For Raid Under Fire HC930422.TXT Houston Chronicle - Photographers Arrested HC930911.TXT Agent Allegedly Refused Koresh's Offer HP930408.TXT Houston Post - Who's To Blame For The Stand Off KATES.TXT Notes from a Don Kates Lecture LAWYER.TXT Houston Press Interviews Koresh Lawyer LIES.TXT "Lies of Texas" - L. Neil Smith LIQUID.TXT Possible Motivation for going after Koresh LP930311.TXT Libertarian Party Organizes Protest LTSTORY.TXT Linda Thompson Story LTSTORY2.TXT Comments on BATF Atttack By Linda Thompson MAGNA.TXT Relevant Quote from Magna Carta MILITIA.TXT Linda Thompson Flyer MORMON.TXT Comparison to Mormon Persecution NJBAN.TXT Timing of BATF Attack Questioned NP930512.TXT New York Post - Gov't Wants to Seize Davidian Land NR930419.TXT NRA Calls for Investigation POLICE.TXT "Self Reliance For Self-Protection" PRIME.TXT Prime Time Interview of Koresh's Lawyer PRIVLIFE.TXT Quote from Relevations of Medieval World QUEST.TXT Questions to ask about BATF Attack RAID2.TXT Second BATF Raid RECAP.TXT Recap of Events SPOTLITE.TXT Feds Tried to Silence Lone Voice at Waco SURVIVOR.TXT Interview With Davidian Survivor TEARGAS.TXT Information About Teargas used by BATF TREASRPT.TXT Excerpts from FBI report on Waco TX930419.TXT TX LP Statement on BATF Attack TX930421.TXT TX LP Organizes Protest TXLPDALL.TXT LP of Dallas Statement UP931014.TXT Justice Department takes heat over Waco Report VIET.TXT Comparisons to Gov'ts Handling of Viet Nam WACORPT.TXT More Excerpts from FBI report WARRANT.TXT Warrant Used to Justify BATF Raid WH930419.TXT White House Press Conference 04/19/93 WH930421.TXT White House Press Conference 04/21/93 WH930422.TXT White House Press Conference 04/22/93 WH930423.TXT White House Press Conference 04/23/93 WT930601.TXT What Motivated the Waco Raid? WT931009.TXT Washington Times Article & Linda Thomas' reply -- --------------------------------------------------------------------- | We have the right to defend ourselves and our James A. Donald | property, because of the kind of animals that we | are. True law derives from this right, not from | the arbitrary power of the omnipotent state.


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