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Here's the insane nutter Linda "Hate Queen" Thompson trying to sell her insane notion that the BATF/FBI used flame throwers against the Branch Davidians. The insane nutter's doctored video tape was exposed as a fake in Soldier of Fortune Magazine. * Forwarded by Linda Thompson * Forwarded Using QuickBBS 2.76 Ovr * Forwarded at 06:48 on 14-Oct-93 There is most definitely now an organized campaign of federal operatives and disinformation specialists showing themselves by attacking me (with false statements) and attacking the tape (with false claims). Specifically, the attacks on me and the tape (and my responses) are: (1) The flame coming from the flame-thrower isn't flame, it's (1) a piece of cardboard or something; (2) a piece of insulation; (3) glare from the gas, or (4) the "flames" were "added to" the footage by some sort of video enhancement or trickery. Most frequently, I am seeing self-proclaimed "tape experts" who claim to have "analyzed" the tape to come up with these amazing "revelations." The efforts to make the above claim(s) have "analyzed" another piece of tape, NOT the pieces that plainly show the flame throwing tank. Secondly, *NO* analysis of the segment on the Waco, the Big Lie tape can be from anything but the original, period. And not even one of these so-called "analyses" has *EVER* said there was any evidence of tampering, not once, ever. The only claims of "tampering" have come from people who speculate what "could be" done with video trickery. All examinations have shown there is no tampering. Tampering would be visible even on a copy and believe me, plenty have people have tried to find such proof and NO ONE has -- because they can't. There was no tampering. I didn't even have it "enhanced" to make it clearer so that there would be absolutely no possibility that I could be accused of "tampering" with the footage. What you see is exactly what was broadcast on television. One of the most obnoxious of these self-proclaimed-also-ran experts is a fellow who found a piece of footage (I have not seen) that shows the tank at a different hole, shooting flame. He is intent on proving the tank in my tape is *not* shooting flames, while simultaneously insisting his footage shows a flame throwing tank at the front door. This sounds screwy, right? But the reason is simple enough: He wants "his" footage to be "the" only source for this information because he is trying to use "his" footage to bargain himself out of a felony charge in Massachusetts. He is now claiming he has "analyzed" my footage and it isn't flame. There was not just one time this tank went in and out of holes in the house, though, there were several times. And other tanks went in the same hole. This was part of the smokescreen the feds intentionally created. Two of the times the particular tank that was equipped with a flame-thrower goes in the hole, fire can be seen; other times, no fire can be seen. There is another scene where a tank backs out, pulling out debris with it. There is another scene where only some smoke can be seen around the end of the tank, no flame. The house had no insulation, so this cannot be insulation; gas does not produce glare that drips or flickers, as this obvious flame does; and there is nothing else that produces flame other than fire. Anyone who has ever seen a fire can tell it's fire, purely and simply. So all these so-called "analysis" claims are bogus. Period. (2) The CEV can't shoot flames, so the flame-throwing footage can't be showing a flame-thrower. The tank shooting the flames is not a CEV. It is an M67A2 tank, that has had a boom added to it to disguise it to LOOK like a CEV. The ONLY purpose of an M67A tank is shooting fire, using napalm or jellied gasoline. (3) The scene in Waco, the Big Lie, was "more than 45 minutes before the fire started" and "the fire didn't start in that part of the house." (Department of Justice makes these claims in their Waco investigation report, responding to questions about the tape, Waco, the Big Lie). Both statements are false. The scene is only a few minutes before the news media *CLAIMED* the fire started at the window. However, the camera shots were held tight, so that all we could see on TV was the window on fire. What was *NOT* shown was that the entire back of the house at the wall where that tank had been was already on fire and burning simultaneously. This can be seen in overhead shots that were not shown at the time the fire was broadcast live. (4) "Linda Thompson has no military background" or "Linda Thompson has a military background -- highschool ROTC." (Both statements were made by Bo Gritz, the first at Loudenville, Ohio and the second statement, he recently put in his newsletter. AFTER I talked to him about these claims he continues to make them). I have never been in ROTC of any kind. I was active Army from 1974 through 1978 and last served as the assistant to the Commanding General of Allied Forces Central Europe, where I held a CTS/ATOMAL clearance and revised the Nato Warplans Manuals. I was also in the USAR from 1978-1987. I received an ARCOM for my work in writing the history of various military operations, including refugee operations after Saigon fell and JTX operations throughout the United States; GCMDL, Humanitarian Service, Vietnam Service (time period/not in-country), expert in .45, .38, M16, hand grenades; and the German Bronze lanyard (Schutzensnuer). My AFQT is 157; my MOS's were Steno and Senior Personnel Sergeant (SFC/E-7); I completed the Infantry Officer pre-commission course, the AG Officer basic Course and was the second woman assigned to an Airborne-D, TOE STRAF unit. (5) "There is no proof that 3 of the 4 men killed at Mt. Carmel were Clinton's bodyguards as Linda Thompson claims in the tape, Waco, the Big Lie." (This ridiculous statement and two paragraphs claiming I failed to "research" this point and using it to claim I was spreading disinformation made a laughing stock out of Criminal Politics Magazine when they learned the information was public knowledge.) President Clinton himself stated that these three men had been members of his presidential security during his campaign and named the men by name in his address to the Treasury on March 18, 1993, in the Cash Room at 11:38 a.m. A copy of this speech by the President, which was publicly broadcast, is available on Compuserve in the Whitehouse forum files area. Bo Gritz, a few of his supporters including two radio personalities who, for the time being, shall remain nameless but they know who they are, Gary Hunt (the ATF operative) and Criminal Politics magazine (citing Gritz as the source), have been the primary proponents of this disinformation (and gutless liars who send unsigned faxes across the UN-Patriot Fax Network.) The one thing about being able to see this flame-thrower footage yourself is that you can see the flames yourself, know what you are seeing, and then, decide whether you believe your own eyes or what someone else tells you. And know, by their words and deeds, who the disinformation agents are. Numerous experts have examined the flame thrower footage and conclude it is fire, as has everyone who has no vested interest in trying to spread disinformation. Even the Department of Justice wasn't stupid enough to try to claim the flame-throwing tank footage doesn't show fire and you know they would have if they could have. 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