+gt;From: dswartz@osf.org (Dan Swartzendruber) Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1993 14:50:28 GMT A few c

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>From: dswartz@osf.org (Dan Swartzendruber) Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1993 14:50:28 GMT A few comments on the ATF's botched handling of this case: 1. Attempting to storm the compound in broad daylight? The explanation we were given (at least at one point) was that they thought the cult members would be at religious services. My only comment on this bit of idiocy is that if you're going to operate as a quasi-military unit, you'd better understand basic military tactics. One cardinal rule is that only a fool plans an operation where if one assumption is incorrect, the operation will fail disastrously. 2. We were told that ATF got four agents killed because they were outgunned, they didn't expect such heavy resistance. When questioned about why such an overwhelming military-style assault was planned, we were told that it was because the cultists were thought to be heavily armed. Can you say contradictory? I knew you could! 3. The BATF has had a bad reputation for years as a bunch of arrogant, hotdoggers. I was talking to relatives a couple of weeks ago and referred to them as a bunch of Crockett and Tubbs wannabes. I'm more than ever convinced that's right on target. An anecdote not related to the Waco fiasco is that apparently the BATF screwed up some of the evidence in the World Trade Center bombing. There's now an excellent chance some of the forensic evidence gathered by the FBI will not be admissible in court. This is not hearsay. I was told this by a relative of my wife's who happens to be an FBI agent. His opinion of the BATF was, ummm, well, let's just say uncomplimentary. 4. I have *still* not been presented with one iota of evidence that the BD's had *any* of the alleged illegal weaponry which was the reason for the raid in the first place. BTW, we're *still* hearing this justification. AG Reno, on CNN yesterday, made references to this issue, without any substantiation. She also waved around the "He's a child abuser and we heard he was beating the children!" flag. Sigh. 5. A point re the Feds in general: their handling of the whole siege reflected a complete lack of understanding of the probable thought processes of the cultists. AG Reno said they pushed the button because they were afraid a mass suicide was in the offing. My only comment on that is that if the cultists were that close to the edge, what the hell did she think their reaction would be to an hours-long assault on the compound where holes were punched in the walls and CS gas pumped in? If I were a BD, I'd expect the forces of the godless government to assault me at any time. In that light, whether they torched themselves or drank Jim Jones Kool-Aid is irrelevant. Also, look at how the siege was conducted: Bright lights, loud rock music, cutting off communications and other contact with the outside. All measures designed to make the BD's feel more and more isolated and threatened. This might have been a great strategy - if they were dealing with criminals. As it was, it looks to me like everything they did fed into Koresh's paranoid delusions. Dan S. ==================================== Another file from The Soapbox BBS "Your Infotainment Specialist" An all-text BBS specializing in E-Zines and unique text files (919) 387-1152 USR HST Dual Standard V.32bis ====================================


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