Subject: Re: Yet Another UL? Date: 11 May 1993 01:21:36 GMT wr

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From: (Terry Chan) Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban Subject: Re: Yet Another UL? Date: 11 May 1993 01:21:36 GMT writes: +Yesterday my husband and I were watching a videotape of "Quigley Down +Under", a movie starring Tom Selleck, when I spotted what I think +may be a reference to an urban legend. [Some details deleted] +One day while Roy +was gone, a band of Comanches rode up to the homestead, and Cora +prudently took the baby and a gun and hid in the root cellar. The +Comanches were trashing up the place, and didn't seem to interested +in finding the occupants of the house, until the baby starting crying. +Cora tried to make the baby stop by talking to it softly and trying to +nurse the baby, but nothing worked. In desparation she placed her hand +across the baby's mouth firmly enough to make it stop, and eventually +the Comanche's left--and the baby was dead, smothered. + +It occured to me that this was at least the third time I'd seen this +story, or a variation of it. Those who watched the last episode of +MASH will probably recognize it, and I remember several years ago +reading a version about escapees from an Eastern Bloc country who +had a similar experience while hiding from a border patrol. + +Well, what do you think? UL, true story, or just a dramatic convention? Uh, yes. This is a common motif in history and in entertainment. >From previous postings in this area, I can give you the following examples: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Colin Fidge) sez: +Does anyone know the origin of this story? Two recent retellings are +listed below, but I am certain that I have heard it elsewhere: + +i) A 1981 episode of the Japanese fantasy series "Monkey", entitled + "Mothers", in which a young girl is smothered while a group of + people hide from a witch. + +ii) The final episode of "M*A*S*H" (1983), entitled "Goodbye, Farewell + and Amen", in which a Korean child is smothered while a group of + people hide on a bus from some soldiers. (In this case it is + Hawkeye who fervently tells the mother to quieten the child, and + subsequently must live with the guilt.) +--------------------------------------------------------------------------- +In a damning article, (Richard A. Schumacher) says: + +Well, back in the '60s I read it in a Reader's Digest article +about escapees from Hungary during the '56 revolution. This +argues persuasively that it is an UL. +--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (William Logan Lee) read it in: + +"The Guns of Navarone" by Alistair MacClean. (sp?) +Fictional account of a team of saboteurs led by a character +called "Mallory". The real Mallory was a famous New Zealander +mountain climber who died in the 1930s (while climbing?). +UL scene took place in a cemetary, with a wanted saboteur holding +his hand over the nose and mouth of a baby to avoid a sentry +discovering him and the baby's mother. +Sequel: "Force Ten from Navarone", both book and film. +--------------------------------------------------------------------------- +>From: + +I know of another occurence, not in television, but in history. Off the +coast of New Hampshire & Maine there is a group of islands called the +Isles of Shoals. One of these islands, Star Island, was once a small +village. I dont remember the specifics but this was back during the +time when the European colonists were moving into native american anyways, the "Indians" attacked the island and +Betty Moody ran with her baby and hid in the rocks on the far side of +the island. In effort to quiet her child she accidentally smothered it. +To this day there is still a small cave that is pointed out on tours +known as BETTY MOODY'S CAVE because of this. This is documented in the +book "10 Miles Out" by Frederick & Ginny McGill and can be bought in +bookstores in that area if you want a copy. +(I know this because I worked as summer staff out there for 3 years, its +a Hotel/conference center now) + +I'm sure this legend has happened all around, its quite possible and quite +memorable...makes for good folklore. + +--------------------------------------------------------------------------- +And (Robert Sheaffer) writes: + + Yes, it *far* predates the 1980s. I can remember discussing the + subject as a hypothetical question in philosophy class, circa 1968: + would it be immoral for a mother to allow the noisy child to suffocate, if + the family would otherwise be discovered by the Nazis? Off-hand, it sounds like a folklore motif to me. Terry "Mommy! Mommy!" Chan -- Energy and Environment Division | Internet: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory | "Perfect teeth, nice smell, Berkeley, California USA 94720 | ...a class act all the way."


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