Subject: Diet Pepsi, scratch and sniff offer Date: 16 Jun 1993 02:08:05 GMT Here is a lett

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From: linden@positive.Eng.Sun.COM (Peter van der Linden) Subject: Diet Pepsi, scratch and sniff offer Date: 16 Jun 1993 02:08:05 GMT Here is a letter, recently despatched to the industrial effluent company Pepsico. I will let you know the response. Dear Sirs, I recently became aware of your latest promotional give-aways while watching the tv news, and I am very dissatisfied not to have found one yet. I appreciate that you have to restrict the number of free gifts but as a regular consumer of your products I feel I have a claim in advance of the occasional purchaser. Would it be possible therefore to send me one of the syringes that you are currently including with your product? Your faithfully, etc etc. -- Peter van der Linden 415 336-6206 No shoes, no shirt? No software. Subject: Pepsi From: (snopes) Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1993 05:15:00 GMT I don't think these guys are taking me seriously enough . . . 22 June 1993 Pepsico, Inc. Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase, NY 10577 Dear Pepsico: I managed to collect three matching syringes from cans of Diet Pepsi before you stopped your recent promotional campaign. Will you still be awarding all the prizes, or was that part of the contest cancelled as well? If so, can I trade in the needles for one larger prize, as I have little use for medical supplies? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29 June 1993 Pepsi-Cola Company Consumer Relations Somers, NY Dear Mr. Mikkelson: Thank you very much for you recent humorous letter concerning the alleged syringes in Pepsi-Cola. It is nice for us to hear from consumers such as yourself who realize that these claims were unfounded. Your input helps us achieve our goal of producing and promoting only the highest quality Pepsi-Cola products. I appreciate your interest in Pepsi Cola and hope you will continue to purchase and enjoy our products with confidence. Please contact me again if I can be of further assistance. Sincerely, Angela Baumgartner Consumer Correspondence Specialist +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | "While pets drinking Coca-Cola usually make for an appealing picture, we | | have always thought it a sound policy to depict our product being consumed | | by human beings." | | | | - The Coca-Cola Company | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | David P. Mikkelson Calif. State Univ., Northridge Northridge, CA USA | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+


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