Subject: Paul Harvey source of UL's? The following was published in a local paper (and the

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From: (Joe Wiggins) Subject: Paul Harvey source of UL's? The following was published in a local paper (and therefore is true) as excerpted from 'Paul Harvey's For What It's Worth' (Bantom Books), and since it's from a book it MUST be true! These are purported to be Paul's best wierd, but true, stories: 1. We visit Altoona, PA, where TV anchorman Brandon Brooks demonstrated for his viewers how to protect their homes from burglars. He used his own home to demonstrate... Double locks on doors, windows that will not open from the outside, burglar alarms... Now it appears that thieves were watching the program. They not only learned where the double locks were, but where the TV set was and the VCR and the furniture and other things. So a few nights later - while Brandon Brooks was on the air back at the studio - the thieves broke into his house and cleaned him out. That window that won't open from the outside? They smashed it. 2. Police Chief Clifton Sullivan - Russell Springs, KY - got a call from a lady who wanted her bachelor neighbor arrested for indecent exposure The chief went to her house and witnessed for himself... The fact was that the man next door was in his bathroom shaving. 'But,' the chief said, 'with the bottom part of the man's bathroom window covered as it is, I cannot tell if the bottom part of the man is wearing anything or not.' 'But,' the woman said, 'Well, you just stand on this chair and stand on your tiptoes and you'll see!' 3. Ed Ruffing reports in the Utica, NY, Observer-Dispatch. Burglars in suburban Marcy were carrying the TV set down the driveway when the next-door neighbor called out: 'Hey, are you going to fix her TV set?' And the burglars called back, 'Yes.' And the neighbor asked, 'Mine needs fixing, could you take it, too?' And the burglars said, 'Be glad to.' And they did. 4. We visit Raleigh, NC, where a state cop stopped a drunken driver. While he was ticketing the man, there was a multicar accident on the other side of the divided highway. The highway patrolman told the drunk to wait. The patrolman went across the highway to sort out the accident. After awhile the drunk figured he'd waited long enough and he drove on home and told his wife that if anybody asked she should say he had been in bed with the flu all day. Within the hour, two state patrolmen appeared at the home of the drunken driver and asked to see him. He came from the bedroom wrapped in a robe and coughing and wheezing. The patrolman asked if he'd been drinking that evening, and he said he'd been sick in bed. They apologized for bothering him and asked if they could take a look at his car. The drunk escorted them to the garage and inside was - a highway patrol car, the blue lights still flashing. Gee, names and actual places and everything. Nice to finally find the origins for these. I wasn't familiar with number 1, but I'd always heard number 2 told as a joke, number 3 was in Reader's Digest 20 or so years ago, and number 4 was in one of Brunvand's books. Later... Joe 'Stan Kwenton is just a pen name' Wiggins


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