Subject: Re: I'm Your Tree/Metallica +quot;Sad But True+quot; Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1993 11:26

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From: (Paul "Monty" Ashley) Subject: Re: I'm Your Tree/Metallica "Sad But True" Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1993 11:26:14 GMT btapeworm@ooldea.awadi (Bionic Tapeworm) writes: >(Incidentally, I could imagine the "supermen" message as the inner groove >message *played forward*. Does this tell you that I have an overactive >imagination, or that it really is so meaningless that you can find anything >in it?) Oh, cool! I get to call up my favorite Beatles quote ever! From _Paul McCartney In His Own Words_ (interviews with Paul Gambaccini) ISBN 0-8256-3910-7, page 29. Paul McCartney: "Then the this-little-bit-if-you-play-it-backwards stuff. As I say, nine times out of ten it's really nothing. Take the end of 'Sergeant Pepper', that backwards thing. "We'll fuck you like Supermen." Some fans came round to my door giggling. I said, "Hello, what do you want?" They said, "Is it true, that bit at the end? Is it true? It says "We'll fuck you like Supermen." I said, "No, you're kidding. I haven't heard it, but I'll play it." It was just some piece of conversation that was recorded and turned backwards. But I went inside after I'd seen them and played it seriously, turned it backwards with my thumb against the motor, turned the motor off and did it backwards. And there it was, sure as anything, plain as anything. "We'll fuck you like Supermen." I thought, Jesus, what can you do?" Isn't that great? Paul, the cute Beatle, dropping obscenities and giving detailed instructions on how to listen to albums backwards! Yay! -Paul "Monty" Ashley (Personally, I can't hear anything intelligible in there, but I've only got the CENSORED version on the Us "Rarities" album . . .)


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