Subject: Re: Buried with a telephone? Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1993 10:47:48 GMT

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From: (Paul "Monty" Ashley) Subject: Re: Buried with a telephone? Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1993 10:47:48 GMT (Caleb Cohen) writes: >John Ruschmeyer wrote in alt.folklore.urban: >> According to this legend, Mary Baker Eddie (sp?), the spiritual leader >> of their faith, was supposedly buried with a telephone. This, so that >> she could call her followers and tell them about life on the other >> side. >It's true... there are no more details unless you get into the religion itself >(of which I am unfamiliar). Page 35 of _Rumor!_ (by Hal Morgan and Kerry Tucker, ISBN 0 14 00 7036 2) has this to say: "NOT TRUE. The construction of Eddy's white marble tomb at Mount Auburn Cemetary in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was so involved that a telephone was installed at the site to keep the workers in close touch with their home office. This apparently sparked the rumor, though the phone was taken out as soon as the memorial was finished. Workers at Mount Auburn say they still get plenty of questions about Eddy's phone - - more than seventy years after her death." Now, about this "It's true, but I don't have any references or information whatsoever" nonsense - - I suppose you heard it somewhere, so it must be true? Or were you just trying out a new motto? Furrfu! -Paul "Monty" Ashley (And if I get ONE more post where I have to dig out _Rumor!_, I'm going to bring it back into print myself!)


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