Subject: Re: Men who breastfeed (next on Oprah..) Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 18:25:21 GMT Subj

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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban From: (John Bartmess) Subject: Re: Men who breastfeed (next on Oprah..) Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 18:25:21 GMT Subject: Re: Men Who Breastfeed? (Next on Oprah) My SO is a Certified Lactation Consultant, head of La Leche League's National Research Review Committee, wrote her Ph.D. thesis on breastfeeding, and re-lactated for an adopted baby six years after nursing our first-born. Hence, I think she may have some definitive answers here. She says: 1. relactation in a woman, long after having had a baby, without another childbirth or hormones, is viable in many mothers, perhaps more than half who try. A full supply of milk is rare, but a 1/4- 1/2 supply is often obtained. Stimulation (over weeks to months) by use of a breast pump is often sufficient to establish a milk supply. 2. lactation by a woman who has never been pregnant is actually comparable in difficulty. Many cases are known. 3. Male lactation: there are cases reported in the anthro literature in tribal groups where men routinely pacify babies at the breast. Some men have lactated to some extent due to puititary tumors, drugs (e.g. high doses of reglan) and other situations (associated with prolactin production). - Also, there are rare cases where both men and women have lactated very quickly because of emergency situations (starving baby, no other food source). - Male breast infections and breast cancer are known. - Babies, both male and female, at birth will occasionally have a few drops of milk ooze from their nipples; this was referred to as "witch's milk". Two good source books: "Breast Feeding and Human Lactation,": Jan Riordan & Kathy Auerbach 1993 "Breastfeeding: a Guide for the Medical Profession," 3rd Ed. Ruth Lawrence 1989


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