Subject: +quot;The Little Mermaid+quot; cover Several months after writing (twice) to Buen

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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban,rec.arts.disney From: (snopes) Subject: "The Little Mermaid" cover Several months after writing (twice) to Buena Vista Home Video about the infamous phallic "Little Mermaid" video cover, I finally received a reply: Dear Mr. Mikkelson: Thank you for your letter regarding the videocassette packaging of Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID. The artwork used on the LITTLE MERMAID package was designed by animators who have worked with Disney for many years creating the type of high quality illustrations that have become a trademark of the Disney studio. It is unfortunate that a few people perceive this particular illustration as you describe and, worse, that children are exposed to the unwarranted media hype that those few have generated. Moreover, we agree with you that it is preposterous for anyone to think that the Walt Disney Company would release anything that would deliberately condone any such representation. Because we stand behind all of our products, I will send you a refund for your LITTLE MERMAID videocassette if you remain dissatisfied in any way. I apologize for the delayed response, during a transition period your letter was directed to the wrong location. [rest of text deleted] Also enclosed in the package was an 8x10 black-and-white glossy of Sport Goofy, a plastic Mickey Mouse book buddy, and three "101 Dalmatians" pencils. - snopes


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