Subject: 1-800-STOLEN PET Date: 13 APR 93 21:45:17 GMT The following letter appears in the

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From: Subject: 1-800-STOLEN PET Date: 13 APR 93 21:45:17 GMT The following letter appears in the Tuesday, April 13, 1993, edition of the New Bedford (Massachusetts) Standard-Times. I am sure its author would not begrudge its reproduction for purposes of discussion. (The several spelling mistakes, which I have left in, are as likely due to the newspaper as to the author.) [begin quotation] PROTECT PETS FROM HUMAN PREDATORS How many of us allow our dogs and cats outside to roam unattended, or give up pets we cannot keep through "free to good home" ads in our local newspaper? Too often, animals obtained in this manner end up in research labs. They are taken under false pretenses from these ads, which are a goldmine for pet thieves. They are then sold into a life of misery, pain and suffering. As many as two million pets are stolen every year into a vast black market. According to the shocking new book by Judity Reitman, "Stolen for Profit: How the Medical Establishment is Funding a National Pet Theft Conspiracy," many beloved pets wind up in puppy mills, dog fighting rings, satanic cults, and biomedical research labroatories. Companion animals who trust humans are naturally the most desirable to animal researchers. Our pets are delivered into suffering and death by "dog dealers" licensed by the Department of Agriculture. Unscrupulous dealers and their unlicensed accomplices, known as "bunchers," steal pets from out neighborhoods, buy them from pounds and at huge "dog auctions," and take them from "free to good home" ads, then warehouse them in filthy, disease-ridden kennels where many die. The few inadequate laws in place to protect our pets go largely unenforced. It is up to caring pet owners in every community to demand that Congress strengthen and enforce existing laws so that pet thieves and their accomplices are prosecuted and punished. The one golden rule in protecting your pet: _Never_ leave your pet alone where he or she can be seen by thieves and taken, such as an unsecured yard, or let your animal roam the streets freely. Provide your pet with proper identification. Find out how you can protect your pet and help end the national tragedy of pet theft. Write to: Pet Theft Project, c/o In Defense of Animals, 816 West Francisco Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901. To report a stolen pet or to obtain information about pet theft operations in your community, call the National Pet Theft Hotline at toll-free number 1-800-STOLEN PET. MARY LOU DECRUZ New Bedford [end quotation] Lee "free to good home" Rudolph


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