This butchering of the FAQ to leave only the Ernie is not dead piece was do

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This butchering of the FAQ to leave only the Ernie is not dead piece was done by Jason R. Heimbaugh ( From: (BOB PEDERSEN) Subject: FAQ 1.0 (at last!) Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1992 18:40:17 GMT ALT.TV.MUPPETS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS VERSION 1.0 Assembled and edited in December, 1992, by Bob Pedersen with help from many others. Q1. IS ERNIE DYING? [Abstract: No.] Several times a year, this group receives a panic-stricken posting from a new reader who has heard the rumor that the beloved Sesame Street character Ernie is dying. It is even rumored that Jim Henson's will requires that Ernie no longer be used after his death. This is not the case: several members of this group have gone so far as to contact Henson Productions and Children's Television Workshop, and been ABSOLUTELY ASSURED that this is not the case. For those of you who need it from a published source, here is a quote from "Surely, no one believes the rat in the soda bottle story," written by Rachel Jones of Knight-Ridder Newspapers. (Des Moines [Iowa] Register, Dec.1, 1992, p.3T. Thanks to Lore Guilmartin for sending it along.) The story concerns 'urban legends,' stories that spread like wildfire with little or no basis in fact. ...But some rumors are just too bizarre to figure. One of the most recent urban myths is one claiming that Ernie, Bert's roommate on "Sesame Street", is dying of leukemia. "Oh no, not again," groaned Ellen Morgenstern, spokeswoman for Children's Television Workshop in New York, when asked about Ernie's health. "Ernie is not dying of AIDS; he's not dying of leukemia. Ernie is a puppet." The Ernie stories have circulated for the past year, Morgenstern says. But the furor is sort of flattering. "It's amazing that a rumor like this could send shock waves throughout the country," Morgenstern says. "It's an indication of how much Ernie is loved. So, no: ERNIE IS NOT DYING!


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