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From: (Brian Leibowitz) Subject: Re: Some random legends Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1993 15:49:49 GMT >In article <> writes: >> 14--Re: K and 11 on dollar bills is for Kennedy. I don't thinks so. >> Check your bills. The coding goes from A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. (I >> haven't found any M's, so my question is: isdoes that correspond to >> the month printed?) > > If you look closely at the left-hand seal, around the letter is >printed the name of a city. Each leeter corresponds to a different city, >each name city presumably has a federal reserve bank located there. There >are 12 such cities (hence letters through L). I'll repost this for those who missed it: A Boston B New York C Philadelphia D Cleveland E Richmond, VA F Atlanta G Chicago H St. Louis I Minneapolis J Kansas City K Dallas L San Fransisco and the pictures: 1 Washington / ONE between obverse and reverse of the great seal of US 2 Jefferson / monticello (<1966), signing declaration of Ind. (>1976) 3 Nixon / Watergate Hotel 5 Lincoln / Lincoln memorial 10 Hamilton / US Treasury Building 20 Jackson / White House 50 Grant / US Capitol 100 Franklin / Independance Hall 500 McKinley / Ornate FIVE HUNDRED (discontinued 1969) 1000 Cleveland / Ornate ONE THOUSAND (discontinued 1969) 5000 Madison / Ornate FIVE THOUSAND (discontinued 1969) 10000 Chase / Ornate TEN THOUSAND (discontinued 1969) 100000 Wilson / Ornate ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND (only used for transactions between the Federal Reserve and the Treasury) two bills do not have dead presidents on them. Franklin and Salmon P. Chase Brian "collect them all!" Leibowitz


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