Subject: Re: UK mutation of Blue Star Date: 16 Jan 94 22:17:55 And now a mutation from the

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From: (Cynthia Kandolf) Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban Subject: Re: UK mutation of Blue Star Date: 16 Jan 94 22:17:55 And now a mutation from the Land of the Trolls: Home distilling is a serious problem in some parts of Norway, including right here in Tr|ndelag. Distilling at all is technically illegal, but mostly the police go after where the real problem is: producers making 90+% alcohol for sale, as cheaply as possible, with no concern for how safe the stuff actually is. (At least in these parts, those who produce only for their own use usually get left alone unless they do something dumb, like blow up the still and their barn along with it.) The problem comes either from teenagers buying it and getting seriously smashed, or people getting sick - sometimes dying - from impurities. Well, "everyone knows" that some producers doctor the stuff with caustic soda, so they can dilute it with water without anyone being the wiser. The caustic soda makes it seem just as strong as ever. Last fall two men in Trondheim died after drinking illegal, home distilled alcohol. The police announced that the cause was caustic soda in the alcohol. Massive campaign. Go around to all the schools, all the youth centers, anywhere where kids hang out, and tell them: the people who sell you that stuff are more concerned with their profit than your lives. It may be poisoned with caustic soda. Stay away! Don't drink it! Same message at the Salvation Army mission and other places where the city's hard-core alcoholics tend to gather. Often a police officer would show up and tell about what his fellow officers had seen, finding some drunk who had bought a tainted bottle, and how he had to be rushed to the hospital... well, fill in the gruesome details for yourself. Except that yesterday a spokesbeing for the Trondheim police admitted... they've HEARD about alcohol tainted with caustic soda for 30 years now... but, no bottle they've ever actually analysed contained any. They hadn't even tested the stuff drunk by the two men who died. Back to square one... -Cindy Kandolf Trondheim, Norway


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