Subject: Re: Tattoo You (not!) Date: 28 Sep 1993 22:23:47 -0500 The running battle to extr

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From: VACSC00C@VAX.CSUN.EDU (snopes) Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban,rec.arts.disney Subject: Re: Tattoo You (not!) Date: 28 Sep 1993 22:23:47 -0500 The running battle to extract permission from Disney to tattoo their characters on my body continues. To recap: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Walt Disney Company Burbank, CA June 30, 1993 Dear Mr. Mikkelson: Thank you for your letter requesting permission to allow our Disney copyrighted characters to be tattooed on your body. It is most difficult to respond to a letter such as yours because, as much as we dislike doing so, I must advise you that we cannot authorize the reproduction of our Disney copyrighted characters as described in your letter. Our established policy prevents our granting others the right to reproduce any of our characters, unless there is a license agreement in existence with that particular company. Unfortunately, our standard company philosophy precludes the licensing of our characters in such a manner. Additionally, we do not allow any reproductions of our copyrighted characters by individuals other than our Disney artists. The reason behind this decision is we must closely control the particular appearance of our copyrighted characters. This would not be possible when we allow others to reproduce these characters. In addition, what inevitably happened was that people reproduced the characters for resale without our authority, thus violating our rights and causing problems for us with our existing licensees. As you are probably aware, this company licenses numerous commercial enterprises to reproduce these characters in connection with many different items, and our commitments to them must be respected. Furthermore, our characters are protected by copyright and the nature of copyright law is such that unless we exercise a high degree of control over every use thereof, we endanger those valuable properties. While we recognize the purpose you have in mind, we have had to take into consideration that if we authorized this use, the inevitable consequence would be a flood of requests of similar kinds. As you can imagine, if we were to make an exception in this instance, we would find ourselves with a precedent upon which further exceptions would have to be based, and soon the matter would be out of hand. We sincerely appreciate the goodwill you have shown to us by your letter, and we hope you will understand our position in this matter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now we have: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Walt Disney Company 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 Dear Ms. Tucker: I am in receipt of your letter of 30 June 1993 (enclosed). I understand your position, and I am certainly willing to pay the extra fees required. Please advise me how to go about setting up an appointment with one of your artists. I trust it will be acceptable to you if a licensed tattoist does the actual needlework, so long as the character pattern is drawn by one of your artists. As I have no intention of offering any of my body parts for resale, I anticipate that the licensing will not be a problem. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, David P. Mikkelson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Walt Disney Company Burbank, CA Dear Mr. Mikkelson Thank you for your recent letter. Unfortunately, our position remains the same. While we certainly understand your desire to utilize our copyrighted characters, we cannot grant you the permission you desire. We simply do not license our characters in this manner. Please be assured the reason behind this decision is not capricious but is based on experience and good reason and on the necessity of complying with our company's current policy. Again, we appreciate your interest in DISNEY and we hope you understand our position in this matter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Call MCI and ask to talk to my sister Lisa, the one in the commercial. | | Tell her you're a friend of snopes, and she'll arrange for free | | long-distance service. | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | David P. Mikkelson Calif. State Univ., Northridge Northridge, CA USA | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+


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