Subject: AFUUL Scale I was going through my archives and discovered my uncompleted scale f

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From: (DPM) Subject: AFUUL Scale I was going through my archives and discovered my uncompleted scale for measuring the UL-ness of various entries. I quickly finished it up, and I now submit it to the denizens of AFU. Please feel free to amend, improve, correct, or criticize it; maybe by working as a committee we'll end up with something truly worthwhile. - snopes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AFU-UL (pronounced "aw-ful") Scale [measured in shergolds (sg)] ------------------------------------ 6 sg: Classic ULs that are recent and convincing enough to still be repeated as having "just happened to a friend of mine": Examples: "Sit, lady", child on the radiator grill, drunk takes police car home. 5 sg: Classic ULs that *everybody* has heard since childhood and generally recognizes to be just stories. Examples: Hook on the car door, boyfriend's death, the vanishing hitchhiker, or just about anything that appears in Brunvand's "The Vanishing Hitchhiker". 4 sg: Urban legends that linger on since they aren't too far-fetched and no one can (or will) disprove them. Examples: Mick Jagger Mars bar incident 3 sg: Common ULs that are often believed, but are just a little too bizarre for widespread belief among the faithful. Examples: Toothbrush burglars 2 sg: Urban legends believed by laymen, but scoffed at by those with a little general knowledge Examples: "Greened" CDs, super-mileage gasoline pill 1 sg: Urban legends that even silly people generally recognize as silly. Examples: Green M&Ms as aphrodisiacs, various talk/game show incidents, snuff films, Disneyland kidnappings 0 sg: ULs that will persist until the end of time, despite being thoroughly and repeatedly debunked. Examples: Craig Shergold, various etymologies -1 sg: Persistent matters of science that end up being debated endlessly every time they re-appear. Examples: Hot water freezing faster than cold, the Coriolis effect. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |"[Disney's machine] has placed a Mickey Mouse hat on every little developing | | personality in America. As capitalism, it is a work of genius; as culture, | | it is mostly a horror." -- Richard Schickel, "The Disney Version" | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | David P. Mikkelson (snopes) A non-affiliated poster. Northridge, CA USA | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+


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