Subject: Announcing ALT.FOLKLORE.INFO Date: 14 Oct 93 19:21:09 GMT To my Friends (and Frie

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From: (TJ Wood) Newsgroups:,alt.folklore.urban Subject: Announcing ALT.FOLKLORE.INFO Date: 14 Oct 93 19:21:09 GMT To my Friends (and Friends of a Friend): Allow me to announce the arrival of Alt.Folklore.Info, a moderated newsgroup for the reporting of "current" Urban Legends and the "mutation" of ULs. This group is NOT superseding AFU by any means. Discussion of the ULs will still take place in AFU. I'm just asking that when you see/hear/taste a "new" Urban Legend, that you drop me a line and I'll report it on AFI. If Mrs Fields starts charging more than TWO FIFTY for her RED VELVET CAKE, please let me know at once. If CRAIG SHERGOLD is seen graduating from Harvard, and paid for his education by collecting pull top rings, let me know!!! Chain letters and other folklore (such as reports from NAAPS TELEBRATION '93) are welcome too. In other-words, I'm looking for the "Best of AFU" and the other Folklore groups. I expect that this group will sometimes be a journal of sorts. I hope that it will garner the interest of some real live genuine honest-to-gosh folklorists and storytellers, but time will tell. But it will not happen without your help! So here's the STRAIGHT DOPE on the newgroup message. It contains a charter and some other extremely serious stuff. If you're site doesn't carry the group yet, ask your news admin to create it. If he or she refuses, show them the text at the END of this message. Thanks for all the support so far. I hope to have some "Genuine" folklore to report tomorrow. (You AFU regulars will, of course, have seen it already, but you have to start somewhere). Terry "Send It In" Wood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group submission address: Moderator contact address: (Terry J. Wood) For your newsgroups file: Current urban legends and other folklore. (Moderated) How all this happened: is a moderated newsgroup which has been discussed in alt.config recently (and not so recently -- I've been making noises about this for over a year). I have finally gotten enough time to devote to this since I've stepped down as chairperson of Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society. So I figured, let's have some fun! I've always wanted a group to post the most "recent" circulating urban legends. AFU is a fine group, but the traffic can be somewhat overwhelming. So what I'm hoping to have is a group where the busy computer professional (turn amateur folklorist) can keep up-to-date on the latest circulating urban legends. I'm counting on the assistance of the regular readers of the folklore groups and, of course, the special assistance of the readers of AFU. However in all the discussion in alt.config, I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't get a single message telling me that "You can't make a moderated alt group!!!" or even a "I'll not carry this on my machine!!!!". What is the ALTNET coming to? I did get a number of suggestions as to what to call the group and the name "" seems to have been the popular favorite. My thanks to all who took the time to respond to my query. Shameless begging: Oh please, PLEASE *PLEASE* newgroup this or I'll simply die. I'm holding my breath! I'll turn blue if you don't make this newsgroup!!!! OK, OK, at least THINK about it. You've read this far, go ahead and have a look at the CHARTER: The Charter: will be a companion group to alt.folklore.urban (and the other alt.folklore groups), much in the same way as is a companion to the rec.arts.startrek.* groups. [This is only fitting given the way the users of AFU have taunted the "trekkies" over the years]. I expect that AFI will be a journal of folklore, where "recent" urban legends can be posted. Discussion of the validity and such will still occur in AFU. But AFI can alert the casual reader to what urban legends are circulating. Also, I hope to post folklore (storytelling) from NAAPS events as I attend them. We'll expand on the focus as time permits. I also hope to attract "genuine professional" folklorists to the group, but of course, only time will tell. Mandatory Urban Legend: Long long ago, in a place far far away, a lonely news admin didn't honor this newgroup out of nothing more than sheer spite. His system had plenty of free disk blocks and many, many free inodes. He looked at this newgroup request and said: "Bah HUMBUG!" The next day, his boss informed him that he was being transferred to the accounting department where he would be forced to administer an IBM 360/148 that ran HASP. He was to be assigned all the COBOL programming as well -- after he finished flow charting the 10,000 odd applications that were left over from the 1960s. As his last official act as a news admin, he newgrouped a.f.i. The next day, his boss told him it was all a mistake and promoted him to Chief Software Engineer, where he got to play with all the machines before his company actually bought them. He also discovered that he had finally found someone to break his record in the Guinness Book and so FINALLY he would not be receiving any more business/post cards. And CRAIG computed happily ever after. So please don't delay. Honor this newgroup TODAY (and copy it and send out 10 other newgroups just like it before midnight tonight). ;-) Terry "They couldn't post it if it weren't true" Wood --


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