Date: Sun May 16 1993 21:35:00 To: Pete Porro Subj: Crop Circle HOAX Attr: UFO - In a mess

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Date: Sun May 16 1993 21:35:00 From: Sheppard Gordon To: Pete Porro Subj: Crop Circle HOAX Attr: UFO ------------------------------- In a message dated 05-11-93 PETE PORRO wrote to DON ALLEN: PP> Oh good I just remembered... mysterious circle found behind a home PP> just south of Milwaukee. Agencies were called and said someone PP> sprayed something to kill the grass. They took samples, but no PP> reports yet. It's not a flattened circle, it's dead field grass in a PP> perfect circle. Not many people think it's unusual, but I thought PP> I'd mention that the people in the house think it's STRANGE! The PP> grass was still standing and brown. So much for Milwaukee where they PP> can't even make a proper hoax. AUTHORITIES SAY PRANKSTERS, NOT UFO, MADE RING IN FIELD 05/13/93 Origin: KENOSHA, WIS. A strange 35-foot ring found in a farm field is being blamed by police on pranksters using weed killer. Ted Steele, whose house abuts the field, said he woke up to find the wheel-like design earlier this month after a night during which his wife, son and two normally calm Siamese cats heard strange noises. "We felt funny sitting there like somebody was outside looking in at us," he said Tuesday. The ring, a nearly perfect circle 35 feet in diameter, consists of saw grass in the field which was chopped off six to eight inches from the ground, along with darker brown ring on the inner edge of the circle which seems to look like a scorch mark, Steele said. The same southeastern corner of Wisconsin recorded a number of reports of unidentified flying objects late last winter. SHEPPARD -> Alice4Mac 2.2b2 E QWK Eval:22Apr93 --- Squish v1.01 * Origin: The Dorsai Diplomatic Mission (1:278/706)


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