Date: Sun Oct 10 1993 11:39:00 To: David Bloomberg Subj: Don Ware... Attr: INFO.PARANET -

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Date: Sun Oct 10 1993 11:39:00 From: John Powell To: David Bloomberg Subj: Don Ware... Attr: INFO.PARANET ------------------------------- -=> Quoting David Bloomberg to John Powell <=- MC> Does anyone know what happened to Don Ware and his involvement with MC> MUFON? JP> MUFON booted him out. DB> Who is Don Ware and why did they boot him? Donald M. Ware was MUFON's Eastern Regional Director. (MUFON State Directors, who report to the Regional Director, are in charge of a particular state and have Assistant State Directors reporting to them. In some larger areas the heirarchy has an extra level or two. The Eastern Region is composed of the states: ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, PR, AND VI.) Here's the announcement: ------------------------ REMOVAL OF BOARD MEMBER The MUFON Board of Directors has the authority to elect people to the Board through a mail ballot. Conversely, the same authority may be applied to the removal of present Board members who continually defy the corporate goals and objectives of the Mutual UFO Network to the detriment of MUFON's scientific credibility. In an unprecedented election, Donald M. Ware was voted to be removed from the Board effective June 1, 1993. This action stemmed from continued advisory statements by members of the Executive Committee to Don that he refrain from mailing books to Board members and Eastern Regional State Directors espousing "channeling" philosophies and techniques over a two-year period. As a result of Mr. Ware's fascination with channeling as a means of communicating with aliens or entities, he invited Dr. Norma Milanovich, a professed channeler, to attend the closed MUFON "Face-to-Face" meeting in Albuquerque, NM in July 1992 and allowed her to read her channeled answers to the questions posed for discussion by the participants. Much to the shock and dismay of MUFON officers attending, Dr. Milanovich read the answers from a computer print-out which she claims was obtained from "Master Kuthumi" during a 33-minute period the previous night. Walter Andrus gave Donald Ware an opportunity to resign from the Board. After he refused to resign, a vote by the Board of Directors was felt to be the fairest way of determining his status. Since it has taken 25 years to establish MUFON's scientific credibility, it seems unwise to allow one individual's unscientific interests to be taken as representative of those of MUFON. The results from the mail ballot are as follows: 15 (65.2%) voted yes to remove; four (17.4%) voted no to removal, and four directors abstained as the third choice. MUFON is indebted to Don for the outstanding job he performed as a Field Investigator, State Section Director, State Director and later as MUFON's Eastern Regional Director. Any member of MUFON may study any of the fringe aspects of Ufology such as channeling and the New Age concepts, however, MUFON does not endorse these fringe aspects and is strictly against any member's attempt to proselytize other MUFON members. Channelers have produced no scientific evidence, thus far, that is applicable to resolving the UFO phenomenon. The removal of Mr. Ware from the Board was a difficult and painful decision and he will be sorely missed. Eastern Region State Directors should discontinue sending UFO sighting reports to Mr. Ware and instead mail them to Jerold "Ron" Johnson, MUFON Deputy Director of Investigations, 12700 Silver Creek, Austin, TX 78727, until such time as a new Eastern Regional Director is elected. --- Mutual UFO Network UFO Journal, Number 303, July 1993, Copyright 1993 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Sequin, Texas 78155, published monthly with a membership/subscription rate of $25/yr. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naturally, I have my own opinion on why Ware was booted. Most cults, especially combination belief/money cults, have something similar to a business plan or at least a 'plan' to guide the development and marketing of the cult. In Ware's case, even though he was moving in the same direction as MUFON, he was simply moving faster than MUFON wanted to go at this particular time. MUFON's membership has increased 150% in just the last two years and while there is clearly the desire to continue that growth there is also the serious caution present to protect what has already been acheived. The phrase "corporate goals and objectives" is rather obvious. The statement that MUFON "does not endorse these fringe aspects and is strictly against any member's attempt to proselytize other MUFON members" is laughable considering that MUFON pays the bills in support of John Komar's Channelling Echo and supports his efforts to get that Echo onto the Fido backbone. However, the item that stood out the most, that channelers "have produced no scientific evidence, thus far, that is applicable to resolving the UFO phenomenon" is especially interesting as written. One gets the impression that channelers _have_, according to Walt Andrus and presumably determined using his enormous personal scientific skills and abilities, produced scientific evidence of some particular kind - just not the kind that can _resolve_ the so-called UFO phenomenon. Of course, the scientific evidence accumulated to date on channeling indicates that a tiny fraction of channelers are capable of creating an altered state of conscious using auto-suggestion and auto-hypnosis and yet are incapable of revealing anything not already known to them or at least not generally known. The vast majority of channelers, on the other hand, are simply con-artists who are successful at duping an uncritical audience. Thanks, take care. John. - --- Blue Wave/QBBS v2.12 [NR] * Origin: The Wrong Number BBS/ParaNet PI * 201-451-3063 (1:107/939.0)


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