Msg: #7384 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 22-MAR-88 11:42 PM Subj: Klass Book To: All Have just received

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Msg: #7384 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 22-MAR-88 11:42 PM Subj: Klass Book From: Sysop To: All Have just received Phil Klass' newest book, "UFO Abductions: A Dangerous Game," in which he attempts to tear to shreds the entire abduction phenomenon. My copy was inscribed, "To Jim Speiser -- May you be spared." I'm just getting into it, but it seems a bit rushed, as if he wrote it over the weekend. The chapter on Travis Walton's abduction is quite interesting, not just because of what it says, but because of what it doesn't say. I'll have more to say on that point after I finish the book, but tonight I talked at length with Tracy Torme, who has written the script for the upcoming movie "Fire in the Sky" about the Walton affair. When I read him the pertinent parts of the chapter, he was practically frothing at the mouth. He has promised to write a rebuttal for ParaNet. Tracy and I have had many talks about the Walton abduction, and if he is right about even half the stuff he says, Klass is just plain all wet. I'll give you an example: In the book, Klass claims that Walton's crew chief, Mike Rogers, was way behind in his contract with the Forest Service, and nothing short of an act of God would prevent him from being penalized. So he created an Act of God -- or more correctly, Space Brothers. Klass theorizes that if Rogers could convince the Forest Service that the UFO incident so scared his workers that they refused to return to the site, that would fulfill the Act of God clause in his contract and he would be rewarded an extension. Thus the whole thing was a hoax created to save a $25,000 contract. What Klass DOESN'T tell you is that not only was Rogers NOT granted an extension, he lost the entire balance of the contract -- AND was unable to find work for a long period afterwards, AND lost his wife over the incident. All this to claim a - More (Y)/N/NS? $5000 prize from the National Enquirer. Yet neither he nor any of his workers has ever recanted the story -- EVEN THOUGH THE SAME TABLOID OFFERED EACH OF THEM $5000 TO RECANT!! Msg: #7385 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 22-MAR-88 11:44 PM Subj: Klass Book (R) From: Sysop To: All Tracy has asked me to ask ParaNet users what they think of the Walton abduction, and I promised to forward the highlights of our discussion to him. What do you think? Jim Reply(s) #7394 #7402 #7412 Msg: #7394 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-MAR-88 02:16 AM Subj: #7385 - Klass Book (R) From: James Vincent To: Sysop (X) I don't know a thing about the Walton abduction. Anything in Memory Alpha that might help? -=James Reply(s) #7406 Msg: #7406 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-MAR-88 07:22 AM Subj: #7394 - Klass Book (R) From: Sysop To: James Vincent (X) No, not yet. I'll try to upload something anon. Reply(s) #7445 Msg: #7445 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 24-MAR-88 02:02 AM Subj: #7406 - Klass Book From: James Vincent To: Sysop (X) Well let me know son! Let me know! Msg: #7402 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-MAR-88 03:34 AM Subj: #7385 - Klass Book (R) From: Craig Kraft To: Sysop (X) I have read a bit on it and i think it is a good, solid case. I think klass is all wet on this one, what does he say about Strieber? craig Reply(s) #7408 Msg: #7408 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-MAR-88 07:31 AM Subj: #7402 - Klass Book (R) From: Sysop To: Craig Kraft (X) Don't know, haven't gotten that far into the book. But from his talks, he agrees that Whitley's chimney don't reach the roofline. But like you, he keeps bringing in the money aspect, and the "imaginative writer" aspect, as if people like Michael Shea, the government attorney-abductee, don't exist. Reply(s) #7433 Msg: #7433 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 24-MAR-88 12:01 AM Subj: #7408 - Klass Book From: Craig Kraft To: Sysop (X) I havent heard about the Shea case, perhaps you could tell me about it. I have to agree that Whitley isnt playing with a full deck but then again I think the same think about Stephen King. Whitleys case should be taken aside from the rest of the cases i think because of the points Klass raises. Read the Hunger and you will see what I mean..... Msg: #7412 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-MAR-88 08:19 AM Subj: #7385 - Klass Book (R) From: Jim Delton To: Sysop (X) I recieved Klass's book "UFO's: the public decieved" ANd have gooten part way thru it. He presents a pretty good casse for what he is saying on many of the incidnets. In regard to the travis Walton case, he raises some interesting anomolies about the whole situation and how the various people acted. At this point, I have serious doubts abluout the Travis Walton abduction. According to Klass, All the Walton's were into UFO, and had seen them on many many odc==cassions. They even had made plans for what to do if they saw oe near the ground. He goes into the testing of Walton's Urine samples which indicate that he was not honest. EIther the sample was not Walton's, as clao=imed, or Walton was not abducted and held as he claimed. Reccommmend you reserve judgment ulntil you get Klass's second book. (again, I lmust appoligize for this mess, I have incredible line noise on thees phone lines. Reply(s) #7418 #7435 (REply Quit ?) (D F): rr Msg: #7418 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-MAR-88 01:32 PM Subj: #7412 - Klass Book (R) From: Sysop To: Jim Delton (X) Jim: I have read "The Public Deceived." If Tracy is correct, the public HAS been deceived -- but not by Ufologists. Recommend YOU reserve judgement until Tracy files his rebuttal here. There is MUCH more to the case than what Klass presents. I'll give you one example -- "All the Waltons were into UFOs, and had seen them on many occasions"...utterly false, according to Tracy, who has interviewed the law enforcement officials involved. They all agree that none of the Waltons ever filed a UFO report with any of them. A lot of confusion stems from the fact that Travis' older brother, Duane, shot his mouth off to try to cash in on the publicity, giving the impression that they had planned this all along. That may very well be, but to get the other 5 participants to go along with the whole thing, pass lie detector tests, and stick to the story for 12 years? How did Duane and Travis accomplish that? Jim Reply(s) #7451 Msg: #7451 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 24-MAR-88 08:25 AM Subj: #7418 - Klass Book (R) From: Jim Delton To: Sysop (X) As you may recall from the book, at least one of the witnesses has stated to Klass that lhe doubts that theer was any UFO but he can't prove there wasn'tand is concerned about being to public about that doubt. There is also the question of what would happen to the participants if they evey did admit it wa a hoax, they could be subject to civil or crimnal penalties. In addition, t=not all of the 5 were necessarilly in on the hoax. It may be that only Travis and Rodgers were in on it . THeir actions could lead one to that conclusion. Once they started the ball rolling in terms of "spotting" the UFO and starting the ruckus, and having travis jump out, and then having rodgers zoom away before any one else could get out and investigate could have all been preplanned. Also there is the question of why Rodgers disappeared for 2 hours in the afternoon and why they left so late that particular day. Trying to cast doubt on the basis of how could they continue the hoax so long doesn't carry much wiegth when you think about how long such hoaxes as Real estate sales men selling desert land for 15 lyears to people back east without anyone ever catching on to the hoax.ALso,m I beileve that Klass ahd statment fro a number of people, including the principles that indicated that they had a long standing interest in UFO's Reply(s) #7457 Msg: #7457 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 24-MAR-88 12:39 PM Subj: #7451 - Klass Book From: Sysop To: Jim Delton <1> All six claim to have seen the UFO, as far as I know. There is no question of one of them "doubting" there was a UFO. If they would go so far as to admit a doubt, I can't see any reason why they wouldn't own up to the whole thing being a hoax. <2> The statute of limitation expired five years ago, so there are no civil or criminal penalties at stake. <3> If the object itself were a hoax, from the descriptions given by all the witnesses, it would have taken Rogers more than two hours to rig it, and h e couldn' have done it alone. <4> Your Real Estate analogy is not valid, because it involves Big Bux. Until this movie deal came along, which is very recent, the witnesses profited from this precious little. It could be argued that they lost more than they gained. <5> A long-standing interest in UFOs is immaterial. Many people have a long-standing interest in UFOs. Do you think the alleged entities would choose only those who DON'T have an interest in them? Interest in the subject is a far cry from reporting UFOs often. I have a long-standing interest, yet have never reported one, nor have I even seen one. (REply Quit ?) (D F): Msg: #7435 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 24-MAR-88 12:12 AM Subj: #7412 - Klass Book (R) From: Craig Kraft To: Jim Delton (X) Why did they test his urine? That seems pretty strange to me. Reply(s) #7455 Msg: #7455 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 24-MAR-88 08:43 AM Subj: #7435 - Klass Book (R) From: Jim Delton To: Craig Kraft It is a well know mediacl fact that people who go witlhout food, for a period of a few days, start to use up their reserves, fat, and in doing soone of the byproducts is acetone. People who are dieting often can even smell the oder fro the acteone in their sweat. I have had that experiance myself. So when Walton claims to have been abducted for 5 days and not given food, and to have lost 10 pounds as a result, lit is a kfact that he should be well into the acteone stage. When he returned, he provided a urine sample to the first doctor that examined him. Urinalysis, showed no abnormalities at all, and a complete absence of acetone. Therefore, either he was lying about the abductin and wiegth loss or he did not provide that urine sample but someone else did, probably his brother. One posible reason is that he was knkow to have used drugs in the past, and lmay have used them during the 5 days he was missing and didn't want drugs to show up in the urinalisys so he had his brother give the sample. Please excuse the gibberish....... Line noise generate by the UFO hovering over this computer! Reply(s) #7461 Msg: #7461 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 24-MAR-88 12:58 PM Subj: #7455 - Klass Book From: Sysop To: Jim Delton I remember being curious about that myself. Will ask Tracy to comment on it -- he did mention something about lowered electrolytes or something... As to drug use, he smoked marijuana when he was 14. Klass states in ABDUCTIONS that he came back without a scratch on him....not quite true, there was a mark on the inside of his left elbow, which the doctor speculated might be from a needle. Just in the interest of exactitude...


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