Date: Wed Feb 24 1993 11:27:12 To: Steve Gresser Subj: Re: FIRE IN THE SKY.....MOVIE UFO -

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Date: Wed Feb 24 1993 11:27:12 From: Pete Porro To: Steve Gresser Subj: Re: FIRE IN THE SKY.....MOVIE UFO ------------------------------- And now for some details which are not popular, and won't be in the movie. (I like presenting both sides of issues?) The six other guys in the trucks, all took lie detector tests and passed. Problem... they took them before Walton had returned, and we all asked only four questions each. One of which was "Did you kill Travis Walton" they were not asked, was he picked up by a UFO. Travis Walton was given a lie detector test, and passed. Problem, done at a further away city, but someone hired to give the test, and admittedly, and inexperienced tester. He offered to re-take the test, but didn't show. He offered again to re-take the test, and suddenly refused at the last minute. TW was an avid UFO reader and said if he was abducted, they should not worry. Besides that he said he'd ask the aliens to come and get his brother also, because he would not want him to miss it. I'll look forward to the movie. I just wanted to add some of the unanswered questions involved, instead of just letting it ride as absolute fact. There are some serious questions about this case. I'm doing this from memory, but I believe this happened in 1975, just to place the date better historically. It doesn't change anything, but it does show that this case has been around for awhile. There are also some problems with a wood cutting contract, which was seriously behind schedule. There was a clause that in the event of unforseen emergencies, it could be extended, and thus aviod a monetary penalty. I think being abducted would fit? 8*) --- TBBS v2.1/NM * Origin: Radio Free Milw. 414-3526176HST Freq.UFOFILES Paranet (1:154/414)


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