Date: 14 Apr 94 16:51:41 GMT You know, people in a.a.v could save a lot of typing by adopt

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From: (Dennis Pearce) Date: 14 Apr 94 16:51:41 GMT Organization: Lexmark International, Lexington, KY Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy,sci.skeptic,alt.paranet.ufo You know, people in a.a.v could save a lot of typing by adopting a classification system similar to the CE1,2,3 etc. system used to classify close encounters. I propose a CR (Canned Response) system. Here's a start: Topic Code = Response ---------------------------- ---- ---------------------------------- FTL CR1 aliens are smarter than us; just because we can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done. Gov't ignores or denies CR2 cover-up/conspiracy knowledge of some UFO topic TV show that supports UFO CR3 We are being readied for the big theories announcement TV show that debunks UFO CR4 Government disinformation theories Legitimate scientific CR5 Decoy research on ET existence (e.g., SETI) Natural disaster CR6 See, Nostradamus/Cayce/Fatima was right! Personal tale of abduction CR7 X seems like a decent person, so it must be true. Where's the evidence? CR8 Obviously covered up. Here's proof: No one can find any. I'm sure there are more. Just a suggestion. Dennis Pearce


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