Date: Sat Jun 18 1994 10:34:10 Subj: UFO Burning Questions UFO - Burning questions 06/13/9

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Date: Sat Jun 18 1994 10:34:10 From: Sheppard Gordon Subj: UFO Burning Questions UFO ------------------------------- Burning questions 06/13/94 THE FRESNO BEE I just finished reading a letter in The Bee from a gentleman demanding answers to such questions as why NASA is covering up the finding of huge artifacts on the moon and Mars, and why we are not told of the thousands of crashed spacecraft the government has recovered. I too demand answers to these questions and more! Why are we not told that Elvis is being kept alive on Pluto by space aliens? Why is the Midnight Sun (one of the last bastions of journalistic integrity) the only paper to report that at least 12 of our congressmen are space aliens? Do these 12 have green cards? Why hasn't Ed McMahon sent my sweepstakes money? Why don't the Dodgers have an effective bullpen? Wake up, America, we need to know the answers to these questions. I belong to Space Aliens Anonymous, an organization dedicated to finding answers to these questions and exposing the UFO cover-up conspiracy led by Bill Clinton, Tommy Lasorda and Ming the Merciless. Since I am the only member at present, I am chairman of this organization (also secretary, treasurer and sergeant-at-phaser), but, if you wish to join the fight, you are welcome to attend the next meeting. Just give Scotty your coordinates and he'll beam you up.


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