Date: Wed Sep 08 1993 12:04:00 To: All Subj: Andrus on Hoagland UFO - UFO hunters say NASA

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Date: Wed Sep 08 1993 12:04:00 From: Sheppard Gordon To: All Subj: Andrus on Hoagland UFO ------------------------------- UFO hunters say NASA destroyed Observer 08/26/93 THE DETROIT NEWS NASA scientists weren't the only ones who cringed when a group charged that the space agency purposely pulled the plug on its space probe so it wouldn't confirm evidence of life on Mars. Other UFO-believers hung their heads, too. "The whole thing was entirely unnecessary," said Walter H. Andrus Jr., international director of the Mutual UFO Network, based in Sequin, Texas, after members of the Mars Mission accused NASA of staging a cover-up. The timing -- as UFO scholars are desperately awaiting new photos from Mars -- was horrible. "One doesn't get cooperation from NASA or the government by making statements of that nature," Andrus said. Richard Hoagland, founder of Mars Mission, believes intelligent creatures once built a city on Mars, and left evidence in the shape of a giant face that can be seen in computer-enhanced pictures of the planet, taken in the 1970s. At a news conference Tuesday, he charged that a "rogue group" within NASA intentionally shut off its Mars Observer spacecraft so it could not photograph the face, or a city that supposedly is nearby. At one point, Hoagland flashed a supermarket tabloid newspaper as evidence. John Timmerman, vice-president and public relations officer for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, said that kind of wild charge hurts the credibility of UFO scholars. "It generally adds to the negative impression the general public has about the serious study of the UFO phenomenon and science in general," he said Wednesday from his Lima, Ohio office. Andrus called Hoagland's tactics "irresponsible journalism," and said he's optimistic the Mars probe will be back in action. "The problem was just a high-tech glitch that they (NASA) will hopefully remedy," he said. --- WM v3.01/92-0356 * Origin: STARGATE BBS. 1:278/714 NY 718-519-8042 (1:278/714.0)


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