This is the UFO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions with answers) file from off Usenet. The fi

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This is the UFO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions with answers) file from off Usenet. The file is not complete and probably has some old information in need of updating. However, this is being posted for the benefit of the newer users on the conference. ================================================================= Contents ======== Main Sections ------------- Terminology and Definitions Used in UFOlogy ------------------------------------------- 2.00: a.a.v. 2:01: Astronomical Units (A.U.) 2:02: Close Encounters (CE) & Visual Sightings 2:03: Marfa Lights 2:04: Men In Black (MIB) 2:05: Tectonic Strain Theory (TST) 2:06: UFOnauts 2:07: Unusual Ground Markings (UGM) 2:08: USAF 2:09: Zine UFOlogists ---------- 5:00: Hopkins, Bud 5:01: Jacobs, Dr David 5:02: Klass, Philip J. 5:03: Randles, Jenny UFO Projects & Theories & Controversies ---------------------------------------- 6.00: Aurora Project or "deep black" projects 6.02: NASA Footage September 10th 6.03: Project Blue Book 6.04: Roswell Crash Incident UFO Movies, Documentaries and TV Programs ---------------------------------------- = 7.00: TV Programs 7.01: E.T. Monitor (the Keystone Inspirational Network) 7.02: Hard Copy (??) 7.03: Intruders 7.04: National Geographic (PBS) 7.06: UFO Incident, The 7.07: Unsolved Mysteries (NBC) = 7.08: UFO VIDEOS 7.09: Close Up 7.10: Communion 7.11: UFO Coverup Live 7.12: UFO Documentary 7.13: UFO, The Films Prove It UFO Magazines and Publications (UFOzines) ----------------------------------------- 8.00: Circular, The 8.01: Cerealogist, The 8.03: CONTINUUM 8.04: Crop Watcher, The 8.05: Earth, 8.06: Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic, The 8.07: Faithist Journal, The 8.08: Focus 8.09: Fortean Times, 8.11: International UFO Library Magazine 8.12: Magonia, 8.14: Ovni Presence 8.15: Swamp Gas Journal 8.16: UFO Universe UFO Book Publishers ------------------- 9.01: Arcturus Book Service 9.02: Condor Books, Inc. 9.03: Document Research Services 9.06: Earth Star Publications 9.07: Eden Press 9.08: JACO Book Publishers 9.09: The Library of the New Essenes of Inyo 9.10: Luna Ventures 9.12: UFO Audio-Video Clearing House 9.13: UFO Books 9.14: UFO Photo Archives 9:15: Worldwide UFO Newsclipping Bureau and Public Information Center 955 West Miscellaneous Information ----------------------- 10.02: Big Foot (Sasquatch) 10.03: Free UFO Class 10.04: Freedom of Information 10.05: Hidden Ancient Ruins 10.06: Inter Library Loans (ILL) 10.07: NASA Shuttle Footage 10.08: UFO Related anonymous FTP Sites Disclaimer ---------- ===Terminology and Definitions Used in UFOlogy ---------------------------------------------- 2.00: Astronomical Units (A.U.) ------------------------------ An A.U. is a measurement of space. One A.U. is the distance from the earth to the sun. 2:01: Close Encounters (CE) & Visual Sightings ---------------------------------------------- NL (nocturnal light) A simple visual sighting of a unidentified flying light seen at night. ND (nocturnal disc) A simple visual sighting of a unidentified flying extended or structured light source seen at night. DD (daylight disc) A simple visual sighting of a UFO seen during the day. Close Encounters of the first kind (CE1, CEI) As first defined by Hynek, a CE1 is an observation of a UFO within 150 yards. Close Encounters of the second kind (CE2, CEII) The finding of physical evidence that a alien craft or race exists. Example: A burn where the craft has landed or the finding of material of unknown makeup. Close Encounters of the third kind (CE3, CEIII) A visual sighting of an alien being or race. Close Encounters of the forth kind (CE4, CEIV) An abduction of an individual by an alien being or race. Close Encounters of the fifth kind (CE5, CEV) A direct contact or communication with alien being or race. Main Source: (Janet Smith) (Chris Rutkowski) 2:03: Marfa Lights ------------------ Marfa lights are balls of lights that appear, change different colors and dance around in the air. These lights where named after the town that they have been appearing in, Marfa Texas. They have also been sited in other areas. Some theories as to what they are include Ball lighting, Car headlights, and Alien space ships. The last current sighting I'm aware of was Marfa Texas on September 1 1992. Main Source: Sightings, FOX Network airdate September 25, 1992 2:03: Men In Black (MIB) ------------------------ These are a group of individuals who are said to wear black suits and drive and fly around in unmarked black cars and helicopters. They go about threatening people who have claimed to have seen UFOs into not talking about what they witnessed. The very first occurrence of MIB was traced to a man named Albert K. Bender. He was the editor of a flying saucer publication called the "Space Review" In the October 1953 issue he placed an announcement stating that he had come across information that would solve the flying saucer mystery but they could not print it because they were ordered not to. They then ended the announcement warning others in saucer work to be "very cautious" they then stopped their publications. Later in an interview Bender stated that "three men wearing dark suits" had ordered him to stop publishing flying saucer material, and that he had complied with the order because he had been "scared to death" of them. He later published a book called "Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black". Main Source: "A Review of MIBS (Men In Black) : A History" ParaNet File Number: 00171 Published 1991 by ParaNet Information Service Also see: Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black by Albert K. Bender 2:05: Tectonic Strain Theory (TST) ---------------------------------- A theory of electromagnetic effects upon the human brain and/or the physical environment, such that all Forteana including UFOs, ghosts, ESP, sasquatch, and religious fervour can be explained as being caused by seismic activity generating electromagnetic radiation which in turn makes people think they are witnesses to an anomalous event. Alternatively, the EMM radiation can luminesce so that it appears as a UFO. Chief proponent: Michael Persinger. A variant is the "Earth Lights" hypothesis described by Paul Devereux. Main Source: rutkows@ccu.UManitoba.CA (Chris Rutkowski) UFO ------ Unidentified Flying Object. Official term used by the Air Force. 2:06: UFOnauts -------------- A term used by the UFO community in reference to the alien abductors or extraterrestrials. 2:07: Unusual Ground Markings (UGM) ----------------------------------- A broad term which includes crop circles, "tripod marks", saucer nests, burn marks, etc. Main Source: rutkows@ccu.UManitoba.CA (Chris Rutkowski) 2:08: USAF ---------- United States Air Force 2:09: Zine ---------- magazine or newsletter pertaining to a specific subject. circlezine - Crop Circle publication ufozine - UFO publication 3.04: Greys ----------- This is the most commonly identified alien race in UFOlogy. Their are many different views, stories and theories regarding them ranging from the different New Age views to the different Scientific, and conspiracy views. Greys as presented by the Scientific Community: The Greys are the most commonly described race by abduction victims. In this view they are considered a race with an unknown motives, and agendas. They seem to be abducting, studying, testing and using various individuals for their one unclear reasons. [See: Abductions and Current Theories] Greys as presented by the New Age Movement: In the new age movement the Greys are often associated as an evil race, or a race with bad energy. They are often associated with many other races, such as the Reptoids and their motives are known. Greys as presented by Different Conspiracy Theories The different conspiracy theories are often a mix of the scientific and new age views. The standard conspiracy base states that the Greys crashed one or more of their space ships and they were found by the U.S. Government. The Government them makes a secret treaty with the Greys allowing them to abduct humans in exchange for their technology. The conspiracy theories often end with the Greys not keeping their part of the deal. [I will try and include some of the different conspiracy theories when I have more time to research them in detail] Their are descriptions of several types of Greys: they are all humanoid in appearance, a head, main body, two arms, hands, legs, and feet. 1: The most commonly seen grey is around two to four feet tall, very slender and delicate looking, small beings and light weight, extremely penetrating black slanted eyes with no pupils, almost vestigial mouth and nose, a very large head with a pointed chin. The skin color varies from dark grey to light grey, tan to tanish grey, white to pale white. They have no hair on their bodies. 2: Another commonly seen Grey is described similarly as above, except their usually six inches taller, and seem to give the orders. A variation of this same described individual is: same as above except eyes like big black buttons and are rounded. 3: Another type of Grey are the small robot like beings, stocky and little, with smooth rounded hat on top, with dark deep set holes for eyes and a round O shaped mouth, square breastplate with concentric circles on it, smell like burnt match heads, mushroom grey skin. These Greys are often said to act like security guards. Other variations are described as Reptilian like with claws an preying mantis like. There have also been many report of cross breeds that are not exactly human and not exactly Greys. Main Sources: Secret Life, by David M. Jacobs Communion, by Whitley Strieber A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 Also See: Missing Time, by Budd Hopkins Intruders, by Budd Hopkins === UFOlogists -------------- 5:00: Hopkins, Bud ------------------ Bud Hopkins graduated from Oberlin college. He is also a painter and sculptor. He has been investigating UFO abductions for the last 12 years. Bud Hopkins c/o Random House 201 E. 50th Street New York, NY 10022 5:01: Jacobs, Dr David ---------------------- David Jacobs is an Associate Professor of History at temple University. He has worked with over 300 UFO abduction witnesses. He works closely with a number of other abduction researchers including Budd Hopkins. Dr. Jacobs moderates an abduction conference on ParaNet, and is accessible via their dial-up BBS node (303-431-8797) or on Internet through a list server. [See ParaNet] Dr. David Jacobs Department of History Temple University Philadelphia, Pa 19122 5:02: Klass, Philip J. ---------------------- For thirty-five years a senior editor with Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, is recognized as the world's leading skeptical authority in Unidentified Flying Objects and has written three books on the subject. Klass, a graduate electrical engineer, is a founding Fellow of the Committeee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. He was honored in 1973 for his accuracy as a techjournalist by being named a Fellow at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Main Source: The about the author paragraph in UFO-Abductions: A Dangerous Game, by Philip Klass, 1988 5:04: Randles, Jenny -------------------- Jenny Randles 37 Hasthbank Road Stockport, Cheshire SK3 0UP === UFO Projects & Theories & Controversies -------------------------------------------- 6.00: Aurora Project or "deep black" projects ---------------------------------------------- The "Black Projects" are governmental projects that are considered technological secrets. These can range from laser and particle beams to top secret aircraft. The "Aurora Project" is the name given to one of these types of projects by the industry experts involving two new types of reported aircraft. These aircraft where observed in the south west US and are said to have been developed at highly classified government facilities in the Nevada desert. There are two types of advanced aircraft reported. One is nicknamed the "Pulser" aircraft. There have been many sights of this aircraft by several different witnesses. When sighted it has repetitively been described as "A high-speed aircraft characterized by a very loud, deep, rumbling engine noise (1-2 Hz pulse rate) reminiscent of heavy-lift rockets." The smoke trail of the aircraft is described as being segmented and in a linked sausage shape. (Or another good example would be to look at one side of your coat zipper, un-zipped, with the teeth facing you) It is also described as a high-altitude aircraft that crossed the sky at extremely high speeds. Both ground based and airborne observers have reported it to be seen flying at altitudes above 50,000 ft. observers have reported see the aircraft as a single bright light that seldom changed direction, however speed changes where observed. One observer estimated that it covered 350 miles in 6 minutes. (3500 miles/hr). This this aircraft may indeed exist. There has been research in to what are called Pulsed Detonation Engines (PED's) also refereed to as Pulsed Detonation Wave Engines. These are different type of engine than the pulse jet engines, which is already publicly know, and has been tested in aircraft. The PED's are said to be in laboratory and computer analysis level of development (reported oct of 91) The PED's exhaust emission produces smoke trails that closely match the pulser aircraft. Simulations of theses engines are said to be able to propel large aircraft in the "Mach 0.2-3.0 flight regime". How PED's work: PED's use shock waves created in a detonation to compress the fuel-oxidizer mixture prior to combustion. A cylinder chamber designed to support the detonation is constructed with a flat forward end which makes up the thrust wall. Air along with fuel is fed into the engine from behind the thrust-wall. The detonation wave created travels forward to the thrust wall at about Mach 4 and compresses the fuel-air mixture, promotes supersonic combustion and causes a pressure rise in the engine. The wave then strikes the thrust wall and rebounds accelerating the combustion products towards the nozzle. Some of the products are ejected by the wave to the outside air-stream through the air inlet openings creating a toroidal vortex out side the engine. Then the cycle repeats. The said advantages of this type of engine are: * Theoretically a higher fuel efficiency than a "constant pressure engine" * Engines can be produced in many sizes and thrust outputs from a few inches in diameter at a thrust of several pounds to larger one that can output in the thousands of pounds range. * They have high thrust to weight ratio (ie.lighter engine, more thrust) * They are mechanically simple, and have few moving parts. * They could operate in or out of the atmosphere using fuel oxidizers. There is very little information on the other reported aircraft. It is reported as "A triangular-shaped, quiet aircraft". This craft has been seen by many observers and flying with several F-117 stealth aircraft. Main Sources: Aviation Week & Space Technologies, (Oct 1, 90 pp20-23) & (oct 28, 91 pp68-69) Also See: Aviation Week & Space Technologies [please note: one of these dates is a December 24, 1990 pg. 41-44 couple days off, on the actual June 20, 1991 pg. 20-21 magazine date.] March 9, 1992 pg. 66-67 May 11, 1992 pg. 62-63 6.02: NASA Footage September 10th --------------------------------- Space Ice or an alien craft dodging a missile. That's the big debate on the footage taken by an unmanned camera on the space shuttle. One side says that it is space Ice accelerated by the space shuttles thrusters. The other side says the excelleration of some the objects don't follow the correct paths don't match physics. They speculate its a alien craft dodging a Starwars missile. Main source: Sightings, FOX Network, airdate September 25, 1992 6.04: Project Blue Book ----------------------- On Sep 30 ,1947 Lt General Twining of ACM expressed his opinion that there was sufficient substance in reports to warrant a study on UFOs. On Dec. 23,1947 Project Sign was established to collect, collate, evaluate, and disseminate all information concerning UFO sightings and phenomena. Project sign completed it evaluations in Feb of 1949 and concluded "No definite and conclusive evidence is yet available that would prove or disprove the existence of these UFOs as real aircraft of unknown and unconventional configuration." Project Sign was changed to Project Grudge on Dec.16, 1948. Project Grudge recommended that the investigation and study of UFO reports be reduce in scope. In early 1950 UFO reports by the public increased. This prompted Project Grudge to be changed to Project Blue Book in march of 1952. Project Blue Book goals were to find out: 1: To find an explanation for all the reported sighting of UFO's. 2: To determine if the UFO posed any security threat to the United States. 3: To determine if UFO's exhibit any advanced technology which the U.S. could Utilize. When the project ended the Air Force concluded: 1: There is no evidence that any UFOs are "extraterrestrial vehicles". 2: No UFO has ever given any indication of a threat to the national security. 3: There is no evidence that UFO's represent technological developments or principals beyond present-day scientific knowledge. You can get the project Blue Book papers from Any Federal Repository which has copies of National Archives material (there are various scattered around the country). Or, you can go to the National Archives in Washington, DC. They're on microfilm, like the Census records that genealogists use. Main Source: Project Blue Book: The Top Secret UFO Findings Revealed, By Brad Steiger, 1976 (Robert Sheaffer) 6.05: Roswell Crash Incident ---------------------------- The Roswell Incident started with sightings of UFOs on June 24, 1947. In July 2, of the sane year Mac Brazel heard a loud crash. The next day he went out Horseback riding with a neighbor and came upon a field with debris scattered about. The debris field was 3/4 of a mile long and 300 feet wide. It was oriented in a northwest to southeast direction. There was a gouge in the northwest side of the debris field that was 500 feet long and 10 feet wide. The debris on the field mostly consisted of I-beams and parchment like, paper thin pieces of metal material. The material was very light in weight, a dull gray in color, and most pieces were 6 to 7 inches in length. Some pieces that were even thinner that paper could not be broken in half, cut or burned. Mac Brazel collected several pieces of the debris and went back to his ranch. On July 6, Brazel went into Roswell to report what he had seen and to show a piece of the debris to sheriff Wilcox. The sheriff decided to call the local air base. During this time Frank Joyce called in from the local radio station to see if anything newsworthy was happening around town. Brazel gave him the information about what he had found. Major Jesse A. Marcel and a few other military personal arrived from the base only a few minutes after the sheriff had finished talking to the people at the base. Brazel and the military personal left and went back to the Ranch. The next morning (July 7) they went to the crash sight. The military retrieved some of the debris and returned to Roswell. On July 8, the military came back and sealed off the area, They took Brazel into custody. That same day they found a second crash sight two and 1/2 miles southeast of the first. Barney Barnett and 4 archaeologists had stumbled onto the new sight a few minutes before the military had gotten there. At the sight was found a "pretty good sized metallic dull gray object" and 4 small alien bodies. They were 4 to 5 feet tall, with large pair shaped heads, small bodies and skinny arms and legs. They had two large eyes, no ears and no hair. Their skin was pinkish grey and leathery. They were wearing a one piece grey suits. The civilians were escorted out of the area when the military arrived. On July 9th the military escorted Brazel to the radio station , there he told Frank Joyce that he saw a weather balloon. He left again with the military and didn't get back to his ranch until around July 15. Later when asked about what had happened Brazel said he had given a oath and could not talk about it. The Incident remained closed and the public and UFO research organizations at large accepted the weather balloon story until 1970 when Jesse A. Marcel broke the silence and told his part in the story. Main source: UFO Crash at Roswell by Kevin D. Randle & Donald R. Schmitt Published 1991 by Avon Books === UFO Movies, Documentaries and TV Programs -------------------------------------------- = 7.00: TV Programs ------------ 7.01: E. T. Monitor (the Keystone Inspirational Network) -------------------------------------------------------- - A program that originates from Pennsylvania, it has a pre-recorded and a live section. The person who runs it sells packets of books by mail-order. He likes to think that he is presenting irrefutable proof not only of the existence of UFOs but also of the Government's Conspiracy to keep them secret and frequently features people like Randall Terry. Main Source: COSJOAA@YALEVM.BITNET 7.02: Hard Copy -------------------- - Belgian UFO's, 1990 - more European 7.03: Intruders --------------- - CBS miniseries June? 1992, Based off Budd Hopkins book Intruders 7.04: National Geographic (PBS) ------------------------------- - English Crop Circles, 1991 7.05: UFO Incident, The ----------------------- - NBC Oct 20, 1975, - the Betty Hill abduction story Based on the book "Interrupted Journey: Two lost hours aboard a flying saucer" by John Fuller 7.06: Unsolved Mysteries (NBC) ------------------------------ - Eupen, Belgium UFO, 1991 - Cash/Landrum UFO, 1990 - 1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO, 1990 - Widthville, W VA UFO, 1992 = 7.08: UFO VIDEOS ------------------ 7.09: Close Up -------------- - interview w/ two Rhode Island UFO enthusiasts 885-0366, 1992 MUFON Box 1122, Davisville, RI 02854 7.10: Communion --------------- -Based off the book Communion by Whitley Strieber 7.11: UFO Coverup Live ---------------------- - UFO film from Guatemala, 1988 (Note from most convincing footage I've seen) 8.04: The Crop Watcher --------------------- 3 Selborne Court, Tavistock Close, Romsey, Hampshire, SO517TY, England 8.05: Earth ----------- 61 Ran elagh, Ave., Bradford, BD10 0HF, UK. 8.06: The Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic (EJASA) is published monthly by the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic, Incorporated. The ASA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of amateur and professional astronomy and space exploration, as well as the social and educational needs of its members. ASA membership application is open to all with an interest in astronomy and space exploration. Members receive the Journal of the ASA and the Astronomical League's REFLECTOR magazine. Members may also purchase discount subscriptions to ASTRONOMY and SKY & TELESCOPE magazines. For information on membership, you may contact the Society at any of the following addresses: Astronomical Society of the Atlantic (ASA) c/o Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) Georgia State University (GSU) Atlanta, Georgia 30303, U.S.A. Phone: (404) 264-0451 leave your address and/or receive the latest Society news. Internet: Modem: ASA BBS: (404) 564-9623, 300/1200/2400 Baud. Back issues of the EJASA are also available from anonymous FTP at: ( 8.07: The Faithist Journal -------------------------- Kosmon Publishing 2324 Suffock Avenue Kingman, Arizona 86401 C. Benfield (President) Kasandra Kares (Editor) Publication is The Faithist Journal Founded in 1970 A non-profit organization which publishes "The Faithist Journal" (Bi-Monthly), magazines and books dealing with New Age topics, including UFOs. 8.08: Focus ----------- William L. Moore Publications & Research See: Fair Witness Project, Inc. 4219 West Olive Avenue Suite #247 Burbank, California 91505 Williarn L. Moore 213-463-0542 Publishing entity for Antares Publishing, The Fair Witness Project, Inc., and "Focus" magazine (which specializes in UFOs, New Age, Metaphysical, and Occult research; offers a substantial listing of books, government document reprints, papers, pamphlets, back issues of George Van Tassel's "Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom" newsletter, research files, folios, back issues of "Focus" (the Fair Witness Project newsletter), cassette tapes, and video tapes for sale.Discounts on various items are available to booksellers and other qualifie buyers."Focus" subscribers are entitled to a 25% discount on all items 8.09: Fortean Times ------------------- 1 Shoebury Road, London E6 2AQ UK. 8.10: Inner Light ----------------- Inner Light Publications Box 753 New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903 Publications Timothy Green Beckley (Publisher & Editor) Publication is Inner Light A diverse entity which publishes numerous UFO-related books, periodicals, tapes, etc., "UFO Review" magazine and the monthly "Inner Light" magazine; also sponsors numerous UFO conferences and symposiums throughout the United States. 8.11: International UFO Library Magazine ---------------------------------------- 11684 Ventura Blvd. #708 Studio City, CA 91604. 8.12: Magonia ------------- 5 James Terrace, London SW14 8HB, UK. 8.14: Ovni Presence ------------------- CP 342, CH-1800, Vevey 1, Switzerland. 8.16: Swamp Gas Journal ----------------------- The Swamp Gas Journal Covers a variety of scientific UFO related Phenomena. It reviews articles, books and research publications put out by different researchers and organizations. The Swamp Gas Journal is free with limited distribution, but is available primarily through zine exchanges, regularly contributing Fortean info, or by providing two (2) International Postal Reply Coupons in lieu of a subscription (to cover postage). The Swamp Gas Journal is a ufozine published irregularly by: Ufology Research of Manitoba Box 1918 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3R2 The SGJ is also available on an experimental basis on internet by e-mail to: 8.17: UFO Universe ------------------ GCR Plublishing Group, Inc. 1700 Broadway, 34th Floor New York, New York 10019 Publishes "UFO Universe" magazine. Global Communications Refer to: Inner Light Publications === UFO Book Publishers ----------------------- 9.03: Arcturus Book Service --------------------------- 1443 S.E. Port St. Lucie Blvd. Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952, USA Robert Girard & Monica Williams-Girard Arcturus Book Service Catalog Maintains a listing of UFO-related books. Their goal is to provide a wide selection of books relating to the study of unexplained phenomena. Arcturus provides a publication; "Leading Edge, the bi-monthly newsletter of the Nevada Aerial Research Group. Subscriptions for monthly Arcturus Book Service Catalog available for $6.00 in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; $12.00 in Europe and South America Arcturus pays for UFO-related books, manuscripts and is interested in being informed of all new titles released. 9.04: Condor Books, Inc. ------------------------ 351 West 54th Street New York, New York 10019 Al Weiss (Publisher) 212-586 -4432 Publishes numerous books dealing with the UFO phenomena. At one time, Condor Books published "UFO Universe" magazine;"UFO Universe" is now published by: GCR Publishing Group, Inc., 1700 Broadway, 34th Floor, New York, New York 10019. 9.05: Document Research Services -------------------------------- PO Box 10011 Berkeley, Ca. 94709-5011 They provide declassified govt. documents and an index of UFOs in the New York Times 1947-1987 Send SASE for a list of documents 9.06: Earth Star Publications ----------------------------- P.O. Box 117 Paonia, Colorado 81428 Ann Ulrich (Editor & Publisher) 303-527-3257 The Star Beacon A self-publishing service which will perform typesetting, layout, printing, and shipping of self-published books for a one-time fee. After initial fee is paid, the author keeps lOO% of any profits generated from the book. Ann Ulrich is associated with the UFO Contact Center International as one of its Associate Directors. 9.07: Eden Press ---------------- Box 399 Careywood, Idaho 83809 Desiree Eden 208-683-2439 The publishing arm of the Planetary Professional Citizens Committeee (PPCC), which is no longer in existence due to the death of its Director, Jerome Eden, in 1989. However, EDEN Press still pro- vides a wide range of books dealing with the UFO phenomenon. 9.08: JACO Book Publishers -------------------------- P.O. Box 3135 Prescott, Arizona 86302 John H. Andrews 602-778-0018 JACO Book Publishers provides many UFO and Extraterrestrial-related books. 9.09: The Library of the New Essenes of Inyo -------------------------------------------- P.O. Box 257 June Lake, California 93529 71448-7405 Nicholas Faust (Curator) Originally known as "The School of Thought" which had been started by Hope Troxell in 1960. It's original focus was UFO literature, especially that dealing with contactees. Hope Troxell died in 1979 and The School of Thought closed in 1980.In 1980 became The Library of the New Essenes of Inyo. It assumed Hope Troxell's UFO materials and continually added to it over the years. The Library also sells copies of Hope Troxell's published material. 9.10: Luna Ventures ------------------- P.O. Box 398 Suisun, California 94585 Publishes the Luna Ventures Catalog" which is a comprehensive listing of available newsletters, books, microfiche, magazines, etc. for sale. Luna Ventures will also accept manuscripts for publication. 9.12: UFO Audio-Video Clearing House ------------------------------------ P.O. Box 342 Yucaipa, Ca]ifornia 92399-0342 David Aaron (Director) 714-795-3361 Founded on May 18, 1988 and1232 members. Offers an updated listing of UFO radio & television programs on video and audio tape, going back to 1954. Video tapes are offered in Beta and VHS format. Over 50% of their available product is donated by members. 9.13: UFO Books --------------- P.O. Box 1053 - 514 First Street Florence, Arizona 85232 Christine (Stevens) Cox 602-868-4273 Christine Cox distributes UFO-related books, some of which were written and edited by Wendelle Stevens (See: UFO Photo Archives), who is her father. UFO Books also provides periodic flyers which contain UFO-related books, photos, and calendars for sale. 9.14: UFO Photo Archives ------------------------ P.O. Box 17206 Tucson, Arizona 85710 Wendelle C. Stevens UFO Journal Of Facts Offers UFO-related books, most of which concentrate on, and thoroughly investigate, individual cases. UFO Photo Archives gears its material for those who want more in-depth knowledge about individual cases instead of a broad overview of many cases. In addition to books, UFO Photo Archives also sells UFO calendars and posters. All books, posters, and calendars are sold through mail order only and must be prepaid, including postage. Their publication, "UFO Journal Of Facts" is a new magazine, filled with color pictures and reports, concentrating on factual UFO investigative reporting. 9:15: Worldwide UFO Newsclipping Bureau and Public Information Center 955 West Lancaster Road Suite 420 Orlando, Florida 32809 Provides a 16-20 page monthly report of worldwide UFO news clippings (all foreign news stories are translated into English). Subscription costs: $24.95 /6 months $47.50/ one year Special on Back Issues: all of 1988 for $39.95. Besides the newsclipping service, Worldwide UFO also offers UFO-related audio and video tapes (VHS format, approximately 2 hours in length) for sale at the following prices: Audio Tape - $ 4.00/ tape (buy two, get one free: no limit) Video Tape - $20.00/ tape (buy two, get one free: no limit) === Miscellaneous Information ----------------------------- 10.02: Big Foot (Sasquatch) --------------------------- Our research group is currently investigating reports and sightings of the animal known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch". If you or somebody you know has had such a sighting, or come across what may be evidence supporting the existence of such an animal, please get in contact with us in one of the following formats: o Leave a private message in electronic mail: ai065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Thomas Hill) o Call Thomas Hill at 216-362-6529. o Or write: Thomas E. Hill 16124 Richard Dr. Brook Park, OH 44142 Contact with us can be totally anonymous if you wish. We are especially interested in Ohio sightings but are by no means limited to investigations in that state. Please, serious responses only. 10.04: Freedom of Information ----------------------------- In the US, you write to the agency you want to reach, addressed to the "Freedom of Information Officer". A list of agencies is available from the US Government Printing Office. Their order number is: 202-783-3238 The "US Government Manual" (1991/92), price $23 (they take MC/Visa orders over the phone). They will also send you a catalog of all manuals/documents available from the USGPO for free. Order at the same number. [I have more information on this, I will add it later.] Main Source: (Charles Mcgrew) 10.05: Hidden Ancient Ruins --------------------------- The address is Mystic Mountain Adventures Dept. 100 11142 Manhattan Avnue, Ste. 43 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Ph# (310) 318-6567. 10.06: Inter Library Loans (ILL) -------------------------------- If you would like to research an the various UFO topics mentioned in this FAQ and you don't have a large bank account, go to your local library and ask about the Inter Library Loan System. The ILL lets you check out books, audio tapes, video tape, and get copies of magazine articles that your local library might not have. In many cases there is no charge for using ILL, this depend upon you local library. Almost all the book I have used to research this FAQ were ordered through ILL. Check it out. :-) 10.07: NASA Shuttle Footage --------------------------- NASA Select on Satcom 2, Transponder 13, carries the whole mission, live and anybody with a satellite dish can tune in. You can find the original uplink and shuttle audio on Transponder 5. This is the raw video with shuttle to ground audio communications on it. NASA Pics Sites ---------------- NOTE: the material at these sites is exceedingly voluminous; I'd strongly suggest just getting the CD-ROMs instead of attempting to transfer scores of gigabytes of pix and other material. To access the online catalog of NASA material, CD-ROMS, et cetera: telnet login as "NODIS" no password Anonymous ftp sites (five): [] This is a VAX/VMS box, so you must ftp-login as "anonymous". To get a dir listing into a file on your system: ftp> dir [...] file_on_your_system lots of stuff, including Aliens of all colors, and UFO pix (though this seems to mirror a lot of what's at and has some additional material). online copies of what appears to be all NASA's CD-ROMs, and lots of GIFs, *.img and *.jpg from most (all?) space missions since Apollo. dunno; it appears to be down today (Saturday, 18-July-1992). | {changed to} | V apparently popular (and, hence, slow). Is supposed to have many NASA and Voyager data files. Main Source: (Thad Floryan) === UFO Organizations --------------------- 11.00: Aerial Phenomenon Research: The Indiana Group ---------------------------------------------------- 18 Davis Drive Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620 Francis L. Ridge (Director) 812-838-3120 / 812-838-9843 Publishers of : Indiana UFO Newsletter Founded in 1986 A statewide organization which attempts to immediately respond to UFO sightings 11.01: The Aetherius Society ---------------------------- 6202 Afton Place Hollywood, California 90028-8298 Detroit Branch 17670 West 12 Mile Road Southfield, Michigan 48076 313-552-9153 / 313-552-9159 Reverend Lesley Young (General Committeee) : 213~65-9652/ 213~67-HEAL (4325) Publishers of : The Aetherius Society Journal : Cosmic Voice Founded in 1960 The Hollywood, California office is the American headquarters for The Society which was founded in England in 1955. In the US, the Society was incorporated in 1960 as a non-profit religious, scientific, and educational organization. The Society is a metaphysical, channeling organization whose founder/president, Sir George King, is a Western Master of Yoga and who has been in contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences for over 35 years. He acts as a channel for the dissemination of Higher Wisdom from These Sources. The Society's objective is to explain the presence of UFOs around the Earth and to make known knowledge given to their president by Advanced Beings who reside in this Solar System. This information is disseminated through books, pamphlets, cassettes and albums and two newsletters, "The Aetherius Society Journal" and "Cosmic Voice". Also, study courses in: "Metaphysical and Occult Sciences" and "Cosmic Revelations" to further spread the word and to explain the cosmic significance of messages received from the Advanced Beings. Regular meetings at the U.S. and England headquarters as well as by associated branches throughout the world. Prayer Circles are organized during a Spiritual Push (or Magnetization Period) at different holy mountain sites, when the giant Interplanetary Spacecraft is brought into Earth's orbit by a Cosmic Master. Helpers who attend these Power Circles send out the Spiritual energies from this Cosmic Master to help mankind. 11.02: Ancient Astronaut Society -------------------------------- 1921 St. Johns Avenue Highland Park, Illinois 60035-3105 Gene M. Phillips (Founder) :708-295-8899 Publication is Ancient Skies Founded in 1973. non-profit, tax-exempt organization operated for scientific, literary and educational purposes. The primary objectives of the Society are to search for evidence of whether Earth was visited in the remote past by intelligent beings from outer space and to determine whether a highly developed, technological civilization existed on Earth before our recorded history. The Society also provides complete study courses in: "Metaphysical and Occult Sciences" and "Cosmic Revelations" to explain the cosmic significance of messages received from Advanced Beings. 11.03: Ancient Truth Research Foundation ---------------------------------------- 6146 Eleanor Avenue #205 Los Angeles, California 90~036 Albert Rainey 213'464-5948 Publication is Cosmic Current News Interested in many New Age topics, including UFOs. 11.04: The Awareness Reserch Foundation, Inc. --------------------------------------------- DeSoto Square No. 29, 35 Ritter Road Hayesville, North Carolina 28904 Helen I. Hoag (Executive Director) 704-389-8672 New Age organization with many interests, including UFOs; investigates various metaphysical activities and issues findings through publication of various books. 11.05: Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF) ----------------------------------------------------- P.O. Box 429 Garberville, California 9544429 Contact : Tom Brown Telephone Number : 707-986-7211 Publication is : Journal of Borderland Research Founded in: 1945 Functions as clearinghouse, specializing in rare and unusual information. BSRF is an alternative scientific movement which deals with a variety of borderland subjects, including UFOs; a non-profit organization; its members are people who take an active interest in observing the physical, mental, and spiritual environment. In addition BSRF studies: Light & Color affects on people, Radionics, Dowsing, Free Energy, Orgone Energy, Hollow Earth Mysteries, Anomalies, Fortean Phenomena, Hypnosis, Photography of the Invisible, etc. and offers a catalog of available books, reports, and tapes. 11.06: BRITISH UFO RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (BUFORA) ------------------------------------------------ Commonly called BUFORA. It was formed in 1962 as a federation of eight regional UK UFO groups. These included the London UFO Research Organisation (LUFORO, founded in 1959) the largest UK group at the time and the British Flying Saucer Bureau (BFSB, founded in 1952) which was the oldest UK group. BUFORA publishes six issues per year of the A4 magazine UFO TIMES. Current annual membership subscription is 18 pounds sterling. Approx membership 500. Current senior officers include Stephen Gamble (Chairman) and John Spencer (Vice-chairman). Contact address : The Leys, 2c Leyton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2TL, Great Britain. Phone +44 (0) 582 763218. 11.07: California UFO --------------------- 1800 South Robertson Blvd Box 355 Los Angeles, California 90035 Vicki Cooper (Editor); Don Ecker (Researcher) Telephone Numbers : 213-273-9409 /818-951-1250 Publication : UFO Publishes the bi-monthly UFO" magazine. Additionally, this organization sponsors annual conferences which concentrate on a variety of UFO-related subjects. 11.08: Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) ------------------------------------------ P.O. Box 218 c/o Mr. Lawrence Fawcett Coventry, Cormecticut 06238 [or] 471 Goose Lane Peter Gersten (Director) Coventry, Connecticut 06238 Lawrence Fawcett (Asst Director & Publisher) Barry Greenwood (Research Director & Editor) P.O.Box 176, Stoneham, MASS, 02180, USA Publication is : Just Cause Founded in : 1978 A non-profit organization to uncover all existing documentation relating to governrnent involvement in UFO investigations and research. To accomplish this, CAUS files numerous Freedom of Inforrnation Act (FOIA) lawsuits in an attempt to get the governrnent to release relevant documents.Their "Just Cause" quarterly newsletter carries events and provides updated UFO news from around the world. They published a book too -- "Clear Intent" 11.09: Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) ---------------------------------------------------- Refer to: The Skeptical Inquirer P.O. Box 229 Buffalo, New York 14215{)229 Paul Kurtz (Chairman - Skeptical Inquirer) Philip J. Klass (UFO Subcommittee) Lynda Harwood (Public Relations) 716-834-3222 716-834-0841 "The Skeptical Inquirer" is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. CSICOP is headed by Paul Kurtz and investigates claims of the Paranormal, including UFOs and UFO-related activity.The committee's investigations, findings, commentaries, etc. are published in "The Skeptical Inquirer." 11.10: COMPUTER UFO NETWORK (CUFON) ----------------------------------- Bulletin Board system run by UFO Reporting and Information Service. Date of formation not known. Information director : Dale Goudie, SYSOP: Jim Klotz Based Seattle, Washington, USA. Board number +1 206 776 0382, parameters 300/1200/2400 bps 8 bit no parity 1 stop bit. 11.11: Contactee ---------------- P.O. Box 12 New Milford, New Jersey 07646 Ellen Crystall (Director) Studies UFOs by direct observation; quarterly newsletter, "Contactee" details activities.Tne primary goal of Contactee is to educate about world-wide contacts being made with UFOs and to disseminate information to all interested parties. Contactee also sells books and sponsors various conferences. Regular Member (those who claim to have had alien contact) and Auxiliary Member (those who do not claim UFO contact) membership fee is $20.00 per year and includes the newsletter. Contactee accepts articles for its newsletter. 11.13: CSETI ------------ Dr. Steven Greer 704-274-5671 Asheville,N.C. 11.14: Delval UFO, Inc. ----------------------- 948 Almshouse Road Ivyland, Pennsylvania 18974 Anthony Volpe (President) 215-357-2909 Publication is the Awakening; the group was founded in 1973. A channeling, contactee UFO organization, founded in 1973.their publication "Awakening", is offered nine 9 times a year; they sell UFO-related books and tapes. 11.15: The Fair Witness Project, Inc. ------------------------------------- Parent Organization: William L. Moore Publications & Research 4219 West Olive Avenue Suite #247 Burbank, California 91505 213-463-0542 Publication is : Focus A non-profit corporation whose income is used to fund the research efforts of qualified persons selected by the Directors of the Fair Witness Project. They accept donations and will send an acknowledgement of that donation for tax purposes. 11.16: The Federation --------------------- The Federation is a group of people who feel it is high time we got off this rock and started exploring the great unknown of space. The Federation has drawn out in blue print form a drive system that is a a super semi conducting crystaline structure. To get more information on the Federation send a 3.5 floppy and they will place an info packet on it and send it back to you. You must have a mac that has 5.0 microsoftword or better.Send to this adrress: The Federation C/O Lady Rhavyn Po box 231772 Anchorage, Alaska 99523-1772 If you have any questions feel free to send to this account. ASLJL@ACAD2.ALASKA.EDU 11.17: Flying Saucer Information Center --------------------------------------- 7803 Ruanne Court Pasadena, Maryland 21122 James H. Wales : Update Founded in 1954 Acts as a clearing house for the distribution of UFO information to the general public. Laura Mundo began this organization in 1954. Group feels the Earth is in danger due to upcoming radical changes in the atmosphere (sunspot activity) and Space Beings are here to help. They will be able to either solve the problem or take selected Earth people to safe locations (inside their insulated spaceships) until the atmospheric activity calms down. When humans return to Earth after surviving the atmospheric instability, they will begin the Universal Way of Life, which is a standard way of life on other planets. Also believe Space People living on Earth today are to here to monitor us and help. 11.18: FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER (FRC) ------------------------------------ This was founded in 1982 by Ray Boeche and deals with all aspects of Fortean Phenomena. The current Director is Scott Colbourn. The contact address for the Center is P.O.Box 94627, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68509, USA. The Center runs a Bulletin Board on +1 402 488 2587. 11.19: FUND FOR UFO RESEARCH (FUFOR) ------------------------------------ Formed in 1979, commonly called FUFOR. Not a membership organisation, but awards grants towards research activities. Funds raised primarily by donation. Chairman Bruce Macabee. Contact address : P.O. Box 277, Mount Rainer, Maryland, 20712, USA. 11.20: The Fund for UFO Research, Inc. -------------------------------------- P.O. Box 277 Mt. Rainier, Maryland 20712 Bruce Maccabee, PhD (Chairman) Publication is: Quarterly Report Founded in 1979 2000 Members A non-profit, tax-exempt organization based in Washington, D.. whose mission is to provide grants for scientific research and public education projects dealing with the UFO phenomenon. Since 1979 has raised more than $150,000.00 from more than 2000 contributors. Also sponsors and awards the annual Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award." The Fund sponsors such projects the release of U.S. Government documents concerning UFOs under the Freedom of Informatioon Act,computer-aided analysis of UFO photographs, research into major UFO sightings around the world, research into "Operation Majestic 12", psychological testing of people who reported being abducted by apparent aliens, international symposiums and conducts interviews and lectures. The Fund takes the position that many reported UFOs cannot be identified as conventional aerial vehicles or phenomena. Thus, UFO reports are potentially of enormous significance and merit serious scientific research. 11.21: Gulf Breeze Skywatch --------------------------- 904-433-2737 (Bruce and Ann Morrison) 11.22: Inner-Peace Prosperity Network (IPPN) -------------------------------------------- 12628 Black Saddle Lane Germntown, Maryland 20874-5001 Patrick O'Connell 301-972-1980 IPPN believes that extraterrestrials have already landed and established underground bases, mainly in the western and southwestern United States. "Trends & Predictions Analystn, is a compilation of UFO-related theories, news, and current events; newsletter (printed twice a year) also details available books, papers, and tapes for sale by IPPN. Membership rates: $ 4.00/ year (U.S. & Canada) $ 5 .00/ year (Foreign) $12.vO /3 years (IJ.S. & Canada) $15.00 / 3 years (Foreign) Membership includes the newsletter. IPPN also sells Name Lists of people who subscribe to New Age periodicals. IPPN gears the selling of these lists to those interested in selling New Age- related products. As of September 1990, the charge for these lists are: 1000 Narnes $20.00 2000 Names $40.00 3000 Narnes $60.00 IPPN also sells back-issues of "The New Atlantean Journaln, a defunct periodical dealing with New Age-related subjects, including UFOs. 11.23: Intercontinental UF Galactic Spacecraft-Research and Analytic Network (ICUFON) ------------------------------------------------------------ 35-40 75th Street Suite 4G Jackson Heights, New York 11372 Colman S. VonKeviczky (Director) 718-72-7948 A non-profit organization whose goal is to persuade the United Nations (and the world's governments) to establish an official World Authority for UFO Affairs (the WASA Project), to seek and establish contact with extraterrestrial galactic powers; maintains that the world's governments have known about UFOUs for several decades and that they are conducting covert warfare in an attempt to try to stop any invasion from outer space. ICUFON wants to open full dialogue with any and all extraterrestrial forces. ICUFON maintains an Archives Department which contains UFO cases, photographs, movie films, declassified military and governmental documentation from all over the world. 11.24: INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR UFO RESEARCH (ICUFOR) --------------------------------------------------------- Formed in 1979 as a UFOlogical 'United Nations'. The membership consists of representative organisations for various countries. Commonly called ICUR. Members include BUFORA (UK); Center for UFO Studies (USA); CISU (Italy); MUFON (USA); SUFOI (Denmark); Project UNICAT (USA) Project URD (Sweden); VUFORS (Australia). ICUR's objectives are to promote data exchange between groups and to help establish common standards and terminology. Officers are Chairman: Robert Digby (BUFORA, UK); Vice-Chairman: Walter Andrus (MUFON, USA); Secretary : Stephen Gamble (BUFORA, UK) and Treasurer : John Spencer (BUFORA, UK). Contact address is : P.O. Box 314, Penn, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10 8DH, Great Britain. 11.25: International Fortean Organization (INFO) ------------------------------------------------ P.O. Box 367 Arlington, VA 22210-0367 Raymond Manners (President & Journal Editor) Publication is INFO Journal Founded in 1965 by Ronald Willis A non-profit corporation established for the educational and scientific study of Fortean phenomena. INFO investigates the strange and unreasonable events that happen in this world, including UFOs, lost civilizations, physical anomalies, Atlantis, Bigfoot, vanished civilizations, etc. Today, INFO continues the work of Charles Fort to collect, record, and publish reports of strange occurrences. Their findings are published in the INFO Journal. INFO holds an annual convention, called FortFest, in the Washington D.C. area. Annual membership fee includes the "INFO Journal" is $12.00 in the U.S. and $16.00 for foreign countries. INFO maintains files on all of its investigations, cases, etc. Slides, books, and tapes are for sale and back issues of "INFO Journal" are also available. The INFO Research Service performs funded research for the media while the INFO Research Library is open to scholars. 11.26: INTRUDERS FOUNDATION ---------------------------- Organisation formed by abduction researcher Budd Hopkins to provide support and a forum for abductees to discuss their experiences. Contact address : PO Box 30233, New York, New York, 10011, USA. Phone and fax: +1 212-645-5278 11.28: J. ALLEN HYNEK CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES (CUFOS) ----------------------------------------------------- 2457 West Peterson Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60659 Contacts Mark Rodeghier (President) George Eberhart (Librarian & Archivist) 312-271-3611 Publications are : The Journal of UFO Studies and International UFO Reporter (IUR) Founded in 1973 by Dr. J. Allen Hynek A non-profit organization whose goal is to promote serious research into the UFO phenomena through the expertise of an international group of scientists, academians, and volunteers. This organization has a worldwide network of field investigators that interview witnesses, examine physical evidence and gather any other relevant information. The major purpose of CUFOS is to act as a clearinghouse - a place where UFO experiences can be reported and researched. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was con-sidered one of the world's pre-eminent authorities on the UFO phenomenon, first became involved with UFOs as Scientific Consultant to the U.S. Air Force from 1948 to 1968, and was Scientific Director of CUFOS until his death in 1986. He coined the phrase "close encounters of the third kind" and acted as technical advisor to director Steven Spielberg on the movie of the same name. CUFOS maintains the world's largest repository of data about UFO phenomena, second only to the US Government! This material includes more than 50,000 cases of UFO sightings and a library of more than 5,000 books and magazines, which cover all aspects of the UFO phenomena. CUFOS promotes various activities, projects, publications, symposiums, conferences, seminars and field trips to various UFO-related locations and sells journals, books, audiocassette tapes, and other publications. The "International UFO Reporter (IUR)", published bi-monthly, reports on current sightings, news and articles on current UFO topics. CUFOS also publishes the annual "Journal of UFO Studies" which presents a collection of scholarly papers on the UFO phenomenon. A $25.00 contribution entitles a member to become an ASSOCIATE of CUFOS and to receive the "International UFO Reporter" for one year. The Center publishes the International UFO Reporter. 11.29: The Massachusetts Center for the study of Aerial Phenomena ------------------------------------------------------------------ 43 Harrison Street Reading, Massachusetts 01867 Contact Jim Melesciuc 617-944 0686 A loose-knit organization comprised of researchers who wish to remain unaffiliated with any specific UFO group and concentrate efforts in individual fields of interest; many members do belong to other UFO groups, such as CAUS, MUFON, CUFOS, etc. 11.30: Multi-national Investigations Cooperative on Aerial Phenomena (MICAP) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Based in Denver, Colorado. Director is Micheal Corbin. They can be reached at +1 303-431-8796. P.O. Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0928 MICAP is an international membership group dedicated to the scientific exploration of the UFO phenomenon. Membership is $30.00 per year and includes a subscription to CONTINUUM. For application, call 303-431-8797, or write to MICAP at Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172. 11.31: Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON) ---------------------------------------- 103 Oldtowne Road Seguin, Texas 78155099 Contact Telephone Number Publications Founded Number of Members Walter H, Andrus, Jr. 512-379-9216 Founded in May 31, 1969 with a membership of 2500 Originally based in Illinois it was called the Mid-west UFO Network, changing its name around 1972 to Mutual to represent its growing role as a national and international group. MUFON has local groups in each State within the USA and has representatives in many countries outside the USA. Current membership number is around 4000. MUFON publishes 12 issues per year of the A4 MUFON UFO Journal : MUFON Field Investigator's Manual. The annual membership fee is 25 US Dollars or 30 Dollars for overseas members. MUFON runs a bulletin board service, contact the office for details. MUFON is non-profit, international, scientific organization devoted to studying and researching the UFO phenomenon. MUFON sponsors and conducts worldwide conferences, seminars and symposiums. MUFON members believe that a concentrated scientific study by dedicated investigators and researchers will provide the ultimate answer to the UFO enigma. State Director oversees the activities of Field Investigators through State Section Directors. An International Co-ordinator and seven Continental Co-ordinators work with Foreign Representatives in each country to investigate UFO activity. MUFON is the "parent organization" for numerous, smaller UFO research groups across the United States and around the world. Since 1970 has sponsored an Annual International UFO Symposium where scientists, engineers, university professors, and authors lecture on their particular specialization to solving the UFO enigma. The copyrighted symposium proceedings are published annually for worldwide distribution. Back issues of symposium proceedings are available. Anyone interested is invited to join MUFON by submitting a membership application and dues for approval. Other MUFON Branches: New Zealand Director for MUFON, (Murray Bott) PO Box 27117, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1030, New Zealand Phone: 64-9-6315825 11.32: Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina, Inc. (MUFON-NC) ------------------------------------------------------------ 602 Battleground Road Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092 George D. Fawcett (Staee Director) 704-735-5725 Founded in February 1, 1990; non-profit corporation whose goal is to investigate and research the UFO enigma. MUFON-NC accepts reports of sightings, visitations, etc. and will investigate those cases with the most merit. MUFON-NC holds quarterly meetings in North Carolina on the first Sunday of February, May, August and November on a rotating basis in different cities; meetings generally run from lpm until 6pm. To join: $10 self-addressed, stamped envelope with 45 cents postage to the above address; you get forms for both MUFON and MUFON- NC. Granville Angell (Treasurer) Robert H. Hair Route 2, Box 252D Vale, 314 Wilson Street North Carolina 28168 Eden, North Carolina 27288 704-462-2303 919-627-4184 11.33: National Investigations Committeee on UFOs (NICUFO) --------------------------------------------------------- 14617 Victory Blvd Suite 4 P.O. Box 5 Van Nuys, California 91411 Dr. Frank E. Stranges, PhD. (President) 818-989-5942 Publishes the UFO Journal : Inter-Space-Link-Confidential NL Founded in July 1967 A non-profit organization whose aim is to conduct research into, and provide education about, the fields of UFOs, Space, and Science phenomena. Members are available to provide lectures throughout the world. Monthly meetings, as well as two UFO seminars per year, are held at NICUFO headquarters in Van Nuys, California. One of the world's largest collections of UFO slides, books and tapes. For more information materials write: I.E.C. Book Department, P.O. Box 73, VVan Nuys, California 91408. Anyone interested in becoming a State Director should contact NICUFO. Annual membership fees are $25.00 ($30.00 foreign) and includes a subscription to the UFO Journal magazine, which is a quarterly publication. Also available is the Inter-Space-Link- Confidential-Newsletter for $60.00 per year. Based upon their experience, members may serve in one of the following positions: Consultant, State or Provincial Director, State Section Director, Foreign Representative, Field Investigator, Research Specialist, Amateur Radio Operator, Astronomer, Field Investigator Trainee, Translator, UFO News Clipping Service, Contributing Subscriber or Associate Member (under 18 years of age). MUFON trains its Field Investigators and provides them with the "MUFON Field Investigator's Manual". Amateur Radio Networks are used to receive and disseminate UFO sighting reports and current UFO information. The time and frequencies of these broadcasts are published in the "MUFON UFO Journal." 11.34: The National Sighting Research Center (NSRC) --------------------------------------------------- P.O. Box 76 Emerson, New Jersey 07630 Bob Sylvester (Co Director) Publishes the National Sighting Yearbook since 1988. A non-profit organization composed of 6 part-time research specialists with expertise in microcomputer-based data base management systems (DBMS), statistical analysis, micro telecommunications, and trend analysis. The NSRC acts as an information- gathering organization which compiles massive amounts of data and disseminates it in the form of computerized reports, including information in statistical and graphical form. The goals of NSRC are to provide the professional UFO investigator or researcher with a computerized, highly graphical database summary of all reported sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena within the United States and a clearinghouse for UFO sighting report data; periodically release other publications, in-depth reports requested by other researchers and organizations. 11.35: Nevada Aerial Research Group (NARG) ------------------------------------------ P.O. Box 81407 Las Vegas, Nevada 8918G-1407 Val Valerian Publishes the Leading Edge : NARG AMual Journal A worldwide, New Age organization with researchers and investigators 12 countries and 37 states. The primary goals of NARG are to provide information on developments in our civilization which affect all of this planet, to investigate all processes that impede evolution, and promote an increase in the awareness level of the mass human consciousness. The NARG investigates, radionics, psycotronics, mind control, alien interaction, gravitational and crystalline technologies, overt and covert intelligence operations, systems above and below the surface of the planet, conspiracies, advances in physics, planetary power structures, foreign technology, brain machines, implant technology, human abductions and animal mutilations. Leading Edge is only available from Arcturus Book Service, PO Box 831383, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083-0023, 404-297-4624. Published 6 times a year.This is the source of the MATRIX materials. 11.36: North American Circle ----------------------------- PO Box 61144, Durham, NC 27715-1144 11.37: North American Institute for Crop Circle Research (NAICCR) ------------------------------------------------------------------ NAICCR was formed in 1990 after requests for information about North American crop circles had reached epidemic proportions. UFOROM associates, who had been regularly investigating reports and discoveries of UGMs (Unusual Ground Markings), including traces very similar to crop circles, responded to inquiries by formalising a sister group devoted to research into UGMs. NAICCR associates investigate UGMs rationally, and prepare reports on their findings. NAICCR distributes a list of known North American UGMs, based on information provided to NAICCR by co-operative researchers throughout the continent. A comparable list of British UGMs has never been available in this manner. NAICCR also publishes an annual report of North American UGM activity, with analyses and commentary. NAICCR will continue to function in the future at about the present level of activity, though it would be preferred if UGM cases would once again be studied as special cases of UFO cases, as was the case before tthat category of UGMs was raised to a separate category because of British research. NAICCR may perhaps merge back with UFOROM, if this is the case, since UFOROM had been investigating UGMs as a matter of course. NAICCR NAICCR Box 1918 [or] 649 Silverstone Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3R2 R3T 2V8, Canada. 11.38: Northamptonshire UFO Research Centre (NUFORC) ---------------------------------------------------- This is a local group covering the county of Northamptonshire within England. Common name is NUFORC. Formed in 1986. Number of members about 20. Chief officers are Stephen Gamble (Chairman); Susan Pollock (Secretary) and Elsie Oakensen (Treasurer). Contact address : 30 Stonebridge Court, Lings, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. 11.39: NORTHERN UFO NETWORK (NUFON) ----------------------------------- Formed in 1973, the Northern UFO Network or NUFON was a loose federation of local UFO groups throughout northern England. At the peak about 20 groups were members. A small newsletter called Northern UFO News was published by the group. Although the federation of groups no longer exists, Northern UFO News is still published by Jenny Randles. 11.40: Omega Communications ---------------------------- P.O. Box 2051 Cheshire, Connecticut 06410 John W. White, M.A.T. (President) Sponsors public events (seminars, lectures, symposiums, etc) to promote discussion about the UFO experience. Since 1987, Omega Communications has produced an annual symposium, "The UFO Experience" where numerous researchers and contactees are invited to talk. These proceedings are published in audio and video format available for sale. Audio and videotapes of previous conferences are available. Audio tapes are $9.00 each while videotapes are $29.95 each . Each tape is approximately 90 minutes in length. Video tapes are available only in VHS format. 11.41: ParaNet (Paranormal Network) Information Service ------------------------------------------------------- ParaNet Information Service P.O. Box 172 Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172 Voice Phone - 303-431-8796 Data BBS Phone - 303-431-8797 Publication is The Continuum : Founded in 1986 History ParaNet started on January 1, 1986 in a bulletin-board system called "The Other Side" It was one of the first BBS that gathered together various information for the pourpous of research on the paranormal. Jim Speiser was the Director of ParaNet 1986-88 at the time and wanted to bring together the three factions of paranormal debate (the skeptics, the believers, and the undecided) for public discussion of paranormal. He created ParaNet as neutral ground for the exchange of information on the paranormal. In 1988 Speiser turned over the directorship to Michael Corbin. Current Status ParaNet's basic goals are reflected in its motto: "Answering Questions, Questioning Answers". ParaNet offers investigator's raw material, in the form of sighting reports, which comes from data supplied by the public. The network concept provides the investigators and its users with immediate, one-on-one contact, and instant access to a global communications medium. ParaNet also keeps it users informed major, fast-breaking stories involving the paranormal. ParaNet can be accessed in six countries on three continents. The People of ParaNet ParaNet provides access to experts through their electronic system. Its research branch is headed by Robert B. Klinn, a veteran investigator who worked for the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek. ParaNet also provides a conference on the UFO abduction experience hosted by Dr. David Jacobs, a UFO historian and author. Many different groups and researchers of the paranormal use Parenet for information exchange and discussion of ideas. Among some of them are the Bay Area Skeptics, the South Shore Skeptics, Marge Christenson, T. Scott Crain, Dan Drasin, Stan Gordon, Barry Greenwood, Budd Hopkins, Linda Howe, Phil Imbrogno, Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. Donald Johnson, Philip Klass, Bruce Maccabee, Maj. James McGaha, Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Robert Schaeffer, Tracy Torme, and Dr. David Webb, Don Ecker, Vicki Cooper and and many others. The Future of ParaNet In the future ParaNet plans to expan their network to even more cournties, increasing public education and scientific-oriented research and investigation unequaled in the field. Their focus will be directed at bringing various credible existing organizations from around the world into a better orgonized research effort. ParaNet will also turn its attention to more investigative reporting. Paranet plans to acomplish this unser their new organization known as MICAP (Multi-national Investigations Cooperative on Aerial Phenomena). (see MICAP) MICAP will be a separate non-profit research/educational vehicle with investigative ability. Information about ParaNet and MICAP can be obtained by phoning 303-431-8796, or by writing to them at P.O. Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172. To access ParaNet via computer and modem, call 303-431-8797 and you will be guided through the registration process and be given choices of which level of membership you wish to acquire. ParaNet's files are available on floppy disks or hard copy. Their catalog is available for $10.00 and contains a full listing of all available files, books, and videos. Contact Michael Corbin at: ParaNet Information Service P.O. Box 172 Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172 11.42: Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained (PASU) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Oakhill Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 Stan Gordon (Director) 412-838-7768 PASU Data Exchange Founded in 1981 A volunteer, non-profit scientific research unit conducts investigations of strange or unusual occurrences, with emphasis on UFOs and UFO-related activity. PASU members donate their time and equipment. PASU is a statewide clearinghouse for reports of UFO sightings and is comprised of individuals with training or experience in the fields of science, engineering, technology or medicine who act as field investigators. Monthly meetings are held to share information. PASU has on file thousands of cases from Pennsylvania that include UFO sightings, creature reports, unusual animal killings, unexplained photographs and other anomalies. PASU attempts to send field investigators directly to the scene of an occurrence to gather information and interview witnesses. The "PASU Data Exchange" newsletter contains information regarding investigations conducted into unusual incidents that have occurred in Penn. 11.43: PNET ------------ Based in Melbourne, Australia. Bulletin board system, echos some Paranet material. Sysop : Brian Evans, contact Brian by Internet mail for information: 11.44: The Portland UFO Group (PUFOG) ------------------------------------- P.O. Box 998 Wilsonville, OR 97070 Jennifer Brown - Jacobs (Director) 503-538-0836 PUFOG Newsletter Founded in 1989 500 Members A non-profit UFO organization whose monthly seminars are open to the general public; maintain no membership and are unaffiliated with any other UFO organization. PUFOG is an information group that conducts seminars on the 3rd Sunday of each month at Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR. These seminars present knowledgeable speakers on UFOs and related subjects. Those who attend their seminars pay an admission fee and receive the PUFOG newsletter. 11.45: Roundtown UFO Society ----------------------------- Roundtown UFO Society, PO Box 52, Circleville, Ohio 43113 Multi-national 11.47: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence --------------------------------------------------- NASA HEADQUARTERS, WASHINGTON, D.C. Office of Space Science and Applications Michael Braukus (Phone: 202/358-1547) Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif. Michael Mewhinney (Phone: 415/604-9000) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Mary Hardin (Phone: 818/354-5011) 11.49: SKYNET -------------- 257 Sycamore Glen Pasadena, California 91105 Ann Druffel (Project Co Ordinator) 213-256-8655 Publication is Skynet Guides; Founded in 1965; 50 - 100 members. Established to serve as a tracking system for UFO reports in the Los Angeles, California area. Its original purpose was to receive UFO reports at the time that witnesses were viewing the objects, thus centering their efforts on real-time viewing, photographing, monitoring, rather than relying on after-the-fact analysis. Upon joining, members agree to contact other SKYNET members whenever an unusual sighting is occurring for members to view, photograph and monitor the object in real-time while not having to wait for an after-the-fact presentation. This contacting of other SKYnet members that a sighting is occurring is the only obligation of members. All calls from the public receive an in-depth phone interview by an assigned SKYNET official and if warranted, further field investigations are conducted. 11.50: SOCIE'TE' BELGE d'ETUDE des PHENOMENES SPATIAUX (SOBEPS) --------------------------------------------------------------- Commonly called SOBEPS and the leading group in Belgium. Senior Officers : President : Michel Bougard, Secretary : Lucien Clerebaut. Contact address 74 Avenue Paul Janson, B-1070, Bruxelles, Belgium. 11.51: Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) ----------------------------------------------- Office of the Secretary P.O. Box 3818, University Station Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-0818 Laurence W. Fredrick (Secretary) 804-924-4905 : 804-924-3104 Publishes the Journal of Scientific Exploration and The Explorer . Established in 1982. A tax-exempt group that investigates various anomalies, including UFOs. Although its president Professor Peter Sturrock of Stanford University, all contact with SSE should be made through Laurence W. Fredrick. The goal of the SSE is to gain further understanding of anomalous phenomena (including UFOs) and to share this knowledge with the public. The Society considers anomalous phenomena to be incidents that appear to contradict existing scientific knowledge; regarded by the scientific community as being outside their established fields of inquiry. They use the "Journal of Scientific Exploration" as an avenue to discuss anomalous phenomena and present research results to the scientific and scholarly community; its members are drawn from practitioners of science who have acquired a first-hand knowledge and understanding of the scientific process. The Society holds annual international meetings and periodically scheduled regional meetings. To promote co-operation, and to accommodate other levels of activity and interest, the Society has created the categories of "Corresponding Member" and "Associate". "Associates" receive the "Journal of Scientific Exploration" (two issues a year) and "The Explorer" (two issues a year). An Associate may submit letters and other items for publication in the Newsletter, may submit articles for publication in the Journal (each article must be sponsored by a "Full Member"), and may attend Society meetings by arrangement with a "Full Member". A person wishing to become an "Associate" may do so by completing an Application Form and sending it with a check for the annual dues to the Secretary. "Full Membership" is reserved for those associated with major universities, government entities or corporate research institutions who have an established reputation in a traditional branch of science. "Emeritus Membership" provides the privileges of Full Membership to similarly qua]ified retirees at a lower annual rate. "Student Membership" is limited to graduate students enrolled in academic institutions. "Corresponding Membership" is open to members of designated organizations. A "Corresponding Member" receives, and is entitled to submit articles to the "Journa] of Scientific Exploration". 11.52: The Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU) ------------------------------------------------------------------ P.O. Box 265 Little Silver, New Jersey 07739 Nancy Warth (Membership Secretary) 201-842-5229 Publication is Pursuit Founded in 1965 by Ivan T. Sanderson A non-profit, tax-exempt organization; collects data on unexplained events, promotes proper investigation of both individua] reports and general subjects, and reports significant data to its members. SITU studies unexplained events that orthodox science does not (or will not) investigate. SITU maintains reference files which include original reports, newspaper and other clipping correspondence, audio tapes, films, photographs, drawings, maps, etc. Copies of these items a available to members only. Membership fees include the magazine "Pursuit", which is published regularly. 11.53: System Ready ------------------- 7154 North University Drive Suite 116 Tarnarac, Florida 33321 Concentrates on building devices which can be used to detect UFOs. Their book, "Detecting UFOs" details these devices. 11.54: Transcendental Communications A Division of LAMAT Research ----------------------------------------------------------------- 444 North Amelia #9C San Dimas, California 91773 Don Grantharn (Director & Systems Operator) 714-599-6769 : 714-599-6270 (Operates at 300/1200/2400 BPS) : 714-599-5045 Transcendental Communications Newsletter A scientific, investigative organization interested in UFOs and related phenomena. Transcendental Communications is the largest UFO-related computer network bulletin board system (BBS) on the west coast. The aim of Transcendental Communications is to get the word out to those interested in current UFO information; a clearinghouse for books, documents, publications, audio and video tape interviews, seminars, documentaries and UFO films and footage. The main focus of Transcendental Communications is the operation of a BBS through which interested parties can participate in on-line conversation. read various reports, news items or articles, or leave messages for other members. Transcendental Communications publishes the "Transcendental Communications Newsletter" which outlines topics that have been discussed on the BBS and provides current UFO-related articles. FAX number available so that interested parties can send them copies of reports, inforrnation, etc. Basic Member Dues $13.50 System Member $39.50 Full Member $49.50 Newsletter for one year; list of publications, audio and video tapes; six months BBS access. 11.55: UFO Contact Center International (UFOCCI) ------------------------------------------------ 3001 South 288th Street #304 Federal Way, Washington 98003 Aileen Bringle (Director) 206-946-2248 The Missing Link June 1981 A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people who have had traumatic, bizarre experiences or sightings of UFOs. A secondary goal of UFOCCI is to promote public awareness of the UFO contactee phenomenon. UFOCCI works with each contactee to help them understand their experiences via hypnosis, group meetings and open seminars. Each year, over the Labor Day weekend, UFOCCI conducts a conference called "Jorpah" (which means 'Cosmic Gathering') in which the past year's activities are summed up and discussed. These gatherings are held at different places throughout the country. The date and time of these conferences are announced in The "Missing Link" newsletter. UFOCCI holds monthly meetings the fourth Saturday of each month. 11.56: UFO Fllter Center ------------------------ 618 Davis Drive Mount Vernon, Indiana 47620 Neil Gilchrist P.O. Box 764 Nelson, B.C. VlL 5R4 604-825-9292 Francis L. Ridge (Director) : 812-838-3120 / 812-838-9843 Publication is: UFO Intelligence Summary and was founded in 1971 A one-man effort which investigates UFO activity, mainly in the Indiana area. The goals of this group are to conduct a systematic computer study of UFO data from a six-state region: Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee; this study covers sightings beginning before 1947 to the present. 11.57: UFO Information Retrieval Center (UFOIRC) ------------------------------------------------ 3131 West Cochise Drive #158 Phoenix, Arizona 85051-9501 Thomas M. Olsen (President) 602-997-1523 : 602-870-3178 Publication is: Reference for Outstanding UFO Sighting Reports Founded in: 1966 A non-membership organization which collects, analyzes, publishes and disseminates information about UFOs. UFOIRC also compiles statistics, conducts research programs, sponsors photo exhibits, maintains a 200-volume Library, and provides special educational services geared to children and students. UFOIRC publishes books, symposium proceedings, reprints of magazine articles, and a bibliography of currently available information on the UFO phenomenon. 11.58: UFO Investigators League -------------------------------- Box 753 New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903 Timothy Green Beckley Publishes: UFO Spotters Newsletter Started in 1990 A new organization under the auspices of Timothy Green Beckley who is striving to expand his international network of investigators who wish to investigate UFO cases in their areas. Members receive membership card. investigators certificate, field manual, and a subscription to the "UFO Spotters Newsletter". Membership is $20.00 per year. 11.59: THE UFO, PARANORMAL AND CONSPIRACY BBS --------------------------------------------- Internet Contact: (Elite Enterprises) Modem: 312/604-8161 (24 HOURS) 11.60: UFO REPORTING AND INFORMATION SERVICE (UFORIS) ---------------------------------------------- Information Director : Dale Goudie. Contact address : P.O. Box 832, Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA. see also Computer UFO Network. Phone (voice) +1 206 721 5035 11.61: UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis ------------------------------------ P.O. Box 31544 St. Louis, Missouri 63131 John Schroeder (President) Helen Hanke (Secretary) 314-352-3058 Publishes the The UFO Enigma. A non-profit organization formed in 1968 to investigate UFOs and to collect and disseminate information germane to the UFO phenomena. They hold meetings at the Farm and Home building, 110 West Lockwood (at Gore), Webster Groves, Missouri at 2:00 p.m. on the second Sunday of the months September through May. This group operates in close cooperation with MUFON, CUFOS, and with numerous organizations around the world in order to coordinate UFO research and information. 11.62: Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM) -------------------------------------------- UFOROM is a private, non-profit and volunteer organisation which is involved in rational discourse, investigation and research on UFOs and related phenomena. It was formed in 1975. All types of UFO-related phenomena have been studied by UFOROM, including traces, crash-retrievals, abductions and cattle mutilations. In addition, some UFOROM associates also study fortean and psychic phenomena. UFOROM publishes an annual survey of UFO activity in Canada, comparable to the Ferrughelli reports on American cases. Case data is provided by co-operative Canadian researchers across Canada. UFOROM is not open to general public membership. However, independent investigators and researchers throughout North America and particularly in Canada are associated with UFOROM by way of their contributions of case information and data from their own areas. Such contributions are welcomed and readily acknowledged by UFOROM. Although UFOROM does not publish a journal or newsletter for general distribution, associates frequently exchange information on an informal basis. This information is made available through articles and reports published in UFO magazines or books, written or edited by UFOROM associates. UFOROM is associated with an irregular ufozine titled the SWAMP GAS JOURNAL. [See UFO Publications section] It is available in hard copy through zine exchange or for a "cost" of one International Postal Reply Coupon per issue. As an experiment, the most recent issue also has been made available in electronic format via INTERNET by posting a request to: UFOROM associates are involved with the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and various other organisations. UFOROM functions independently, but operates with an understanding of complete co-operation and information exchange with interested and serious researchers in their specialised areas of interest. UFOROM is devoted to the rational and objective study of UFOs and related phenomena, as well as other controversial phenomena such as crop circles. All views on these phenomena, including both proponent and contrary standpoints, are considered. In this regard, UFOROM associates tend to engage in dialogue with both "believers" and "debunkers". It is hoped that such attempts to "bridge the gap" between the two sides of the debate will encourage more constructive discourse. Correspondence for UFOROM can be snailmailed to: UFOROM Box 1918 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3R2 11.63: United Aerial Phenomena Agency (UAPA) ------------------------------------- P.O. Box 347032 Cleveland, Ohio 44134-7032 Allan J. Manak (Chairman) Rick R. Hilberg (Vice Chairman) Founded 1966 A non-profit organization dedicated to the investigation and study of UFOs and related subjects. Its two publications are "Flying Saucer Digest" (quarterly) and "Weirdology" (bi-monthly). UAPA sells a wide variety of books, maps, back issues, rare items, etc. A catalog is available for $1.00. 11.65: Victorian U.F.O. Research Society Inc. (VUFORS) ------------------------------------------------------- AVUFORS is the largest UFO society in the Southern hemishpere and has been in existence since the 1950s. (membership approx. 400) Regular discussion nights are held and the Society publishes a quarterly magazine called The Australian U.F.O. Bulletin which details UFO related information from Australia and abroad. Membership: Overseas (non Australian) $US20 (Personal cheques cannot be accepted unless an additional $US5 is included to cover bank charges - We request you remit bank cheques or International Postal Orders) Membership entitles you to receive a copy of "The Australian UFO Bulletin", our quarterly magazine to members. The bulletin contains information from within Australia and overseas. Total number of members is currently around 400. History: The "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (Victorian Branch)" was formed on the 17th of February, 1957 as a branch of the "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society" and later that year was reorganised as the "Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society" with Mr. Peter E. Norris L.L.B. as President. In 1968 the name was again altered - this time to the "Victorian U.F.O. Research Society". The current executive has been in place since 1978. The Society has held a dispassionate attitude on U.F.O.s, claiming it is a scientific problem deserving closer attention. Membership of this Society - which maintains the largest membership of any U.F.O. organisation in the Southern Hemisphere - is open to all who are genuinely interested in the subject. Significant cases studied: - The Frederick Valentich disappearance (1978). Frederick Valentich was a twenty year old member of the Royal Australian Air Force who disappeared on a solo private flight across Bass Strait after radioing that an object was hovering on top of his Cessna 182. - The Knowles Family Encounter. The case of a family on a car trip across the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia who were buzzed by a UFO that at one stage lifted the Knowles car into the air only to drop it to the road seconds later. Postal Address: Internet contact: P.O. Box 43 email: Moorabbin phone: +61-3-6076849 Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3189 fax : +61-3-6076198 ** End **


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