Date: 8 Jul 93 02:47:00 GMT The following information comes from New York UFO Researcher B

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From: (Dean Zevchek) Date: 8 Jul 93 02:47:00 GMT Organization: NASA Lewis Research Center / Cleveland, Ohio Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo The following information comes from New York UFO Researcher Bill Knell's July newsletter. I stripped out some material which has been already posted in numerous Long Island "Press Releases" here. LONG ISLAND MEDIA "SCAMMED" BY FAKE UFO TAPE FROM: Island Skywatch (A NY based UFO Research Membership Group dedicated to serious UFO research and investigation) TO: NYC/NY/L.I. AREA MEDIA, For Immediate Release - 6/9/93 WRITTEN BY: Bill Knell This press release came on the heals of several others issued in the past several years about L.I. "UFO Crashes" from LIUFON. In this, the third press release of it's kind (Ford claimed two other crashes occured previously), Ford again claimed a massive cover-up by Suffolk County Police and the Federal Government. But, he also claimed that a video was taken during the crash by an anonymous photographer (he claimed this before in one of the earlier "crash" cases) and that the video was so spectacular that it would appear later this year on Unsolved Mysteries. Island Skywatch takes great exception to the spread of false information about the UFO subject by Mr. Ford and his organization. We believe, as in the case of the two previous UFO "Crashes", this one is a complete fraud perpetrated by Ford and LIUFON for fame and financial gain. Mr. Ford has already used his position as a Suffolk County Court Officer to harass people who have opposed him in the UFO Field with threats of arrest, legal harassment and violence and, subsequently, has been investigated by NYS Courts Inspector General for these matters. Sadly, at least one major LI Newspaper has fallen prey to Ford's false information in the May 24, 1993 press release and has printed it as fact. But, here are the real facts - Bob Kiviat, a researcher for Unsolved Mysteries at Cosgrove-Meurer Productions, told Bill Knell that the video Ford mentioned to back up his claim about the November 24th, 1992 UFO Crash in Suffolk County had been declared a HOAX by Dr. Bruce Maccabee of Silver Spring, Maryland (a photographic expert who works for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Robert Oschler, a photographic analyst and scientist who donates is expertise to the Mutual UFO Network. (He has worked on other UFO videos for Unsolved Mysteries.) Hence, Unsolved Mysteries never had any intention of covering the case in any episode. We hope that the newspapers who cover such matters will, in the future, do so in a more responsible manner.


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