From the November _Skeptics UFO Newsletter_: _Boylan Reports Seeing UFO Turn Itself Into A

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From the November _Skeptics UFO Newsletter_: _Boylan Reports Seeing UFO Turn Itself Into A Car_: During an exchange on the FIDONET electronic bulletin board on Aug. 30, Boylan revealed his own remarkable UFO experience while driving south on U.S. #93 in Nevada shortly after midnight on Dec. 1, 1992. "I actually saw it [UFO] turn into a car, thus. A huge, bright, shimmering super-light appeared in the sky about 1,500 ft. above the desert floor on U.S. 93 near Las Vegas. As I watched, it descended vertically to sagebrush level on the desert floor, moved right until it lined up with the oncoming lane about two-plus miles away, began proceeding toward my car -- still appearing as a huge mono-light. _About one mile away [it] became a pair of conventional headlights, then continued to approach and whooshed by me looking like a conventional late-model car._" When a FIDONET correspondent suggested that distance and mirage effects might cause a car's two headlights to appear to be a UFO, Boylan flatly rejected this prosaic explanation. In a later FIDONET exchange on the incident, Boylan said another passenger in his car witnessed the incident but he declined to identify the person. Boylan added, "I am not the only one who has seen UFOs turn into passenger cars....William Hamilton, Director of Investigations for MUFON, Los Angeles, has had the same experience" also while driving in Nevada. _SUN WONDERS_: Can a UFO also turn itself into a motorcycle? Into a 747?


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